The Lethal Weapon 2 House

handlercar6wugl.jpgSince I am constantly dragging my boyfriend on my stalking adventures every single weekend, I decided to finally stalk a place he would enjoy – the house on stilts from Lethal Weapon 2.  This is the same house that Mel Gibson attaches to his pick-up truck via cables, drives away, and pulls right down the hill.  In real life, the producers built a replica house on a studio lot for Mel to pull down and the real house is still standing on Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills. 

The Lethal Weapon 2 house was designed by John Lautner – the famous architect who also designed Courtney Cox’s former Malibu home – and it definitely showcases the unique, space-age style familiar to Lautner homes.  The house is actually known as the Garcia House and was built in 1962.  I would definitely recommend stalking the house on an LA  visit!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂 

handlerca338z0u.jpgStalk It: The Garcia House is located at 7436 Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills.  If would like to spend the night in a John Lautner home, the Elrod/Lautner home in Palm Springs – which was immortalized in the James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever – is available for rentals.  You can learn more about it here.


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