The Huxtable’s House

img_02271.jpgI must be in a New York state of mind this week, because here I am yet again with another NYC filming location.  🙂  One of my very favorite blocks in all of Manhattan is called Saint Luke’s Place and it just happens to be the location of a famous brownstone from TV – the Huxtable Family’s house from The Cosby Show.  St. Luke’s Place consists of a one block section of Leroy Street in Greenwich Village that runs between Hudson Street and 7th Ave.  Most of the gorgeous row houses on the block were built in 1852.

img_02291.jpgI found this location in my go-to New York stalking book, which describes picturesque St. Luke’s Place as one of the most photographed blocks in Manhattan.  Once you visit St. Luke’s for yourself, you’ll understand why!  It is gorgeous, quaint, and evokes memories of old New York.  Even the antique mayoral lampposts flanking the former home of New York Mayor Jimmy Walker are still in use.  St. Luke’s Place has been used as a filming location for countless photo shoots, television commercials, TV shows and movies.  Many famous celebrities and artists have also called St. Luke’s their home at one time or another.

Sculptor and painter Theodore Roszak lived at 1 St. Luke’s Place, number 4 was used as Audrey Hepburn’s home in Wait Until Dark, and  Mayor Jimmy Walker lived at number 6 until 1932, when he was forced to resign his position due to corruption and scandal within his administration.  He eventually fled to Europe.  Winesburg, Ohio author Sherwood Anderson lived at number 12, Poet Marianne Moore resided at number 14, and An American Tragedy author Theodore Drieser called number 16 home.  For a short time, Will Smith lived at 13 Leroy St., just past where St. Luke’s Place ends.

Across the street from the row houses on St. Luke’s Place, you will find Walker Park, a small park frequented by Edgar Allen Poe in the 1830’s.  It was also used as a filming location in the movie Raging Bull.

I highly recommend taking a stroll down St. Luke’s Place while in New York, even if you are not a stalker.  The architecture and history should be compelling to stalkers and non-stalkers alike!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂 

Stalk It:  St. Luke’s Place is a block-long section of Leroy St. in Greenwich Village.  It is bordered by Hudson Street to the north and 7th Avenue/Bedford Street to the south.  The Huxtable’s brownstone can be found at 10 St. Luke’s Place.


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