Celebrity Photo Booth

Living in L.A. has afforded me the luxury of occasionally seeing celebs in person.  Here are pics of some of the celebs I’ve been fortunate enough to meet!  🙂


Me and Britney Spears former assistant, Felicia Culotta – I got to meet her at the wrap party for the movie Crossroads, which I was an extra in.  Felicia could not have been sweeter – a true Southern gentlewoman.  Besides being Britney Spears assistant, Felicia is also known for playing the teacher role in the music video for . . . Baby One More Time.  “Fe”, as she was known, now assists the Jonas Brothers.


Me and my good friend James Castle Stevens  and Ryan Stiles – star of the Drew Carey Show  and Whose Line Is It Anyway?  I became friends with Ryan after doing some extra work on the Drew Carey Show.  Ryan is a super nice, down to earth guy. 


Me with Ryan Stiles (again) and Colin Mochrie – star of Whose Line Is It Anyway?  This photo was taken at the Drew Carey Show  2001Christmas party.  They are both SUPER nice and SUPER funny!  🙂


Me and Angelina Jolie who I met on the set of The Man Who Wasn’t There.  Angelina was so incredibly sweet to me – and I really wish I could say otherwise being that the little homewrecker broke up my girl Jen’s marriage.    Jen may no longer be bitter about Angelina stealing Brad, but I still am!  🙂


Me with some college friends and Jarrad Paul (third from left) – who played Kramer’s assistant on the Season 9 episode of Seinfeld  entitled “The Voice”.  We ran into Jarrad at an In ‘N Out Burger in San Diego after a college dance and begged him to pose for a pic with us.  LOL! 



Me and actor Steve Eastin, co-star of countless movies including Matchstick Men  and Catch Me If You Can.  I met Steve while karaoking at Dimples Bar in Burbank. 


Me and my good friend, actor Lukas Behnken, who starred in the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie The Challenge (where he got to kiss Mary Kate!), among countless other productions.


Me and Paris Hilton, who I met at the Beverly Hills Hotel the night before the 2007 Oscars.


A photograph of Luke Perry horseback riding while vacationing on Coronado Island in San Diego in 1992 that was given to me by the concierges at the Hotel Del Coronado. 


Me and jilted bachelor Jerry  from the 3rd Season of The Bachelorette. 


Me with my good friend Michael Pasqualone  and Ron Jeremy at the wrap party for the movie Confidence.  Ron could NOT have been a nicer guy! 


Me and Ray Walston  who I met on the set of the movie My Favorite Martian  in Santa Barbara.  I was vacationing at the beach town with my family during the summer of 1997 and we happened to run into them filming on the famous Santa Barbara pier.  I was a big fan of Picket Fences  at the time, so I was extremely excited to meet Ray.  He was also one of the very first celebs I ever met!  🙂  And he couldn’t have been nicer!


Me with the stars of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure – my acting teacher Diane Louise Salinger, Elizabeth Daily, and the man himself, Pee Wee Herman.  I met them at a screening of their movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery this past summer.



Me with Michael Steger  and Jessica Lowndes  from the new 90210 series.  I met them in September at a screening of the pilot of the new 90210  at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills. 


Me with Without a Trace’s  Roselyn Sanchez, who I met at a newstand while doing some stalking in Studio City.  She was absolutely beautiful in person and SUPER nice!  🙂


Me with my good friend and acting partner Blaze Foster  who co-starred in the Jodie Foster movie The Brave One.  Contrary to how he appeared in his role in The Brave One, Blaze is one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met.


2 responses to “Celebrity Photo Booth

  1. Rachelle

    I just love your website, I check it a few times a week for all of your updates, and love reading about your adventures!
    Thank you for bringing the stars to us!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

    Tracy, CA

  2. Cari

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing all of your awesome pictures & great info. I love you for finding & sharing the details of the Entourage house. I’m going to check it out first thing in the am. Any tips on where to put the tripod so I can take a pic of myself in front of the gate without looking like a total ass. Ha Ha I just came to CA. I want to stay. Any work info you can share would be great. I don’t know one person in this town. I’m up for stalking, I mean lunch anytime my treat. Ha Ha Thanks again.

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