Please keep in mind that many of the filming locations listed on this site are private homes – so that means no trespassing!  While it is perfectly OK to take a picture of the homes and locations listed, trespassing on someone’s private property or knocking on strangers’ doors is never a good idea.  Please be respectful of homeowners’ land and privacy and always exercise caution when stalking sightseeing.

7 responses to “Disclaimer!

  1. Andrew

    Love your blog. If I ever geta chance to visit LA I am going on a My So-Called Life tour forsure. Loved you blog about that. I was trying to find 1110 Glendon Avenue on Google maps but can only come up with 1110 Glendon Way and 1110 Glendon Court. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?


  2. My mistake! The house is located at 1110 Glendon Way, not Ave.
    Happy Stalking! 🙂

  3. Christina


    If you ever want other interesting places to “stalk”… I deal a lot with interesting residences and have a bunch of addresses! Let me know. 🙂

  4. dominick

    more info on jason whaler plz

  5. dominick

    ive been waiting for some information on jason wahler.ive been wanting to know what do the parents do for a living? did you remember in laguna beach when he takes lauren to the granpas house thats a nice house, and all those nice cars he would drive

  6. JOnas

    Wow Linds, so there are more like you out there from Planet Stalker!!!!! Keep up all the hard work and entusiasm!!! And remember, behind every lady stalker there’s always an enduring boyfriend willing to drive you around all weekend 🙂 😛
    take care and Happy Stalking!!!!!!

  7. Hi, Lindsay
    I came across your blog while getting pictures to replicate the “Father of the Bride” kitchen. Your hair is so cute. I’m going to show my stylist a picture from your blog at my appt on Friday.

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