About Me!

img_01531.jpgI am a struggling actress, who like most of America, is completely obsessed with all things celebrity!  During my down time, I love finding movie filming locations and my favorite celebs’ homes.  Everyone kept telling me I needed to either start a Hollywood tour company or a blog, so here I am.  🙂  I have lived in LaLaLand for the past seven years, during which I have accumulated a vast knowledge of filming locations from TV shows, movies and reality shows.  It’s time I shared that knowledge with the world!

I am just slightly obsessed with Jennifer Aniston and Josh Duhamel and I cannot live without a few daily Starbucks’ Iced Lattes and US Magazine.

54 responses to “About Me!

  1. Amanda Allyn

    Hey Lindsay,
    I LOVE your blog! I too LOVE 13 Going on 30 and I am huge fan of My So Called Life! How mad was I when it went off the air and we never learned the fate of Jordan and Angela??? Have fun finding locations and info!


  2. Chelsea

    HEY! lol, Love the new site ❤

    Gorgeous pictures btw. We should all go out to dinner or something.

    ❤ Chels

  3. jessica

    Have you actually meet any of these celebrities and if so what have you told them. I would love to join you sometime on your stalking 🙂 journeys. i am obsessed with celebrities as well.

  4. Hi Jessica!
    I think my boyfriend would actually really appreciate me finding a new stalking buddy! 🙂

    I have met a few celebs and for the most part they were all really nice! Josh Duhamel was probably the nicest – and he didn’t at all make fun of me for saying that “Win A Date With Tad Hamilton” was one of my favorite movies. 🙂

    Happy Stalking :),

  5. Josh

    I wanted to say how much I LOVE your website! I guess I am like you a friendly stalker. I get a kick out of how you have to drag your boyfriend everywhere…I think he is growing to love it too though. Hit me up if you ever need a stalking buddy…keep up the awesome work, AND THANKS!

  6. Stephanie

    Hi Lindsay

    How do you do?

    I am back in my everyday life, unfortunately… =) Last week I started
    working again, and my mood was really bad caused of the cold windy and
    rainy weather.

    Once again I want to thank you for everything. It was such a great time
    at your place!

    We miss you.

    Many hugs and kisses to you.


  7. Byron Pascoe

    hey! cool website!
    wondering, do you know where the Fresh prince of bel air home is located?
    Thanks so much!

  8. Brandon Keith

    I lovee you!
    you aree so cool.

    you should have a fan sitee!

    can you find mary-kate and ashley’s house?

  9. Hi Lindsay WOW!!! is what i have to say i thought i was the only crazy one driving around town taking pictures and locating filming locations, homes, etc. etc…you have a really cool site please check me out at http://www.movieshotsla.com and let’s talk i think we can do some work together.

    email: movieshotsla@yahoo.com
    or mixxshow@hotmail.com


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  11. James


    I just love your website like you I like looking at any filming locations and celebs’ homes. I really like going around and see all the hollywood studio you are so lucky you got to go on the Warner Bros Ranch I would love to see that. I have been on the Warner Bros Studio tour of the main lot know three time. I hope to move out there in a year and get to work for them that is my dream. Thank you for share this info with us.


  12. Love your blog and thanks for the nice words about Magnolia Lounge. Please introduce yourself next time you’re in. Meeting new people is the best part of this business.
    Magnolia Lounge

  13. Hey Lindsay i found a new 90210 location which i think is a really great find…let me know if you want it and i can email you a jpeg of it.


  14. Jenn

    do you have any listings of the inside of 22164 pacific coast highway?

  15. greg

    I call Greg I have myself 28 years and I am of France.
    I do not speak anglai I have a translator, I have just read your account on your work of the series beverly they and I find its very interest.
    I am a large fan of the series, I already came 3 times has Los Angeles to visit the places of turning of the series and I will want to know Ci you can give me information on the spot of turning of the series and Ci you have photographs too.I hope to have an answer of you its will help me really much.
    Good day has you, thank you.


  16. N & A

    We have waited our whole life to find a webpage like this. We do the same things up in Portland, OR – find celebrities when they’re in town, and always try to find famous spots whenever we visit LA.
    Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to check back and find new houses! And stories about how you drag your boyfriend everywhere.

  17. Tony

    I stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed reading your entries. Glad to know there are more stalkers out there. Please check out my photo album of L.A. filming locations on Flickr. I will be more than happy to share some addresses with you. The CSI Miami building, incidently, was the one photo that I took that got me fired up.


    Happy stalking!

  18. Hey!

    Saw your blog, recommended you on mine… E-mail me for my #. Would love to talk!!


  19. Jennifer Jacob J.S.

    You said you dragged out your dad one day. Do you have any pictures of him. I heard he’s really hot and woould really like to meet him. Can you post his picture for several of us who would like to see him.

  20. Hi Lindsay,
    I linked to you today on Pasadena Daily Photo. Hope it brings you traffic.
    I’m also an actress. I write a column for NowCasting.com (I think the new one’s up tomorrow). Best of luck to you and I’m sure I’ll see you around, either in the real world or in cyberspace.

  21. Elaine

    You have a very cool life!
    Your blog is fun and very interesting. Keep up the good work!

  22. thehoff

    Love reading your blog!
    I especially loved seeing the 90210 location blogs. I’d love to see those placed in person.

  23. Sue

    I love your site. Do you know where Matthew Perry lives?

  24. Dawn

    I just found your site and i have to say i LOVE it. I am the biggest celebrity junkie and i’m obsessed with 90210 as well. How lucky are you to be able to go to all those places and see them, i hope to someday do that. Do you have anything on felicity or dawsons creek as i am obsessed with those as well. Thanks 🙂

  25. Lindsay- I’ve given you some props on my (Flickr) album cover and also on the individual locations that I have “stolen” from your blog; Mr & Mrs Smith, and Guess Who. There are a handful of others I still need to stalk and I’ll note them in my description as I add them.
    (Are we sick?)

  26. N-J

    I just moved to LaLaLand a few months ago! Found your blog and I love it! You should have your own reality show!

  27. Stacy

    Love your blog as you can see by my many comments. Definitely saving you for more reads. 🙂

  28. Mark


    You are too cool! I found you as I was surfing to locate Jen’s house. I love the photo of you standing next to her Malibu mailbox. (LOL). As much as I would love to join you on one of your escipades, I live in Florida so it would be a jaunt for me to attend.
    Keep up the great work and keep us posted as you allow some of us to experince their (and you too) life through your lens.
    By the way, I think you’re a fox and should have a spot on any television/movie set you choose! Go for it!

    In Sunny Florida,

  29. Andrea Sachs

    Hi. I am writing an article for a major newspaper about Beverly Hills, pegged to the new “90210.” I would love to talk about the show, its popularity and the neighborhood if you are free. I will be in L.A. Aug. 17-19. I can be reached at the above email address. Thanks!

  30. Becca

    You’re site is too cool. I’m located in Tampa, FL. You’ve kept me busy today at work during my down time.

    I love all the 90210 and SATC stuff.

    Keep Stalking!
    Keep us non-locals up to date.

  31. JOnas

    Am thiking of a sit-com called:

    “According to Lindsay – the hassle free life of a struggling actress”

    Starring Lindsay, co-starring Jennifer Aniston as Rachel!

    Tell me what you think. Happy Stalking!!!!

  32. K

    Hi! I just happened to find your website when I was looking for beach apartment of 90210 and I am so glad to find here.
    I was so excited to see you stayed at beach apartment!!! We used to able to see beach apartment soundstage at Jennie Garth’s website, I just love the interior of the beach apartment, so I hope her website will back soon.

    I really understand that you want to see those filming locations. I live in oversea but I travel to the US a lot. I have never been to LA but when I go there I would really want to visit 90210 filming locations!!! I love Jennie Garth the best in 90210.
    Oh, and I am so excited to see Steve’s modern house, too because I have never see that filming location picture over internet. maybe only you found his house.

    If it’s not trouble, could you send me e-mail? I just love to exchange e-mails who love 90210. I also love O.C.!!! I will look your O.C. filming location! Oh it’s so fun!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing them!!!

  33. K

    Do you know where Jennie Garth’s lives? I would like to know current house and former house that is both in the magazine?

  34. Megan Murphy

    Wow! It’s pretty cool that “The Wonder Years House” looks exactly the same on the outside just like it did in the TV show. Also, I was amazed to hear that the house from the Wonder Years is actually a real house. I always think of the Arnold Family everytime I see a picture of the home, itself! 🙂

  35. fredleemd

    Hey Lindsey: I enjoyed your website. I perused through the whole site and read with great interest. Good luck in your acting ambition.

  36. Big John

    I Lindsay,

    You are so cool…I knew there was others out there crazy about celebs and filming locations, but you are really fun. I love your blog. My wife and I are also a fellow “not a stalker pair” and would love to get together over some lunch or coffee with you and your bf and trade some stories. Currently I can provide you with some locations to share on your blog with your fans. Anybody like Anthony Anderson from Malibu’s Most Wanted, Transformers etc? I like sit in front of his house and eat lunch everyday in my car ( he lives near my office), seriously I am not a stalker… and Borat’s sidekick Azamat Bagatov (Ken Davitian), also from Get Smart is like my neighbor. Anyway, email me let’s talk. Thanks for the 90210 house tip! I am checking t out tomorrow.

    Big John

  37. I hope your acting career is taking off thanks to your blog! LOL! The name of this blog is hilarious!

  38. Heather

    Hey Lindsay!
    I discovered you and your blog after reading the article Andrea wrote on her recent interview with you! I was SO excited to find that there was another girl who loves stalking as much as I do. Granted, I’m not nearly as experienced at it! Living in Pasadena and where I worked helped though! =) I too am an aspiring actress (although that is on hold currently-long story) and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I read that you stumbled upon the Scrubs hospital b/c you got lost trying to get to an acting class. I did the same thing! I’m totally the girl who stalks out all the hotspots (well a lot of them anyway!) and I have seen and or met several celebs! Email me and let’s talk!

  39. Awesome site..

    Great information on Bugsy Siegel and the home he was murdered in. The fact that you added the touch about the Howard Hughes plane crash was extremely interesting to me as I have written a book about the Siegel killing called “Family Secret” – A story which solves the Siegel murder and reveals how and why the cover up of the crime was, in part, helped created by Howard Hughes.

    I have been by those homes countless time.

    If you want more information on the Siegel murder… Check out our site:


    The book is doing great… We are talking screenplay… Who knows… We may be looking for an actress to play the role of Betty Ann… Now you have to go to the site and check out the story line.

    Can you be a witty, spunky, dramatic actress????

    Check out the site and feel free to get in touch.

    I can send you to a number of Mob homes…

    Again – GREAT SITE

    Warren Hull

  40. Dave

    Oh yah Sandra Oh visits Ottawa a few times. Her friend lives like 10 minutes from me. Born to Korean parents in the Ottawa suburb of Nepean, Ontario…Nepean is now Ottawa…all one happy family.

    And also Matthew Perry is from Ottawa also…someone above was asking about him. He was in town for the Sens home game and all. People were in the private box and all.

    Although Perry was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts, he was raised in Ottawa where his mother was a press agent for Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau

  41. Bill

    If you ever find the building used as Meg Ryan’s home in “You’ve Got Mail”, please let me know!

  42. hey – email me – lets have lunch! i work at us weekly and love your website. let me know!

  43. Hey, Linds, I’ve got a plug of your Rubio House entry up on altadenablog and FYI this website:


    can embed Google Street Views into one’s blog, which might be amusing/useful to you!

  44. Maria

    Hi. I sent you an email on your offical website. I forgot to mention..since you are a fan of Marilyn..I found in a magazine and exhibit of her pictures in Beverly Hills. You might have already heard about it and may have even done a post about it. Heck it might not even be there anymore since this magazine was from over the summer but I thought I’d share anyway. The address got cut off but the number for more information is 310-246-9333

  45. Gume

    This is amazing!

  46. Melissa

    Just wanted to let you know I love your website! I just moved here and I’ve already “stalked” a couple of locations myself (The Brady Bunch house and The Donna Reed Show/Dennis the Menace house on the Warner Bros. Ranch). Anyway, reading your site is a joy. Lots of fun. 🙂 Thanks for stalking all the Sex and the City sites, The Hills sites, and all things Jennifer Aniston. You’ve given me inspiration for many an afternoon drive! ha ha Keep up the good work!

  47. President

    Lindsay, I just love your site, but why the pictures are with bad quality in these days?

    Before they were much more better cos with clicking the were bigger and better to look at.

  48. I share the same obsession of Hollywood. If you ever start a tour, I will be sure to buy tickets!


  49. DomNY


    I’m wondering –

    We’ve seen Kate Hudson landing in Los Angeles a lot lately – Now, we know that she has a pad in SoHo in Manhattan – But where does she go when she’s in LA?


  50. Nicole

    I LOVE your blog!! I accidently stumbled across it when I was looking for reviews of the LA studio tours. I thought I was the only “stalker” around these days since my friends think I am crazy and my Husband just goes along to laugh at me. I noticed you mentioned a book about movies filmed in NY. Is there any really good LA books you have come across? I looked at a couple at borders but they didn’t seem like anything too special!

  51. Hey lindsay,
    Its Dom from your local sbux, thanks for the mention.
    love the site, my last day was today Sat. but i will keep in contact.
    as soon as i get a link for that upcoming project i was telling your about i will fwd it. we have already started recording.
    take care


  52. helena

    Hello “K”,

    I was reading in your post that you like to exchange emails with fans of 90210. for me it´s the best show ever, I started watching when I was just 8!!. Anyway, let me know if do you want to exchange some 90210 memories.

    See u!!

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