Challenge Lindsay!

Curious about where your favorite TV show or movie was filmed?  Challenge Lindsay to find it! 

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  1. Chelsea

    I challenge you to find the Charmed house. I know its in Las Angeles. I LOVE that show. and P3 possibly too! (still apart of Charmed)

    I love this new website.

  2. Amanda Allyn

    I challenge you to find Samantha’s apartment in the Meat Packing District while in NY.

  3. Too funny! I am friends with Natalie D in SF

  4. Nicole B.

    Can you stalk McDreamy’s house?

  5. Ashley

    Do you know anything about the filming locations/sets of ABC’s Brothers & Sisters?

    Thanks, and I love the info you have on The Hills and Laguna 🙂


  6. Hi,
    Love the site as a long-time stalker would. I’ve been collecting addresses since the 1980’s and actually one of my books is a directory of locations in and around L.A./Hollywood/B. Hills that my brother turned into a website. It has 30,000 addresses right now but will have over 50,000 in a month. It’s a sickness, as you know. Just thought I’d say hello. The boys at Bigtime and Realestalker are good friends; we trade stories all the time.

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  8. kayli

    hey! im also a huge stalker, iv been to fergie and joshs house at least 10 times lol
    can you find britney spears and hilary duffs house? let me know!

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  10. Hi Kayli,
    Thanks for writing! BritBrit currently lives at 12094 Summit Circle Drive in Beverly Hills. You can see pics of the house here:
    This was the location of her recent standoff with the police. Sadly, this house is located in a gated community, so you can’t drive by. But, I just did a post about a former Britney residence, so I hope that helps! Will keep my eyes and ears open for Hill D.
    Happy Stalking!

  11. Natalie

    You should totally go to San Francisco and stalk up there…there are a lot of great filming locations from movies such as Rumor Has It, Sweet November, the Pursuit of Happyness, The Princess Diaries and 50 First Dates. Also, a couple stars call S.F. their home, like Robin Williams and Sharon Stone.

  12. Christina

    Great website Lindsay!! I challenge you to find Rob & Big’s house from their MTV show.

  13. Marzia

    Hi dear Lindsay!!
    I’m Marzia from Italy… remember me??
    I challenge you to find the Malibu beach house of The Hills season 1, where Lauren an Jason spend their summer!!
    Take care!!

  14. lazydaisy13

    I also would be interested to find out where Jason’s Malibu beach house is. Also any info on where Kristen Cavallari lives in LA?

  15. William

    Dear Lindsay,

    I challenge you to find Brody’s Condo from the hills

  16. Edgar

    I challenge you or anyone else to find Peter Parker’s apartment from the Spider-Man movies. It’s in New York and actually exists exactly as it was shot in SM2. You can also look for Peter’s work, his home in Queens and a dozen or so other landmarks from the trilogy. Have fun!

  17. Carina

    Ok, so let’s test your skills. Find “El Pino” from the movie Blood In Blood Out and post a picture of it on your blog.

  18. ricci (richie)

    hi Lindsey… so I’m obsessed with Adam Rodriguez from CSI Miami (Eric Delko). I challenge you to find his house, where he hangs out, etc etc.. I’ll be in LA in the fall and I’d love to see him in person! let me know what you find.. I want to be a mini stalker while i’m there =)

  19. kayli

    hey! thanks for posting brits address, so she ownes that santa monica condo but doesnt live in it??
    Just wondering if you could find anything on Hilary Duff,
    also Channing Tatum-hes so hot. maybe those disney people Miley Cyrus, Zac Effron?
    LOL stalking is so much fun

  20. Veronique

    Wow! Congradulation for your website, this is very amazing. I feel ridiculous but I’m a huge fan of Beverly Hills 90210 and I know the address of the Walsh’s house and the beach apartment, but I wonder if you know the address of Kelly Taylor’s mom house for the first 3 seasons. Thank you very much (sorry for my english)!

  21. Can you find the location of the apartments the American Idol top 12 just moved into?

  22. Hi Lindsey, I was just wondering if you could find Hilary Duff’s house and address 🙂 That would be wonderful if you could find that for me 🙂 Kinda like how you did Lauren Conrad’s new house and address 🙂 Thank You 🙂 Bye

  23. Carina

    I just saw “Because I Said So” on cable. Wasn’t intrigued when it came out in theaters, but being a lazy Saturday morning, I decided to stay in bed and watch it. It’s actually pretty cute. Anway, the main character, forgot her name, lives in a cute loft and even the mother has a great house! Can you stalk both places? Heck, why not stalk both of her boyfriend’s houses too, the musician and the architect?

  24. Kye

    I would really like to find this.
    Where is The Apartment Complex Featured “Til There Was You” The courtyard in the movie is beautiful. Please Please find this apartment

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  26. Theresa

    I challenge you to find the house belonging to radio DJ Rick Dees (“Rick Dees Weekly Top 40”). Someone told me he lives in a mansion in the San Fernando Valley, but I don’t believe her. Thank You.

  27. Allison

    I love your site! I just heard that Johnny Depp got a house in La! I wanted to challenge you to find it! (I heard something about Williams Heart Park or something along those lines!) Thanks!

  28. Stephanie R

    Hey, Lindsay.
    So I found your blog (which, by the way, is amazing) while searching for information about the American Idol contestants because a few of my friends and I are hunting for Jason Castro. We’ve done some stalking ourselves, such as finding out where this video from TMZ was filmed: in hopes of seeing him, but we had no luck seeing him pass by. Also, just last Sunday my Theatre teacher was in L.A. and spotted him at a Deli on Ventura. I was curious to know if you could find where he hangs out or ANYTHING else that could help us find him.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    – Stephanie

  29. morgan


  30. becca

    can u find brody jenner’s condo? they showed it season 2 of the hills

  31. Melissa

    I would like to know where sarah silverman’s valley village apartment from her TV show is.

  32. Hi Lindsay I was wondering if you knew the apartment number that Heidi and Spencer live in 🙂 Please 🙂

  33. Oh yeah my E-mail Address is 🙂 Thank You 🙂

  34. Bryan

    You have to let me know where the Fresh Prince house is… Ive been to 805 St Cloud Road and there is no way that is the house. Have you seen the 417 Amapola Lane location yet? Any resemblance?

    Please let me know as soon as you can. I have been going crazy over this for years.

  35. Michelle

    I would love it if you found Victoria and David Beckhams LA home!

  36. Ashley


    Do you know where the Polaroid beach house in Malibu is? Or any of the famous beach houses in Malibu?


  37. dominick

    i challange you to finf jason whalers apartment. and what the parents do for a living, this kid has a lot of money did you see on the hills when he would drive the range rover? plz

  38. Eliza

    Hello! I love this site. I was wondering if you could help me find something.

    In season 4 (episode 7) Ari’s son gets rejected from a private school, and they show the school and it is absolutely AMAZING!!

    do you think you could figure out what school it was??

  39. dominick

    any news on jason whaler? i check your site evryday while im at work, to see if theres anything new. keep me posted

  40. Ryan

    Can you find the REAL fresh prince house. That one that is posted is obviously not it. That would be awesome.

  41. jess

    bet you can’t find Kanye’s house

  42. jennifer

    I challenge you to find anything on my favorite show, The Gilmore Girls!
    Love the Blog!!!

  43. mari

    I challenge you to find the home or vacation home of Angela Lansbury.

  44. Jennifer

    I would like to challenge you to find the home of David Boreanaz, star of “Angel” & “Bones”



  45. Jackie

    A challenge, this came up after watching Clueless on tv the other day!

    I’d love to see the house Cher and/or Dion lived in during the movie!

  46. Simi

    Hi Lindsay

    I came across your blog while searching for apartments in LA. I’m a huge fan of Jason Segel’s from “How I met Your Mother” and most recently “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” I challenge you to find his house, and take lots of pictures.

  47. paul

    jason segal is on marmont lane above sunset by elisha cuthbert

    mcdreamy is on chantily rd in bel air

    kanye is off laurel cyn just north of hollywood in mt olympus

    brody’s condo is off alta loma between sunset and holloway in weho 90069

    spencer and heidi dont really live off curson…

    the school where ari drops his son off is off bundy north of sunset in brentwood just off the 405 where the oc was also filmed

    there lindsay…just did ur job for you haha

  48. LA GUY

    heidi does not work at Bolthouse. Realestalker and Berg are not friends. Kanye does not live in Mt Olympus. The polaroid beach house was on Malibu Rd. but I think may have had fire damage recently in the fires. Rob & Big have a new house and the old one was on Troy I think …

  49. LA GUY

    beckhams house is on 1105 san ysidro in beverly hills.. nice black gate upfront.. paid 23 million.. just about.

  50. paul

    its old news that heidi doesnt work at sbe on beverly

    kanye does in fact have a house in mt olympus as well as one off sunset in beverly hills inbetween doheny and whittier…

    spencer p and heidi actually live in the pacific palisades along with everyone else including j. apatow

  51. paul

    jonah hill lives in west hollywood around santa monica blvd and fairfax as does his co star seth rogen

  52. Erica

    I was watching “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” tonight, and I noticed how incredibly similar the house is to the “Father of the Bride” house, on which I remembered you did a post. It’s not the same house, is it?

  53. d

    so i have kind of a guilty pleasure. i secretly watch “The Miley and Mandy Show”. The YouTube videos made by Miley Cyrus and her bff Mandy. I especially like the Adam/Chu Dance Crew Vs. Miley and Mandy dance off series. I was wondering if you could tell me where Miley lives…

  54. Kevin and Jennifer

    Hi Lindsay. I’m a repeat challenger and this one’s about 90210 as well… my wife reads perezhilton a lot and saw today that the new spin-off has set up a Peach Pit location for filming. It’s somewhere on Beverly Blvd at the spot that used to be Eat Well Cafe. Not sure if you’ve already been there or not. Just thought it would be cool to see on your site. Thanks!!!

  55. Lals

    I challenge you to find Zac Efron’s house! I always see pictures of him but have never seen where he lives

  56. Elizabeth

    I dare you to stalk Kelly& Donna’s beach house apartment

  57. Andreea

    Can you find Lindsay lohan current address in the L.A area and Paris Hilton? oh and the lastest night club all the celebrities are spilling out of is ” Club Villa” 8623 melrose ave West hollywood, ca 90069.
    I’ve seen Common the rapper, Mary-kate, Paris Hilton’s Lawyer, David Spade, Rhianna …… best time to be there after 11pm and stay for the club closing that’s when all the juicy stuff happens!

  58. Samantha

    I live in Studio City, right behind Campbell Hall and drive down Laurel Canyon to work every day. They have been filming something for months now half way down the back side of Laurel Canyon. Do you know what it is?


  59. Cara

    Can you find filming locations for the show Private Practice? Planning a roadtrip for all of my favorite shows.

  60. Josh

    You are right that Will & Jada were at the Rennisance Hotel a week or two ago; because, I was at that party! Best Buy threw a pre-party for some of their customers and Will & Jada stopped by…super cool!

  61. Claire


    This is a great site. Like you I to know all about film locations and celebs. I am a huge fan of Bev. hills 90210, and I have recently bought the dvd box sets. I would love to know where the beach house is, that Kelly and Donna live in.

    Also would like to know where David and Victoria Beckham live.

    I will be in LA very soon visiting family.


  62. Jenna

    Hi Lindsay!

    My friend and I are planning a Charmed road trip and we have to see every possible Charmed filming location we can!

    We’ve found a bunch, but a few are alluding us. Such as:

    -The exterior shots for P3
    -The cemetery often used, such as in “Look Who’s Barking” or “Sleuthing With the Enemy”
    -Quake exterior
    -Bucklands Auction House exterior
    -We have a feeling that the street where Piper and Phoebe were walking in “Still Charmed and Kicking” is also the same street as in “Styx Feet Under” and “Barewitch Project”, though we aren’t sure. We would love to go there, any idea where it is?

    I challenge you to find these places!

  63. LA GUY

    paris is on 3340 clarendon… he paid 5. 9mill for it.. villa is nice.. but its for people who like to wear ed hardy and only someone that would mention paris hiltons lawyer would care. And it was probably the publicist.

  64. Hi Jenna (such a great name!!! 13 Going On 30!),
    OK I certainly have my work cut out for me on this Challenge. Will do my best to find these locations for you!
    Happy Stalking :),

  65. LA Guy,
    HOW do you know all of this stuff! You rock!! 🙂
    Happy Stalking :),

  66. Hi Paul,
    You have given me like a whole weekend worth of locations to stalk! I am sure my boyfriend will be really happy about that. 🙂
    Seriously, wanna be my stalking partner?
    Happy Stalking :),

  67. I’m in a basketball league at the Westwood Rec Center on Sepulveda, and our league was postponed this summer because they are using it as a location for a movie. Can you find out what it is?

  68. Andreea


    I absolutely love Kim Kardashian and the family show. Do you know where the reality family’s house is in Calabasas? Oh- this weekend I found out where Ellen D. and Portia D. live. I read in star magazine that she lives in beverly hills and she wanted to put up a gate on her street Cabrillo Drive. I “local lived” searched it and she is near Britney Spears old house off “Cold Water Canyon”. I also read that Ellen owns three of the house on the block. My boyfriend and I went there but we caught a snag when we turned on Cabrillo there was a folk in the road. He was too chicken to pick one and drive. Maybe if you are interested you could tell us if she is there.

  69. Hello Lindsay!

    I think your site is really fun. Now you can say that people from Finland reads your site as well.

    I would like to challenge you to stalk Married with children -house. I know that the fountain is Buckingham fountain in Chicago but I have no clue about the house.

    How is your acting career going now after april since you decided to put all 100% to acting?

    Im disapointed cos I cant find you from imdb.

    All the best in the future, you are very beautiful and I truly hope that you will succeed.

  70. Sue

    Does anyone know where Matthew Perry lives?

  71. Sue

    Does anyone know the best way to get in touch with a celebrity? If you write to their manager, publicist or agent, won’t that just get tossed?

  72. Hi Sue,
    I have yet to stalk any of these – but here is a good article on all of the properties Matthew Perry owns along with pics. 🙂

    Happy Stalking! :),

  73. Hi Brian,

    Just talked to the Westwood Rec Center and they said the TV show The Starter Wife is filming there on and off all summer. 🙂 Here is a link to the show’s imdb page:

    Happy Stalking! :),

  74. Kung Fu Panda

    I challenge you to find Britney Spears’ address in Studio City, same place where Vitello’s is. All I know is that it is close to Coldwater Canyon Blvd and Mollholand Drive. That’s what TMZ says. Here is the aerial picture of her mansion:

  75. William

    Hey Andreea, the Kardashian’s home is at 5400 Jed Smith Rd. Calabasas, Ca 91302.

  76. William

    Claire, the Beckhams currently live at 1105 San Ysidro Dr. Beverly Hills, CA .

  77. William

    Hey Lindsay, Kanye West lives 1 block away from LC’S mini-mansion. He lives at 2882 Fareholm Dr. Los Angeles, CA.

  78. William

    Morgan, Stephanie Pratt’s apartment complex is The Palazzo West. 6220 W. 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90036.

  79. dawn

    I was wondering if you knew where the filiming of Felicity took place on the WB. Thanks

  80. Andreea

    Wow thank you william you have been awesome! I have one more where does Lindsay lohan and samantha ronson live? I saw the house on TMZ but I dont know the address. Thank you for everything!

    Hey Lindsay I hope you had a great trip!

  81. Hi Lindsay,
    Just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your website, and I too, am I huge celebrity lover and stalker! I feel so similar to you it is so funny!
    Anyway, if you know anything about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s homes or anything about there whereabouts etc, please let me know.
    I would also love to go stalking with you! I am currently in California, but only for a few more days 😦
    So send me an email if you get a chance.
    All the best,

  82. Astrid

    Hi Lindsay,
    I Challenge you to find out where Billy Idol lives. He had an adress on Melrose but that one is fake. I’m visiting LA in september (round the 16.) so I really would love to stalk his house:-)

  83. I challenge you to find where these scenes from Falcon Crest where shot in LA.

    I give you a clue – it was the court room scenes.

    Here are the links to the film grabs

  84. You should stalk the filming locations from “Muholland Drive.” Genius film.

  85. Briana

    I would LOVE to be your stalking partner. I have to be honest with you…I am good at finding celebrity homes!! Before finding this website I had found Lauren Conrads new home! I found it by using google maps and continuously watching the hills. I love that show! lol…Anywhoo I found it and took the address down and got directions. I live about an hr east of LA. So how did you start this whole blogging business? I would love some tips =).

  86. William

    Madeline, Ashley Olsen’s house is located on 461 N. Mansfield Ave. Los Angeles CA 90036. On the corner of Mansfield and Rosewood Ave. No info on Mary-Kate’s whereabouts.

  87. William

    Astrid, Billy Idol lives way up in the hills. His current location is at 7267 Outpost Cove Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90068. Sorry if this bugs you Lindsay, just trying to help you out.

  88. Tina

    I also would be interested to find out where Kristin’s and Jessica´s (Smith) house is, which you can see on “laguna beach – the real orange county”.

    thank you 🙂

  89. Nikkole

    I challenge you to find a couple of things that have been causing many sleepless nights more me. First, I challenge you to Kristin’s houses in Laguna Beach. In season one it shows a different more garden house and in season two it is an industrial looking house.
    This second one goes out a little farther away from la for you. I have tried and tried to locate Britney’s serenity mansion in kentwood and cannot. I have exausted all of my resourses including the web, youtube and county records even! Please help!!

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  91. Astrid

    William thanks for the info…

  92. Andreea

    I would like to know where Samanatha Ronson lives, I am a huge fan of hers. Does anyone know? I kinda have an idea that she lives in the Beachwood area but thats about it…^_^

  93. Flora

    Hey Lindsay,
    great website 🙂
    I saw the pictures of your MSCL trip! i’m such a big fan of the show!!
    So, what i wanted to ask is, do you know where Jared Leto lives? is he still living in LA?
    Thank you 🙂

  94. Vanessa

    can you stalk the 7th heaven house?

  95. Hi Lindsay !
    Nice blog 🙂

    I challenge you to find the Labyrinth (1986) locations (near NYC and England) and Beetlejuice (1988) ! I love these movies, I’ll run a huge website about 80’s movies locations/merchandising and I need this help 🙂

    Thanks a lot !
    Fred (from France)

  96. Eileen

    Not sure if you found these but let me know if you have already

    locations from “Scream”

    – Sydney’s house

    -THE fountain in which the gang sits around and talks about who killed Casey

    -Stu’s house – where the big party takes place

    THANKS! i love this movie and have always wanted to know where they were filmed!

  97. Claire

    Thanks William for the Beckhams address, I will definetly be stalking there soon!!!


  98. Hey Lindsay. How about the Walker house in Brothers & Sisters? I read that it is in San Marino, but I can’t get an exact address. Can you help?

  99. kas

    i was just wondering if you knew where heidi n spencers apartment was, and also stephanie pratts apartment!!!! if you have already found it then let me know!!!! thx!

  100. Amanda

    Can you find out where any of the old 90210 classmates currently live and stalk there house!?! 🙂

  101. Nikkole

    Hey I got another one after just watching Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead. I am dying to know where their hugh ranch house is located!! Any help will be greatly appreciated. All I know is that it may be in the valley. Thanks.

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  103. Kalu

    I callenge you to find charlie harper’s beach house from 2 and a 1/2 men

    great post, congrats!!!

  104. Katy


    The Salon Heidi took her sister to in one of the recent The Hills episodes for her “Hollywood” make-over!

    Thanks : )

  105. Ashley

    Hi Lindsay,

    Do you know where Jennifer Aniston’s new house is and Bennifer’s new house that they are building? Thanks!


  106. hey! i love your site.
    Do you know where Robert Pattinson lives? i think he lives in LA but im not sure

    if you ever need a stalking buddy ill go with you 🙂 i live right on ocean avein britney spears old apartment. i love stalking. add me on myspace if you have it!

  107. oh i was also wondering if you new where vanessa hudgen lives?

    i was recently stalking in toluca lake and i went to hilary duff, miley cyrus, jonas brothers, ashley tisdale, and zac efrons house.
    but he only one i couldnt find was vanessa

  108. Niki


    I am a fan of your page from AThens , Greece!

    I was wondering if you know something about the places from the film “Pretty in Pink” which was my favourite when I was a teen.

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  110. Lauren

    I challenge you to find ryan sheckler’s house

  111. John

    Please please please find the house from Clueless.
    I suspect that the house is/was actually on the Universal lot. The same house was used on last season’s Desperate Housewives as the home that Gabrielle shared with her second husband (the senator)

  112. Anthony


    I challenge you to find the factory that Adam Sandler works at in ‘Punch Drunk Love’. I went there about a year ago – I just wished I had worn my blue suit for photo ops!

    p.s. it’s pretty easy!

  113. Dawn

    Does anyone know the name of the supermarket and the location Felicity goes to in season 1 episode hot objects.. She gets some ice cream and runs into her professer. It is shown a few times in throughout the show.. Thanks so much

  114. Britney

    Hey Lindsay. I watched The Hills tonight… the one where you were at the party for filming. Was that you behind them in the red dress?

  115. Erin

    Can you please find the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” house, and also Kourtney and Khloe’s townhouse…
    Thanx heaps!!

  116. Erin

    I was wondering if you could go to Wonderland Ave? I assume they filmed in the same street where the murders took place in the movie Wonderland, but if you confirm it I would be greatful. Also maybe you could find out where they filmed the interior shots of the house? I live in Australia and I love your site – I’ve visited alot of famous places in LA including places you have stalked, but I’ve never been to Wonderland Ave. Thanks!

  117. April

    OMG! I love ur blog. It is my new favorite page to visit!!!
    I love 90210 and have been to the Altadena house, not knowing that Dylan’s house was there too. I just have to go back.
    BTW on the way to Altadena Dr. on Lake Ave is the Gas Station used for Transformers where Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeauf) buys the Camaro. You can see “Mammy’s” house there too.
    Anyway, I can’t wait to visit the other 90210 locations…I am in love with that show.
    I want to challenge you to find all the locations for the 1996 movie “William Shakespears Romeo and Juliet.” I believe it is Mexico City…so good luck and thanks for all of your info on these places I must go see… 🙂

  118. Steve


    answering the question someone asked where brits
    place is

  119. Marcus H.

    hey. i am completely obsessed with the simple life and paris hilton and nicole richie. do u think u cud find where paris hilton and nicole richie live? and mayb where camp shawnee is located?

  120. April

    I forgot to mention that I know someone who has been inside the Phil Spector house in Alhambra (close to me btw) … and he says that the house is creepy as we would expect and there are a lot of secret passage ways through the house, it took him literaly 2 days to see all of it. I am not kidding you. Man! I wish I could of seen what he saw.
    I also know someone else who has been inside the Playboy mansion and says it is huge!!! and the yard is beautiful.
    Just thought you would like to know.

  121. angela

    Hello Lindsay,

    I got mad & shocked when I read your blog. I was a big fan of 90210 even I was 10years old!!!. Recently I am watching the old 90210 episodes and I am remembering the past time. I share with you the excitement about finding a 90210 location place. The best for me is peach pit, dylan´s house, walshes house and west beverly high.

    I will follow you!!!


  122. dawn

    Do you know the name of the Studio they filmed my so called life in. The house exterior shots i mean. I know they filmed all the school scene at the actual school but i wasn’t sure where the studio was…. Thanks

  123. Marcus H.

    hey i wrote to you not very long ago and i had another comment. next summer i am going to LA and hollywood and the surrounding areas. cud u give me some tips where to go to definitly see a celebrity? lol

  124. Remy

    Hi Lindsay:

    I definitely challenge you to some say one of the hardest locations to nail down (smile), and that is the Leave it to Beaver home. I would love a picture or the actual location. Some say its in Ohio, others say it is somewhere in the midwest. While were at it how about the Brady Bunch home as well. Take care and happy stalking. BTW, love the blog.

  125. Ashley

    Hi Lindsay,

    I recently heard that all of the disney stars live in the same neighborhood like ashley tisdale, vanessa hudgens, jonas brothers, hilary duff, zac efron, etc. Could you find their neighbrohood? Thanks!

  126. Carol

    Can you try to find the gilmore girls house?

  127. I have a guest coming from England who is a huge Charmed fan. I know where the Carroll Ave house is and the tunnel in Griffith Park near the observatory.

    But I was hoping you knew where the Magic School is and maybe the church used in various episodes. Thanks! She’s coming 11/6/08

  128. Stephanie

    I challenge you to stalk the movie locations from Transformers. One of my favorite movies!

    I’m a huge Shia fan, so if you could also stalk his house from Disturbia, that would pretty much be awesome. I think it is located in Pasadena.

  129. ^ashely i have all of the disney ppl’s addresses if u want them

    Lindsay, the Jonas Brothers just moved from their toluca lake home (they still own it) to Bel Air. iv seen a video of the housebut i cant find the address! could you help me?

    thanks alot


  130. Kristin

    Could you try to find Lauren Conrad & Lo’s house? And Audrina Patridges? Also, I’m going to California (L.A. probably) sometime next spring. What are some places that i should visit and what are some celebrity hotspots?

  131. April

    Stephanie…. I just visited the Disturbia house today and it is in the city of Whittier … the address is 6222 Painter Ave Whittier CA
    It is so awesome to see the houses for Kale and Ashley and the neighbors across the street. You will love it.
    Hope u get to go.

  132. hey i jsut got some myspace messages from some people (kristin and marcus) asking for some of the disney stars address but both your profiles are private so i cant message back. just letting you know

    also lindsay do you think you could find that guys house from twilight? robert something? the main character

  133. Marcus

    lauren and los house is at 1627 N. Orange Grove Avenue in Hollywood . a few houses are the babysitting houses used in halloween fyi

  134. Virginie

    I know Audrina’s new place is in the Hollywood Dell section of the Hollywood Hills, but I don’t know the exact street. Can you find it out please?

  135. Virginie

    I googled myself some more and found the exact address from Audrina, it’s: 6393 Bryn Mawr Drive, LA.

  136. Ashley

    kayli, I don’t use myspace so i couldn’t message you. can you post the addresses here? also, just heard vanessa hudgens just bought a new house in studio city, is this the same one you have?

    lindsay, do you know where jennifer garner and ben affleck are building their new house?


  137. Mary-Ellen

    I would love to know where the apartment with the water inbetween (like Venice) is located. It was used in Role Models with Paul Rudd. I would also love to know where the Burger Hole Diner is that is in the same movie.

    Thank you. The movie is so funny.

  138. Becca

    After reading your site I decided to start my BH 90210 series DVD’s over again and this time I was looking for places, to see if you could find. I noticed on the Season 1 – first disk, the Walsh house is different from the other house used in the show.

    Can you see if you can find the house used in the Pilot episode?

  139. Raina

    Hi Lindsay!

    I challenge you to find the home that Ari Gold lives in on Entourage!

  140. Ashley

    Hi Lyndsay

    I would like to know where is located the new house Of Lauren Conrads Parents’.

  141. Ashley

    Hi Lyndsay

    I challenge you to find the new home of Lauren Conrad parents. Are they still living in Laguna Beach.

  142. Kyle

    can you find me the matthews house from “Boy meets world?” Thanks

  143. hey!
    so i have been trying ot find Robert Pattinson from Twlight’s LA house…and no luck
    you wanna give it a try?

    all i got is i think its an apartment in LA

  144. Hi. I challenge you to find the house from the 1980s film Date with an Angel. the house that the spoiled girl Patty has her engagement party in at the very begining. I dunno if this is even in your area, but if it is, please fnd it!!

  145. Melissa

    If you’re still in NYC, I challenge you to find the “Soup Nazi” soup shop. I’m not sure if he’s still open. He was a few years ago, when my friend and I visited NYC. We knew he was up on the Upper West side. We called to see when they closed (to figure whether we had time to make a stop), and he said — in the same voice as the TV character said, “No soup for you!” — Five fifty five! Not 6…5:55! It was hilarious. We never had time to go there, but I would love to know if he’s still open and if the soup is actually that good. Good luck!

  146. Virginie

    I challenge you to find the house from Home Alone. It will always be my favourite Christmas movie.

  147. Janice White

    Hey Lindsay,

    I challenge you to find Robert Pattinson from the movie Twilight the name of his Apartment Building in the Hollywood/Los Angeles area.

    Good Luck and Thanks

  148. Andrew

    I challenge you to find the Los Angeles apartment building that was home to Laverne and Shirley. This one has baffled me for years. Great site btw

  149. Andy

    Hey, I would LOVE to see some more of the locations used in Entourage. The house pics you grabbed were cool. In the episode were Vince moves out of the house, they actually show the guys looking at the house and you can see the entrance were your photo was taken. I was outside of Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd the day that they were filming inside of the hotel (the pool around the back).

    Like I said, I would love to see more of the Entourage locations…

  150. Virginie

    Hey Lindsay,
    I just read this article about Whitney’s new show “The City”. I think it will be interesting for you too!

  151. Logan

    Veronique posted on Feb 28th of last year the challenge of finding Kelly Taylor’s house from the first few seasons of 90210… How’s it coming?

  152. I agree with Kye from March 2008, I would LOVE to find that BEAUTIFUL courtyard from that film “Til There Was You”!

  153. Keely

    Hi, I love your site, thankyou for your celebrity hunting! I am heading to NYC tomorrow and am a huge Chase Crawford and Gossip Girl fan, I challenge you to find out where Chase Crawford and Ed Westwick’s Soho apartment is! Also, I know John Mayer lives in the area as well but I’m unsure of the exact building, hopefully you can help me out. Thanks!

  154. Tina Gally

    I would like to know where Jennie Garth&family lives?

  155. britney

    find that guy from twilight!
    robert pattinson
    he is sooo good looking

    i think he rent an apartment in hollywood near burbank, and its a gated complex i believe

  156. Virginie… The Home Alone house is located at.
    671 Lincoln Avenue


    PS – This is a great site. 😉

  157. Melissa

    Hi, love your site! I would love to know where Perry Farrell lives!

    Thanks xx

  158. Lindsay I challenge you to find the apartment where Robert Pattinson lives in L.A.

    I see other’s have already challened you to do the same, but you have yet to find it.

    I hope your good skills are not slacking!!!

    I wish you the best of luck!


  159. Hi Lindsay, I’ve really been enjoying your site since I found it last week! I commented in one of your Scream posts, but thought I would try here as well. I’m curious if you can find the exact address for Casey Becker’s (Drew Barrymore) house. I know it’s on Sonoma Mountain Rd in Glen Ellen, but looking on Google Maps, that’s a huge stretch of road. Thanks!

    • Hi Ashley,
      No, unfortunately I don’t know the exact location of either of those houses. It is actually Sydney Prescott’s (Neve Campbell) house that is located on Sonoma Mountain Road, but I am not sure of its exact location. I am hoping Johnemma247 can help us out. 🙂 Will let you know if I hear anything.
      Happy Stalking 🙂 ,

  160. Johnemma247

    I know the exact location of Casey Beckers house. 🙂

  161. Johnemma247

    Hope you got the link to them. 🙂

  162. pete

    love the website, went back and read all ur old posts

  163. Terri

    Hi, great site, I have yet to find the farm that the movie son in law with Pauly Shore was filmed. I know its in California, but where?

  164. Virginie

    I want to challenge you again in finding some locations of the ABC TV-Series “Greek”. I love the show and tried to find some of the locations myself. I know they’ve filmed on the Caltech campus.

  165. Christine

    I challenge you to find the house in the hamptons that is featured in the movie “something’s gotta give” AAANNND the paris restaurant they go to. The movie is the BEST!

  166. kelly

    Hi Lindsay! Ok, I have three advance level searches for you. This is not going to be easy. Try and find these 3 locations. 1. the Pilot Episode Walsh House from 90210. It only appears in one or two epsiodes before they chose the house we know as casa walsh. Brenda gets picked up in front of that house by kelly to go out at night and cindy embarasses her by telling her about a curfew! Ok, 2. The peach pit location number 2. After Apple Pan, but before the famous one they start using on season 2. And lastly 3. Donna Martin’s first house. The one before they switched to the location on brooklawn drive. It was only in like one or two epsiodes. I know you can do this! You are the only one who can do this! Good Luck!!!!

  167. Ali

    Can you find any of the filming locations from the Little Rascals Movie? on imdb it says venice and pasadena, but i was wondering more specifically like parks, houses, etc. thanks!

  168. stoops

    what is Josh Duhamel + Fergie’s house’ address?

  169. Virginie

    Josh Duhamel and Fergie bought a house on N. Kenter Avenue, Brentwood, CA in April, 2007 (according to

  170. stoops

    you’re amazing!

  171. Terri

    Did you ever find the exact adressses of the houses in scream?

  172. cece

    lindsay i challenged you to find where justin timberlake lives?

    some say cali, some say ny

    which one is it? his primary residence is where?

  173. Virginie

    Justin Timberlake owns a house on 3100 Torreyson Place in the Hollywood Hills since July 2002. The house used to belong to Helen Hunt. In November 2008 he bought a condo in the Pearline Soap Factory building at 78 Laight Street in NYC’s TriBeCa. (according to

  174. Jennifer

    the “Greek” locations are located on the Caltech campus. All those “lunch/brunch” scenes with Rusty and Casey are filmed right in front of Red Door Cafe (the student quick coffee shop) as well as the tables in front of the cafeteria.

  175. Virginie

    Tina Gally,
    Jennie Garth will always be my favourite girl of 90210. I was also dying to know where she lives. Then yesterday I found out her address is 10063 Toluca Lake Ave in Toluca Lake. ( I’m pretty sure it’s the right one. In an issue of People (Oct. 2007) she says she lives in Toluca Lake and they have an RV which, you’ll see, is parked on the driveway.

  176. Natalie

    ever find the house or the lake in the notebook?

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