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Law and Order




One New York filming location that will look familiar to anyone who passes it – unless they’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years – is the New York County Courthouse.  This massive building, with it’s hundred foot wide grand staircase and towering granite colonnade, has been featured in thousands of productions over the years.  But it should be most recognizable to fans of the crime show genre as the courthouse from all of the Law and Order series.  It is at this courthouse that McCoy and Briscoe, Benson and Stabler, and Eames and Goren see all of their cases tried.  Besides being featured weekly on the three Law and Order series, the courthouse has also been featured in Miracle on 34th Street, Twelve Angry Men, Legal Eagles, Regarding Henry, Nuts, Wall Street, Good Fellas, The Devil’s Advocate, Married to the Mob, City Hall, The Hurricane, Kojak, Cagney and Lacey, Naked City, NYPD Blue, The Equalizer, The Godfather, and Aftershock: Earthquake in New York.



The New York County Courthouse was built back in 1919 by Boston architect Guy Lowell, who also built the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  Guy actually won the commision of the building in a 1913 design contest.  His original winning design for the courthouse featured a circular shape, but plans changed and he ended up building the courthouse in a six-sided, hexagonal form (bird’s eye view pictured above).  Looking at the building from the front, one would never know it was built in this way.  Very cool!  The building, which was made a New York City Landmark in 1966, is absolutely beautiful – and overwhelming – in person.  I am telling you, we don’t have anything like this in L.A.! 




In the Sixth Season of Sex and the City Carrie reported for jury duty at the United States Courthouse, which is located right next door to the Law and Order Courthouse.  In the episode, entitled “Hop, Skip and A Week”, Carrie and her boyfriend Berger share a “Hollywood kiss” on the courthouse steps just before she checks in to perform her civic duty.  At first I thought Carrie and Berger had their kiss on the steps of the Law and Order Courthouse, but upon closer inspection I realized it was a different Corinithian-style building altogether.  The two courthouse buildings look amazingly similar, and are both very beautiful, especially because they are situated right next to each other.  They create quite an imposing view as you come upon them.  The U.S. Courthouse was built in 1933, a bit later than the New York County Courthouse.  It was designed by Cass Gilbert, who also designed New York’s Woolworth Building. Even though I am pretty sure New York jury duty is nowhere near as fun as jury duty in L.A., I think it would be very cool to perform my civic duty in such a historic building.

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It: The New York County Courthouse is located at 60 Centre Street in Lower Manhattan.  Carrie reported for Jury Duty at the US Courthouse located right next door at 40 Centre Street.

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Park Avenue Princess



Today I thought I’d write yet another post about yet another Sex and the City: The Movie  filming location – Charlotte York’s Upper East Side apartment.  🙂  From the beginning Charlotte York was Sex and the City’s  reigning Park Avenue Princess – a role I’d like to see myself in someday 🙂 – and, in real life, her apartment really was located on New York’s prestigious Park Avenue.  Well, the exterior of it anyway.  All of the interiors of Charlotte’s apartment existed only on a soundstage at New York City’s Silvercup Studios.  I found the location of Charlotte’s pad, once again, thanks to my go-to SATC  locations guide.   


This apartment originally belonged to Charlotte’s first husband, Trey.  The two moved into it after they got married in the third season of Sex and the City.  After their divorce in Season Four, a fight for the apartment ensued and Charlotte ended up winning it thanks to her divorce lawyer – and future husband –  Harry Goldenblatt.  Charlotte’s building was built in 1916 by New York City architecture firm Schwartz & Gross.  The 13-story building is situated in the elusive Carnegie Hill area of New York and houses only 24 apartments. 


The scene from Sex And The City: The Movie  that took place at this location was quite memorable as it was the first time in the film that we saw Carrie in her wedding attire – complete with a blue bird on her head.  LOL   On the morning of her would-be nuptials, Carrie and the girls head out of this building and into a waiting limousine.  Carrie’s huge Cinderella dress has to be carefully pushed into the limo, causing her wedding planner Anthony to lament, “It’s like pushing a cream puff through a key hole.”  LOL

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Charlotte and Harry’s apartment is located at 930 Park Avenue on New York’s stylish Upper East Side.


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Donna Martin, Rose Princess


When I first moved to Los Angeles about eight years ago, one of the very first items on my stalking agenda was to visit the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Headquarters.  I wanted to sign up for their annual Rose Court Pageant just like Donna Martin did in the Season 6 episode of 90210 entitled  “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”.  🙂  I was absolutely flabbergasted when after asking for an application the receptionist explained to me that in order to apply for the Rose Court I had to currently be in high school or in my first year of college (at the time I had just graduated from college).  I calmly told him that that simply wasn’t true as Donna was in her third year of college when she entered the pageant on 90210, to which he replied “Yes, but that was a TV show!”  LOL  I cannot believe 90210 decieved me like that!!  Anyway, even though my attempts at becoming Rose Queen were thwarted even before they began, I still loved being at the Tournament House and seeing where 90210 had filmed.  🙂


The Tournament House was originally built for the Wrigley Family – yes, Wrigley as in the spearmint gum.  Construction on the home took over eight years and was finally completed in 1914.  At the time Orange Grove Boulevard was known as “Millionaires’ Row” due to the countless opulent mansions lining both sides of the street.  Sadly, most of those mansions are now long gone, torn down many years ago to make room for apartment complexes and smaller homes.  But the Tournament House remains.  When Mrs. Wrigley passed away in 1958, she deeded the home to the City of Pasadena with the specific instruction that it was to be used as the Tournament of Roses Headquarters, which it has remained ever since.


The Tournament House, which sits on over 4 1/2 acres of beautifully manicured rose gardens, is absolutely beautiful in person.  The interior of the mansion is supposedly incredibly beautiful, as well, although I have never seen it.  Free tours of the House are offered every Thursday between 2pm and 4pm during the months of February through August and I think I am definitely going to have to partake in one soon.  🙂

The Rose Queen tradition began in 1905 and continues to this day.  It is so named because the Rose Queen reigns over Pasadena’s Annual Tournament of Roses Parade each New Years, riding on a special float.  Each year over 1,000 girls compete for the Rose Queen title, in a process that takes a month to complete.  Out of those thousand, one girl will become the Rose Queen and six others will become Rose Princesses in her Royal Court.  An interesting side note – actress Sophia Bush (of One Tree Hill  fame) won the Rose Queen title in the year 2000.  🙂  You can see a photograph of Sophia with her Court here.


Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The Tournament of Roses House is located at 391 South Orange Grove Blvd. in Pasadena.

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The Langham Huntington Hotel and Spa


While stalking in Pasadena a few weeks ago I stopped into the Langham Huntington Hotel & Spa to snap some pics.  The Langham has long been a Pasadena institution and it is an absolutely gorgeous place to spend an afternoon or grab an evening cocktail.  It is also an oft-used Pasadena filming location and celeb hang out.  🙂


The Langham Hotel was originally built in 1907 and was known as the Wentworth.  Never gaining much popularity under its original ownership, the property was sold to Henry E. Huntington in 1911, who hired renowned L.A. area architect Myron Hunt to renovate, expand, and improve the hotel. Three years later, in 1914, the Wentworth was reopened under its new name – the Huntington Hotel.   Architect Myron Hunt is also known for designing the Rose Bowl, Occidental College, the California Institute of Technology, and Henry Huntington’s private home, which later became the museum known as the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens.  After Myron’s renovations, the Huntington Hotel became an overnight success and it remained that way for more than seven decades.   But in 1985, while under the ownership of the Sheraton Corporation, the Huntington had to be closed due to earthquake code violations.  In 1987, the Ritz-Carlton Corporation purchased the property and, with a $100 million upgrade, brought it up to code.  In 1990, the new Huntington Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Spa opened its doors to the public.  Just this year, the hotel was sold yet again – this time to Great Eagle Holdings who renamed it the Langham Huntington Hotel & Spa.  Even with all of the ownership changes, the Huntington remains the finest hotel in the Pasadena area.  It also remains a favorite of both celebrities and location scouts alike.  


The interior of the Langham stood in for the Stratford Hotel in the 1998 Lindsay Lohan remake of The Parent Trap.  The exterior of the Stratford, however, was a different location altogether.  For that producers used the Administration Building on Treasure Island in Northern California, located a few hundred miles away from the Langham.  The Langham also appeared in Beverly Hills Ninja  where it stood in for the Beverly Hills Hotel.  The hotel was also featured in Seabsicut, America’s Next Top Model, Charlie Wilson’s War, and Brothers and Sisters.  And just a brief list of the hotel’s past celebrity guests: Teddy Roosevelt, Bill Clinton (shortly after winning the ’92 election), Albert Einstein, the Dalai Lama, Prince Philip of England, musician Pete Townsend, Salyma Hayek, Bachelorette Trista Rehn, and Judd Hirsch.  Marcia Cross’ wedding reception was held there, as was the wedding for Taboo from The Black-Eyed Peas.  Shannen Doherty is a reported frequent guest of the hotel, and especially loves their premiere restaurant, The Grill, and their piano bar.  I actually saw Shannen once during one of my many visits the to the Langham.  She was doing some press for her former reality show Breaking-Up With Shannen Doherty.  Shannen was super tiny in person and seemed very sweet, although I did not go up to her. 


The Langham is an absolutely beautiful resort, with sprawling lawns, meandering pathways, koi ponds, a dark wood paneled bar, and excellent food.  I had the pleasure of staying at the hotel a while back, when it was still owned by the Ritz-Carlton.  The service at the time was impeccable.  One night at the bar I ordered my fave soda, Dr. Pepper.  The bartender told me that while Dr. Pepper isn’t served at the hotel, he thought there might be a vending machine in the employee break room that had some.  Despite my protests, he ran downstairs to the breakroom and returned a few minutes later – Dr. Pepper in hand!  I also attended the Ritz-Carlton employee Christmas party a few years ago with a friend who used to work for the hotel and it was one of the best parties I’ve ever been to! 


I highly recommend stalking the Ritz and grabbing a nightcap in their piano bar.  Time and time again it is mentioned as one of the most romantic places in Pasadena. 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The Langham is located at 1401 South Oak Knoll Avenue in Pasadena.  You can visit their website here.  Rooms start at $269 per night.

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Lady Heather’s House


On the second season of CSI: Las Vegas  we were introduced to a character whom Grissom later became very fond of named Lady Heather.  On the show Lady Heather, who was played by The O.C.’s  Melinda Clarke, owns an S&M fetish club in Sin City which she runs out of her extraordinary home.  Lady Heather first appeared as a guest star in an episode entitled “Slaves of Las Vegas” and has since reappeared on four separate occasions, becoming something of a cult favorite for CSI  fans.  Her unique home also appeared in all five of the “Lady Heather” episodes and, being that it is a pretty spooky house and fits in with my Haunted Hollywood theme for this month, I dragged my dad right out to stalk it.

Lady Heather’s house is an absolutely ginormous mansion (13,393 square feet according to Zillow!!) located on a large corner lot in South Pasadena.  I found the home thanks to Scott’s LA Audio Driving Tour of Pasadena, which lists many great Pasadena filming locations.  It is easy to see why producers chose to use this house for the filming of CSI, as it has a very looming and dark presence, most likely due to its sheer size.  For the filming of CSI, producers brought in many Gothic decorations, like large candelabras,  to create a more dark and spooky atmosphere.  But when you see the home in person, it becomes obvious that not much had to be done in preparation for filming due to its naturally ominous look.  In person, the home looks like it could be a real life haunted house.  And it actually looks like it belongs on a bayou in New Orleans rather than in the middle of Suburban Pasadena.  Unfortunately I don’t own CSI  on DVD, so I couldn’t get very good screen captures of the home.

In the various Lady Heather episodes, the exterior of the home is shown numerous times, especially the front door and front porch area (which unfortunately I do not have any screen captures of).

 A back porch area is also shown in a special 90 minute episode from Season 3 entitled “Lady Heather’s Box”.  It is the location where Grissom and the dominatrix sit down for a cup of tea.

Lady Heather’s house is a very cool place to see in person.  I highly recommend stalking it if you are at all a fan of CSI  or if you want to conduct your own Haunted Halloween tour.  🙂 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Lady’s Heather’s house is located at 929 Buena Vista St., at the corner of Buena Vista and Meridian Avenue, in South Pasadena.


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We’ll Always Have Paris

Once again I am indebted to Mike over at MovieShotsLA  for finding yet another location that had eluded me – a location I had been searching for for close to 16 years!  During Season 3 of the original 90210, Brenda and Donna spend their summer in Paris.  In the episode entitled “Shooting Star/An American In Paris” Brenda meets a tall, dark and handsome college student named Rick in a beautiful French garden.  Later on in the episode the two walk underneath a curved rose-covered trellis and it is that trellis that I have been searching for ever since that episode aired way back in August of 1992.  A few years after that episode aired, my parents took me on a trip to Europe as a present for my high school graduation.  Our first stop was France and I remember walking around the streets of Paris carrying a small picture of Brenda and Rick under that trellis, stopping every native French person I could find to ask if they knew where it was located.  Yes, I really am that blonde!  🙂  My naive 18 year old self truly believed that Shannen Doherty and Tori Spelling had actually flown to France to film their Paris scenes.  That reality was shattered this past summer when I took the Universal Studios tour  and discovered that most of “Paris” was actually filmed at the Universal backlot.   Not filmed at Universal, though, were the garden scenes.  So I still had no idea where Brenda and Rick’s trellis was located.  Knowing how obsessed I was with finding Brenda’s garden, Mike stayed up very late one night this week and located it for me and I was able to actually stalk it yesterday!!  Let me tell you, I could not have been more excited!!

Mike and I were fairly certain that Brenda’s garden was located in one of the three main botanical gardens in LA, and since I had stalked the Arcadia Arboretum on Sunday  without finding it, Mike set his sights on the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino.  He stayed up late one night searching Google images until he finally located Brenda’s trellis in the Rose Garden area of the Huntington, a good 5,000 miles from Paris, France.  THANKS MIKE!!!!  So yesterday, I dragged my dad out to the Huntington, in 103 degree heat no less, to do some 90210  stalking. 

The Huntington shows up three times in the “Shooting Star/An American in Paris” episode.  We first see it in the scene when Brenda and Rick first meet.  In that scene, Brenda is sitting on a circular bench underneath a large oak tree.  Sadly, that circular bench was removed long ago and the tree Brenda sat under is now surrounded by foliage, so the area looks very different.  But there was a similar bench located just a few yards away, so I had to take a picture sitting on that.  🙂

The area where Brenda actually sat sixteen years ago is located on the very Southeast corner of the North Vista lawn, pictured above.  The path Rick walks through when he first comes upon Brenda is now gone and filled in with foliage.  Such a bummer!!!!   

This same tree and bench area also show up in the episode following “Shooting Star/An American in Paris”, which is entitled “Castles In The Sand”.  It is shown in the scene when Brenda dreams about Rick on her plane flight home to LA

The next location I dragged my dad to stalk was the white flowered trellis Brenda and Rick walk under on their last night in Paris together.  This is the location where “Reek” tells Brenda that if she were truly in love with Dylan she wouldn’t be standing there with him and then the two share their final Paris kiss.  This particular trellis is located in the Rose Garden area of the Huntington, just off of the Tea Room. 

This same location also shows up in the Hil D. movie A Cinderella Story.  In the movie Hilary attends a masquerade ball at the Huntington.  The exteriors of the ball location were filmed outside of the Huntington Gallery building (the interiors were actually filmed at a theatre in Downtown LA).  During the ball, Chad Michael Murray takes Hil on a walk under the same trellises Rick and Brenda walked under 12 years before.  After walking under the trellises, Chad leads Hilary to a gazebo where the two share a moonlit dance.  That gazebo was brought in by producers and put in the Brown Garden especially for the filming and was removed when the three day shoot was complete.

Next up was the site I was most excited about seeing in person, the location I had wandered the streets of Paris trying to find – the curved rose-covered trellis Brenda and Rick walk beneath during their tour of Paris.  Even sixteen years later, I could not have been more excited to see this location in person.  🙂  I truly felt like a high school girl all over again!  The trellis appeared in the scene where Brenda takes Rick on a walking tour of Paris and I am happy to report that it looks EXACTLY the same as it did when it appeared on 90210, except that due to the time of year, the flowers usually covering it were not in full bloom yesterday.  This trellis is also located in the Huntington’s Rose Garden; it covers the path which leads to the Japanese Garden area.

Interestingly enough, this very same location showed up on 90210  some years later as the location where Steve and Janet tie the knot.  Producers added some black street lights to the site which are not normally there.  Otherwise it looks much the same as it did when it first appeared on 90210


The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens was originally the private home of Central Pacific Railroad owner Henry E. Huntington and his wife Arabella.  Originally called the San Marino Ranch, Henry and his wife purchased the property in 1902 and began creating a truly incredible botanical garden in their backyard.  Throughout his lifetime, Henry also collected fine art and books and today it is his art, library and gardens that make up the Huntington.  The 207 acre property is an absolutely beautiful place to spend an afternoon.  I am usually not big on museums, but the Huntington is simply breathtaking.  The gardens alone cover over 120 acres and consist of painstakingly maintained landscapes from different areas of the world. It really takes more than one visit to discover all of this amazing place.  The grounds are serene and peaceful and when visiting, you will feel a million miles away from Los Angeles.  The Rose Garden is exquisite, the Bonzai Court and Zen Garden are truly unique, the Japanese Garden is incredible with its winding koi ponds and bamboo forests, and the newly built Chinese Garden with its enormous lake is absolutely gorgeous.  This is one location that is a must-see, not just for stalkers, but for anyone visiting the Los Angeles area. 

Besides 90210  and A Cinderella Story, The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens has appeared in countless movie and television productions, including First Daughter, Be Cool, Legally Blonde 2, The Bachelor  reality show, The Wedding Planner, Beverly Hills Ninja, The West Wing, American Wedding, Monster in Law, Charlie’s Angels, as well as hundreds of others.  It was also the location of Robert and Anna’s wedding on the soap opera General Hospital.  Anytime you see a garden popping up on one of your favorite television shows or movies, chances are it was filmed at the Huntington. 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens is located at 1151 Oxford Road in San Marino.  You can visit their website here.  You can also visit their filming website here.

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“I’d Like to Exchange an Egg . . . “


At the risk of this site becoming strictly a blog about 90210, I just had to do a post about another location from the iconic 90s television show.   I finally got Season 2 of the series on DVD and this weekend I spent many hours glued to my television set watching it.    And I must admit I got a little obsessed with finding the liquor store from the episode in which Emily Valentine (my least favorite character in 90210  history) convinces the gang to spend their Saturday night at an underground club.  In the episode, entitled “U4EA”, Emily tells the gang that they will have to visit a liquor store and “exhange an egg” for directions to the oh-so-secret underground club. 


While watching the episode I noticed the numbers “6202” and a sign reading “Pat’s” located above the liquor store doors.  I had an inkling that the liquor shop might be located in Van Nuys, near the 90210  studios, so I got to Googling and sure enough, there it was, just a few blocks from where 90210  was produced.  So this weekend, I of course dragged my boyfriend out to Pat’s Jr. Market to do some stalking.  I was so happy to see that after all these years the liquor store looks almost EXACTLY the same as it did back in the 90210  days. 

Even the interior is still completely recognizable from the “U4EA” episode.  The poor clerk at the register had no idea what I was talking about when I told him that 90210  had filmed there 17 years ago and I’m pretty sure he thought I was a complete moron when I had my boyfriend snap pics of me inside.  LOL  Geez, some people just don’t get it, do they?!?  🙂

The “U4EA” episode also featured one of my fave 90210  scenes ever – the scene where Andrea and Steve enter a different liquor store and tell the befuddled clerk that they want to exchange an egg.  “Is there something wrong with the egg?” she asks.  LOL  LOVE IT!   

You can watch the full liquor store scene here.

Stalk It: Pat’s liquor store is located at 6202 Kester Avenue in Van Nuys.  The former 90210 studios are located just a few blocks away at 15001 Calvert Street.


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