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Crossroads School

Last night my boyfriend gave me an article entitled “The Speidi Chronicles” that he had saved for me from Sunday’s LA Times and it was all about Spencer and Heidi.  I swear I really need to marry this guy!  🙂  Anyway, Spencer and Heidi sat down at Don Antonio’s for the interview and over some quesadillas and fajitas they opened up about life on The Hills.  Ever notice how every time Spencer and Heidi sit down for an interview, it’s always at Don Antonio’s?!?  Anyway, besides revealing juicy little tidbits like the fact that Heidi didn’t get paid a dime for being a part of the first season and that while she had to pay rent for their Park La Brea Apartment Lauren did not, the article also dilvulged that Spencer attended Crossroads School in Santa Monica.  Since I happened to be in Santa Monica today, I just had to go stalk it!

Besides being Spencer Pratt’s alma mater, the school has educated a slew of other famous celebs and their children, including Kate Hudson, Cash Warren, Baron Davis, Michael Bay, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Black, Jake Busey, Sean Astin, and (total coincidence) Whitney Port.  I wonder if she knew Spencer in high school!  Although Crossroads is a highly prestigious school, it has also attracted its fair share of scruitiny.  A book written in 2004 called Hollywood Interrupted  did not paint a very flattering picture of the school or its students and neither did a 2005Vanity Fair  article. 

The school is very modern looking and has some highly unique architecture.  I definitely recommend doing a drive by if you get the chance.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  Crossroads School is located at 1714 21st Street, just off Olympic Boulevard, in Santa Monica.  The school is very close to the Epic Records  office building where Audrina works.

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Spencer!

img_2002.jpgThose who have seen Heidi’s new music video “Higher” will totally understand when I say it’s a good thing Spencer comes from money as I really don’t see a bright future for him in the music video industry.  For those of you who have yet to see Heidi’s video, you really must do so now, as there are NO words to describe it!!!!  LOL LOL LOL!

A few months ago in US Magazine I read that Spencer’s dad is a prominent Santa Monica dentist, so this weekend I did a google search for a Dr. Pratt in Santa Monica.  I found the address of his office right away and promptly drove there to take a picture.  🙂  His office is located in a very nice building in a nice part of town – so I am not too worried about Spencer not having a future in music video directing.  I am fairly certain his daddy will continue to take care of him until he finds his true life calling.  For the time being, Spencer should rest assured that he is fulfilling his goal of “making people react and ultimately not think about that we are in a war in Iraq” – while watching “Higher” I swear I didn’t think about the war in Iraq once!   

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

img_2010.jpgStalk It: If you want to get your teeth examined by Dr. Pratt, you can find him at the Tenth Street Medical Building in Santa Monica, located at 1450 10th Street, right at the corner of 10th and Broadway.  Maybe he can also give you ginormous white teeth just like Spencer!  🙂

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Spencer and Heidi’s Apartment – the Holy Grail of Filming Locations!

img_1868.jpgI don’t know what’s sadder – that it took me as long as it did to locate Speidi’s apartment building or the fact that I was so completely consumed with finding it in the first place!  I keep asking myself – Why am I so fixated on these two idiots?  I have no logical answer.  All I can say is that even though I think Spencer and Heidi are both complete douchebags, I am still totally obsessed with them!  

img_1870.jpgFor the past few months I have spent countless hours on Los Angeles apartment websites searching for Speidi’s building, with no luck whatsoever.  I was beginning to think I was losing my touch!  (Gasp!)  So, this weekend, as a last resort, I bought Season Two of The Hills in the hopes that I could find some clue as to their apartment’s location on the DVDs.  A side benefit in purchasing Season 2 on DVD is that I can now watch the scene where Heidi tells Spencer that her answer to moving in with him is “No” and he says “Sweet!  My answer is get out of my car!” over and over again!  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that!   🙂

img_1874.jpgAnyway, success came pretty quickly because on the Season 2 Finale, in the scene when Spencer first shows Heidi the apartment, I found a few clues that led me to the right spot.  I first noticed the address number “1333” behind Spencer’s head as he was sitting on the front steps of the building waiting for Heidi.  After they tour the apartment, he takes her out onto the balcony and points out various Hollywood hot spots that he and Heidi frequent.  That let me know the apartment had to be in Hollywood, west  of Las Palmas Ave.  From there I just googled the terms “1333” and “Hollywood Apartments” which led me to this listing on Craig’s List –   http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/apa/533571207.html – and I knew I had found it!

I dragged my boyfriend to the La Fontaine apartments this afternoon to check out the place – and since I just happen to be in the market for an apartment myself, I buzzed the manager to take us on a tour of the available units.  🙂  The apartments are really nice on the inside – dark hardwood floors, high ceilings, granite counter-tops.  If only the one we viewed had the word “Hollywood” graffiti-ed on the living room wall, I just might have taken it right then and there!  🙂 

img_1869.jpgStalk It:  Spencer and Heidi’s apartment building, La Fontaine, is located at 1333 N. Curson in Hollywood.  You can check out the La Fontaine website here – http://www.frostchaddock.com/.  For $2700 and up, you can be Speidi’s neighbor!  To take a tour of the available apartments, buzz the manager at the sister building across the street at 1322 N. Curson.

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