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“He Tied Me to a Chair and Stole My Car!”



On Thanksgiving my mom and I did a little stalking in South Pasadena – we aren’t much for football games or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.¬† ūüôā¬† Anyway, one of the places we stalked was John Voight’s home from the movies National Treasure ¬†and National Treasure : Book of Secrets.¬† Mike, from MovieShotsLA , had found the house long ago, but I had yet to go out and stalk it.



In the first National Treasure, Nicolas Cage, along with his cohorts Diane Kruger and Justin Bartha (LOVE him!!), show up at this house, which is supposedly located in Philadelphia, carrying a stolen copy of the Declaration of Independence.  After using lemon juice and heat to uncover a code located on the back of the historical document, the trio tie John Voight to a chair and steal his car.  LOL  The house also shows up a few times in the second National Treasure  movie.


When I first saw National Treasure, I remember thinking that¬†John Voight’s¬†house looked like a Pasadena house, despite the writing that appears onscreen which says otherwise (pictured above).¬† LOL¬† Sure enough, I was right.¬†¬†The white clapboard residence does have an¬†East¬†Coast feel to it, though, which is probably why¬†the producers chose it.¬† Pasadena is chock full of¬†Colonial style homes like this one,¬†and many of them have made appearances in movies, such as the Father of the Bride¬† house, the Mr. and Mrs. Smith ¬†house,¬†and the Catch Me If You Can ¬†house.¬†


Seeing so many similar Pasadena houses appearing in movies really makes me wonder what makes producers choose one over another.¬† While the National Treasure ¬†house is very cute in person, for some reason¬†the two¬†octagon shaped¬†windows located above the front door kind of creep me out. ¬†I guess someone on the location team liked them, though.¬† ūüôā¬† ¬†¬†¬†

Until next time, Happy Stalking!¬† ūüôā

Stalk It: The National Treasure house is located at 1030 Buena Vista Avenue in South Pasadena, just down the street from Lady Heather’s house.


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The Family House


My good friend and¬†fellow stalker Kerry¬†is a huge fan of the 1976 television show Family¬† and I just found out that while she has stalked the home used in the series several times, she doesn’t have any photographs of it.¬† So I just had to go out and stalk¬†the house¬†for her this past weekend.¬† Kerry, this one’s for you!¬† ūüôā



Sadly, I have never seen an episode of Family, so when I set out to stalk the house this weekend, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.¬† I was floored to see that in person the house is absolutely adorable and very picturesque.¬†¬† It’s not very hard to see why producers chose to use this home for a television series about a typical American family, as¬†it looks like a house everyone would want to live in.¬† In fact, the entire street is so cute that it looks like it belongs on a postcard or in a movie.¬†¬†The street is¬†pretty much the real life equivalent of Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives.¬† Many homes¬†on the Family¬† street have actually been used in various televison and movie productions, but I’ll blog about those later.¬† ūüôā¬†



When I got home from stalking the Family  house, I found the opening credits of the show on YouTube and was extremely excited to see that the house looks pretty much the same today as it did back in 1976.  You can watch the opening credits of the show, in which the house is featured prominently, here.



In an ironic side note, one of my fave stalking books ¬†states that the home used in Family is the very same home used¬†as the Walsh’s house in Beverly Hills, 90210.¬† I really had to laugh when I saw that, as aside from the arched front doorways, the two homes could¬†really not look more different.¬† LOL¬†

Until next time, Happy Stalking!¬† ūüôā

Stalk It: The Family  house is located at 1230 Milan Avenue in South Pasadena.


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The Stab Premiere

This weekend I dragged my boyfriend out to South Pasadena to do some more stalking of the movie Scream 2.  This time we set out to stalk the Rialto Theatre where the premiere of the movie within the movie, Stab,  takes place.  The interior and the exterior of the Rialto are both featured quite prominently throughout the opening scenes of Scream 2,and it is at the Rialto that Jada Pinkett Smith and Omar Epps meet their untimely end. 

Interestingly enough, my new book, The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations, states that only the exterior of the Rialto was used in the filming of Scream 2 and that interior filming took place at the Vista Theatre in Los Feliz, but that information is actually incorrect.¬† As you can see from the above screen capture and photo, the lobby area of the Rialto was featured in the movie.¬† The only¬†reason for this inconsistency that I can figure¬†out is that quite possibly the¬†actual auditorium where Omar and Jada watch¬†Stab¬† was not at the Rialto, but at the Vista.¬†¬†But since the Rialto was closed while we were stalking it, I was not able to get inside to verify.¬† ūüė¶¬†

I do believe, though, that the bathroom where Omar Epps is killed¬†was, in¬†fact, located inside¬†the Rialto.¬† The reason I believe this is that the bathroom in the movie¬†features Egyptian style¬†writing and hieroglyphics¬†on the wall,¬†and the¬†Rialto’s¬†first owner, L. Lou Bard, created all of his movie palaces with an Egyptian theme.¬† But again, I could not go inside to verify this.¬† Looks like I am going to need to re-stalk the Rialto¬†in the near future.¬† ūüôā

The Rialto was built by designer Lewis A. Smith for theatre owner and entertainer L. Lou Bard and premiered its first movie, What Happened to Jones, in October of 1925.¬† In July of 1976 the Landmark Theatre Corporation bought the Rialto and due to fledgling ticket sales made plans to tear it down.¬† Residents of South Pasadena protested, saved the Rialto from the wrecking ball, and¬†in 1978 the theatre was listed on¬†the National Register of Historic¬†Places.¬† But sadly, the¬†Rialto still fell into a sad state of disrepair and closed its doors for good on August 20, 2007.¬† Due to low patronage, the Landmark Corporation could no longer afford to keep the theatre open.¬†¬† And while the Historic Register prevents the theatre from ever being demolished, the Rialto currently sits vacant and delapidated, a distant memory of what once was.¬†¬† For those stalkers who want to see the inside of the historic theate –¬†even though the Rialto¬†is closed to the general public¬†for day to day movie viewing, special events are still sometimes held there.¬†¬†In honor of Halloween there is even going to be a midnight performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show¬† held there on Saturday,¬†November 1st.¬† You can check out¬†this website for more information.

¬†The Rialto has been featured in numerous productions over the years.¬† Besides Scream 2, it also showed up in the movie The Player¬† as the location where Tim Robbins first meets Vincent D’Onofrio and later kills him.¬† The killing actually takes place in the alley behind the theatre (pictured above).¬† The¬†Rialto was also featured in Old School¬† and¬†Kentucky Fried Movie.¬† According to IMDB, the Rialto was also used for the filming of Michael Jackson’s Thriller ¬†video, but that information is actually incorrect.¬† I will save the real Thriller location for a future post.¬† ūüôā

Until next time, Happy Stalking!¬† ūüôā

Stalk It: The Rialto Theatre is located at 1023 South Fair Oaks Avenue in South Pasadena.

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Lady Heather’s House


On the¬†second season of CSI: Las Vegas¬† we were introduced to a character whom Grissom later became very fond of named Lady Heather.¬† On the show Lady Heather, who was played by The O.C.’s¬† Melinda Clarke, owns an S&M fetish club in Sin City which she runs out of her extraordinary home.¬† Lady Heather first appeared as a guest star in an episode entitled “Slaves of Las Vegas” and¬†has since reappeared¬†on four separate occasions, becoming something of a cult favorite for CSI¬† fans.¬† Her unique home also¬†appeared in all five of the “Lady Heather” episodes and, being that it is a pretty spooky house and fits in with my Haunted Hollywood theme for this month, I dragged my dad right out to stalk it.

Lady Heather’s house is an absolutely¬†ginormous mansion (13,393 square feet according to Zillow!!)¬†located on a large corner lot in South Pasadena.¬† I found the home thanks to Scott’s LA Audio Driving Tour of Pasadena, which lists many great Pasadena filming locations.¬† It is easy to see why producers chose to use this house for the filming of CSI, as it has a very looming and dark presence, most likely due to its sheer size.¬† For the filming of CSI, producers brought in many Gothic decorations, like large candelabras, ¬†to¬†create a more dark and spooky atmosphere.¬† But when you see the home in person, it¬†becomes obvious that not much had to be done in preparation for filming¬†due to¬†its¬†naturally ominous look.¬†¬†In person, the home¬†looks like it could be a real life haunted house.¬†¬†And it¬†actually looks like it belongs¬†on¬†a bayou in New Orleans rather than in the middle of Suburban Pasadena.¬† Unfortunately I don’t own CSI¬† on DVD, so I couldn’t get very good screen captures of the home.

In the various Lady Heather episodes, the exterior of the home is shown numerous times, especially the front door and front porch area (which unfortunately I do not have any screen captures of).

¬†A back porch area is also shown in a special 90 minute episode from Season 3 entitled “Lady Heather’s Box”.¬† It is the location where Grissom and¬†the dominatrix sit down for a cup of tea.

Lady Heather’s house is a very cool place to see in person.¬† I highly recommend stalking it if you are at all a fan of CSI¬† or if you want to conduct your own Haunted Halloween tour.¬† ūüôā¬†

Until next time, Happy Stalking!¬† ūüôā

Stalk It: Lady’s Heather’s house is located at 929 Buena Vista St., at the corner of Buena Vista and Meridian Avenue, in South Pasadena.


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Think Pink!

I must bow down right now to Mike over at MovieShotsLA ¬†as yesterday he found a house that I have spent many unsuccessful hours over the past two years looking for –¬†Jenna’s pink dream house from the last scene¬†of my fave movie 13 Going On 30.¬† Mike said he had a hunch¬†about the area the home was in and found it by looking at aerial shots of streets in that neighborhood.¬† I am forever grateful!¬† Literally, as SOON as he gave me the address yesterday, I rushed out of my house and headed¬†over to South Pasadena to stalk the home.¬† For this particular stalking trip I had to drag my dad along¬†as my boyfriend was at work.¬†

Jenna’s pink house is, of course, no longer pink – it was only painted pink for the movie.¬† It is A LOT bigger in person than it seemed on screen, but otherwise is completely recognizable from the movie.¬† Jenna and Matt move into this house at the very end of 13 Going On 30, and the final scene is them sitting on their couch in the front yard of the home with a moving van in the driveway.¬† I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally be there as this was one location I honestly thought I’d never find.¬† Thank you, Mike!!

While my dad and I were stalking the house, a super nice neighbor came home and filled us in on all sorts of filming information about his street.¬† He told us that Jennifer Garner wasn’t as friendly as one would expect and that she had a big bodyguard who kept fans away the entire time they were filming.¬† He also told us that the Kelly Clarkson video for Because Of You¬† was filmed just across the street from the 13 Going On 30¬† house.¬† That home is pictured on the left.¬† He said that Kelly Clarkson could not have been nicer and that even after a really long day of filming, she stuck around for about 40 minutes to sign autographs for all of the neighborhood kids.¬† He said she literally stayed until every last autograph was signed.¬† You can watch the Because Of You¬† video here.

Until next time, Happy Stalking! ūüôā

Stalk It:  The 13 Going On 30  house is located at 1965 Fletcher Avenue in South Pasadena.  The Because Of You house is across the street at 2006 Fletcher.  These houses are very close to the other houses  used in 13 Going On 30.


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My So-Called Weekend

Uni HighI know My So-Called Life has been off the air for over 8 years now, but I am still slightly obsessed with it.  When one of my co-workers told me that MSCL was filmed at his high school, University High School in West LA, I set out to have a My So-Called Weekend! 

University High School, aka Uni High, is located at 11800 Texas Avenue.  Although the front of the high school is quite impressive, it was the back staircase that was actually used as Lincoln High in MSCL.  Uni High has a pretty impressive filming history Рit was also used in Seventh Heaven, Drillbit Taylor, and Lizzie McGuire Рjust to name a few. 

StaircaseAs soon as I came to the bottom of Uni’s back staircase, I immediately recognized it as Angela Chase’s alma mater.¬† You might remember the staircase from¬†the Halloween episode, when Rayanne spent a great deal of time waiting for Angela at the flagpole located at the top of the stairs.¬†

dscn0195.jpg¬†¬† cap0028.jpg¬†Now it was time to find the Chase Home.¬† I had a hunch the house was located in South Pasadena, as the producers of MSCL were also the producers of thirtysomething – which was filmed primarily in South Pas.¬† I knew that the address number of the MSCL house was 1110, thanks to the website www.mscl.com – which had several pictures of the real home¬†used in the filming.¬† So – armed with a pretty big hunch that the house would be in the same vicinity as the thirtysomething houses –¬†my boyfriend and I drove up and down South Pasadena streets looking at every single home with a 1110 address¬†until we located the house.

dscn0196.jpg¬†¬†¬†¬† cap0014.jpgSuccess came pretty quickly when we found the home at 1110¬† Glendon Way.¬†¬†The home¬†has been painted since MSCL aired and looks a lot different, but it was still exciting to be there, standing in Angela Chase’s footsteps.¬† And I just had to take a picture mimicking that famous screen shot from the end of the pilot episode when Angela is standing in the middle of the street with her new red hair.¬† ūüôā

Stalk It:  I would recommend visiting Uni High on a weekend because soccer games are held on the campus on weekends, and one is allowed to walk around without being bothered.  Uni High is located at 11800 Texas Avenue in West Los Angeles. 

The Chase Home is located in South Pasadena at 1110 Glendon Way, just off Fair Oaks Avenue.  While you are in the neighborhood, stop by the Fair Oaks Pharmacy at 1526 Misson St. for an ice cream Sundae.  The Fair Oaks Pharmacy opened in 1915 and is an old time pharmacy with a real soda fountain Рand it just happened to be used as a filming location in the movie Mr. Deeds.


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