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Grow Your Own Paparazzi!


As a “just because” present my good friend Nat recently gave me a Sigg water bottle with a paparazzi on it (pictured above).  LOL!  I love it.  Now I can have a paparazzi following me every time I take a sip of water.  🙂  And the best part is, it’s pink!   Best present ever!  Anyway, while not a filming location, I thought the Sigg bottle was hilarious and definitely blog-worthy.   If you want your very own paparazzi Sigg bottle – or need a present for the celeb-obsessed struggling actress in your life – you can order one here.  🙂


This same friend also bought me a “Grow Your Own Paparazzi” toy (pictured above) for Christmas last year.  She has quite the sense of humor.  LOL   I plan on using it on those down days when I feel like my acting career is taking off far too slowly.  🙂  LOL

Stalk It: You can purchase the paparazzi Sigg water bottle here.  And you can get your own “Grow Your Own Paparazzi” toy here.


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I Have Got to Get Me One of These!

img_1945.jpgWhile driving this weekend, I happened to pass by this interesting contraption and just had to stop and take a pic!  LOL!  Apparently “Dan, the Handyman” is willing to rent out his boom-lift to paparazzi for picture taking at those hard-to-stalk locations. 

bpitt.jpgThis device would have come in handy when I stalked Brad and Jen’s old house, as I could not see anything over the tall gates and trees that surround the estate.  Supposedly, a few years ago – way before she went crazy – Britney Spears stalked Brad and Jen’s house and she actually stood on top of her SUV to try to get a look inside the gates!!  She should have just saved herself the trouble and called Dan and rented one of his bucket-lifts!

Stalk It:  You can rent Dan the Handyman’s bucket lift by calling (310)892-6748.  I am sure it even comes in handy for non-stalking activities.  Brad and Jen’s former house is located at 1026 Ridgedale Drive in Beverly Hills.  Rhea Perlman and Danny Devito live next door at 1028 Ridgedale, but apparently their home is currently for sale.


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