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My So-Called Weekend, Part II

dscn0218.jpgThis weekend, thanks to a few tips from my new stalking buddy Andrew (who posted a comment on my first MSCL  post), I set out to do some more My So-Called Life  stalking.  The first location I stalked was the Burlington Arcade, a  covered shopping colonnade located just off Lake Avenue in Pasadena.  I knew from IMDB that MSCL  had filmed on the Arcade, but I was unsure which scene was filmed there. 

dscn0221.jpgAndrew pointed me to this link on You Tube – and sure enough there it was in the very first scene of the pilot episode in which Angela and Rayanne ask random strangers for change in front of a red phone booth.  The phone booth is there in real life and the Arcade looks much the same as it did in the pilot episode.  The street the girls run down at the end of the scene is Lake Avenue. 

img_1894.jpgFrom the Burlington Arcade, I headed to the west side of LA – Santa Monica to be exact – to Claire Danes’ former condo.  This is the condo she lived in before permanently relocating to Wooster Street in Manhattan.

img_1895.jpgMy final MSCL  location (at least for this post!) is Claire’s parents’ Santa Monica home.  When Claire first landed MSCL, her parents moved from New York to Santa Monica.  The home they lived in at the time is located on Marine Street in a very funky, hip, bohemian part of town.  It’s easy to imagine Claire living in this neighborhood!  Her house is extremely tiny.  But don’t go thinking you can pick it up for a bargain – according to Zillow, this 758 square foot home is worth $968,000! 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  The Burlington Arcade is located at 380 South Lake Avenue in Pasadena, in between Del Mar Blvd. and California Blvd.   Lake Avenue is a local favorite – a great place to shop and eat!  Claire’s Santa Monica condo is located at 1011 Euclid Avenue, in between Washington and California Avenues.  Claire’s childhood home can be found at 601 Marine Street, also in Santa Monica. 


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My So-Called Weekend

Uni HighI know My So-Called Life has been off the air for over 8 years now, but I am still slightly obsessed with it.  When one of my co-workers told me that MSCL was filmed at his high school, University High School in West LA, I set out to have a My So-Called Weekend! 

University High School, aka Uni High, is located at 11800 Texas Avenue.  Although the front of the high school is quite impressive, it was the back staircase that was actually used as Lincoln High in MSCL.  Uni High has a pretty impressive filming history – it was also used in Seventh Heaven, Drillbit Taylor, and Lizzie McGuire – just to name a few. 

StaircaseAs soon as I came to the bottom of Uni’s back staircase, I immediately recognized it as Angela Chase’s alma mater.  You might remember the staircase from the Halloween episode, when Rayanne spent a great deal of time waiting for Angela at the flagpole located at the top of the stairs. 

dscn0195.jpg   cap0028.jpg Now it was time to find the Chase Home.  I had a hunch the house was located in South Pasadena, as the producers of MSCL were also the producers of thirtysomething – which was filmed primarily in South Pas.  I knew that the address number of the MSCL house was 1110, thanks to the website www.mscl.com – which had several pictures of the real home used in the filming.  So – armed with a pretty big hunch that the house would be in the same vicinity as the thirtysomething houses – my boyfriend and I drove up and down South Pasadena streets looking at every single home with a 1110 address until we located the house.

dscn0196.jpg     cap0014.jpgSuccess came pretty quickly when we found the home at 1110  Glendon Way.  The home has been painted since MSCL aired and looks a lot different, but it was still exciting to be there, standing in Angela Chase’s footsteps.  And I just had to take a picture mimicking that famous screen shot from the end of the pilot episode when Angela is standing in the middle of the street with her new red hair.  🙂

Stalk It:  I would recommend visiting Uni High on a weekend because soccer games are held on the campus on weekends, and one is allowed to walk around without being bothered.  Uni High is located at 11800 Texas Avenue in West Los Angeles. 

The Chase Home is located in South Pasadena at 1110 Glendon Way, just off Fair Oaks Avenue.  While you are in the neighborhood, stop by the Fair Oaks Pharmacy at 1526 Misson St. for an ice cream Sundae.  The Fair Oaks Pharmacy opened in 1915 and is an old time pharmacy with a real soda fountain – and it just happened to be used as a filming location in the movie Mr. Deeds.


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