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“Cause This is Thriller . . .”

Last week, while cyber-stalking the theatre used in Michael Jackson’s Thriller, I read that the final dance sequence in the video was filmed on a street in Los Angeles named Union Pacific Avenue.  So, of course, I immediately called up Mike from MovieShotsLA to let him know.  Unfortunately, Union Pacific Avenue is a very long street and the two of us had no idea where the exact spot was that Thriller  was filmed.   But, as usual, Mike worked his magic and within about ten minutes he had found it!  He is so my hero!!  So, with only two days left to go of my Haunted Hollywood theme, this morning I dragged my dad out to Union Pacific Avenue to do some Thriller  stalking.

I was EXTREMELY excited to see that the street looks EXACTLY the same today as it did back in 1983 when Thriller  was filmed!  The wall that MJ and his fellow zombies dance in front of is still standing and looks just the same as it did in the Thriller  days.  In fact it was that wall that Mike used to figure out the location of the filming.  Using Google Maps Street View, he went up and down Union Pacific Avenue on his computer looking for the wall, hoping it was still standing.  And it was!  I am absolutely amazed (and thrilled!) that the wall is still there for us stalkers to appreaciate all these years later. 

It also looks like the very same company that inhabited the building where the dance sequence took place twenty five years ago, is still, in fact, stationed there.  As you can see in the above screen captures, the company signage is still in the exact same spot and looks pretty much identical to how it did in the video.  🙂   I can’t tell you how excited I was to be standing in the exact spot where MJ danced twenty-five years ago!   There were a few workers standing around eating breakfast at a food truck while my dad and I were taking pictures and they thought we were absolutely crazy!  They were looking at me while I was doing my Thriller  poses as if I was stark raving mad.  LOL  Love it! 

Had to do it!  🙂

You can watch the Thriller  video here.  On a side note, this year is the 25th Anniversary of Thriller  and Michael Jackson released a 25th Anniversary Special Edition Album  for the occasion.  How did I not know about this????  I mean Thriller  is my favorite album of all time!  The Anniversary Edition contains seven bonus tracks with special guest artists including Fergie and Kanye West, a promotional booklet, and a DVD of music videos including Michael Jackson’s legendary “Billie Jean”  performance at the Motown 25  television special. 

Big THANKS as always to Mike for finding this location – just in time for Halloween, too!  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The Thriller  main dance sequence location can be stalked at 3701 East Union Pacific Avenue in Los Angeles, just outside the City of Commerce.  The area is highly industrial and not in the safest part of town, so please exercise caution – especially if you visit it at night.


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Darkness Fall Across the Land, the Midnight Hour is Close At Hand . . .

Michael Jackson’s Thriller  is, in my humble opinion, the best music video ever created.  And ever since seeing the Thriller  dance scene from 13 Going On 30  (which has to be one of my favorite movie scenes of all time) I have loved nothing more than to bust out the Thriller  dance at parties!  🙂  I so want to someday do the Thriller Dance at my wedding, but unfortunately I know there is NO way in hell my boyfriend would agree to that!  But since my dad did volunteer to play the Michael Jackson role if I do decide to “rock my reception”, there’s still hope.  🙂  I’m pretty sure he’d even wear the red jacket.  🙂

So when I found out that the movie theater used in Thriller  is located in Downtown Los Angeles, I just had to drag my dad out to stalk it.   The theatre is named the Palace and it is featured in the very beginning of the music video as the location where Michael and his date watch the werewolf movie.  The Palace was designed by G. Albert Landsburgh in 1911 for the Orpheum Vaudeville Circuit company.  The theater was originally named “The Orpheum”, but when a new, and larger, Orpheum theater was built on the same street in 1926, the original Orpheum’s name was changed to the Palace.  The Palace is the oldest remaining Orpheum theater still standing in the United States.  Numerous celebrities have performed at the Palace in the past, including Harry Houdini, Bob Hope, the Marx Brothers, W.C. Fields, and Will Rogers.  After the decline of Vaudeville, the Palace was turned into a regular movie theater showing first run features.  Sadly, though,  the theater closed down in the mid 1990’s and is currently only used for special events and as a filming location.  Besides Thriller, the Palace Theater was also used in the movie Dreamgirls.

I could not have been more excited to see this location in person, especially during the Halloween season.   And, of course, I just had to bust out a little bit of the Thriller  dance while there (which my dad captured in one of the above photos).  The people standing outside the theater thought I was absolutely crazy, but that’s just because they didn’t realize that they were in the midst of a landmark filming location!  How great would it be to rent this place out for a huge Halloween party – or a wedding reception!  🙂    Maybe someday!

  You can watch the entire Thriller  video here.

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It: The Palace Theatre is located at 630 S. Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles.


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