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Only in L.A.!


The other day while I was on my way to acting class I experienced one of those “Only in L.A.” moments that I love so much.  🙂   While walking past Lucky Strike Lanes Bowling Alley on Highland Avenue in Hollywood I noticed a vending machine selling Movie Star Maps and I just about died laughing.  LOL  You gotta love it!  I mean in every other city in America there are plenty of street-side vending machines selling newspapers, local publications, and maybe even the occasional apartment locator magazine.  But L.A. is unique. L.A. is special.  Here, right on the street smack dab in the middle of Hollywood, we have a vending machine which sells maps with the addresses of all of your favorite movie stars for the bargain price of $5.  God, I love L.A.!   🙂


Even though the Movie Star Maps vending machine is not a filming location – that I know of! – I still just HAD to blog about it.  🙂


Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The Movie Star Maps vending machine is located on North Highland Avenue, in between Hollywood Boulevard and Yucca Street, just a few feet north of Lucky Strike Lanes Bowling Alley.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Former New York Digs


While doing some stalking in New York this past December, I just had to snap a photo of Gwyneth Paltrow’s former Greenwich Village townhome, which just happens to be located right around the corner from SJP’s house.  Gwyn purchased this Greek Revival style townhouse back in 1998 when she was still a single New York gal.  She later lived in the four story, four bedroom home with musician husband Chris Martin and their produce-monikered daughter, Apple. The couple decided to put the townhouse on the market in February of 2005 in order to move to a safer building with a doorman – no doubt to help keep the paparazzi at bay.  The home ended up selling in June of ’05 for the bargain price of $6.995 million. 


I found this location thanks to my go-to NYC stalking guide John’s Star Maps.  Gwyneth’s picturesque former townhome was built in 1899, is 2,800 square feet, and boasts a basement, 3.5 baths, a garden, a rooftop terrace and two washers and dryers.  Which begs the question – who does that much laundry??? LOL  You can view the home’s 2005 real estate listing here.  Gwyn’s house actually reminds me a lot of Kate Hudson’s New York pad which I blogged about a couple of weeks ago and is pictured above.  That’s somewhat ironic because Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson actually remind me a lot of each other, too. 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Gwyneth’s former Greenwich Village home is located at 278 West Fourth Street.  She currently owns a 3,982 square foot condo in the River Lofts Condo building, located at 92 Laight Street in Tribeca.  Meryl Streep also lives in the same building. 

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Kate Hudson’s New York Pad


While I was in New York a few weeks ago, a little birdie told me where Kate Hudson’s SoHo townhouse was located, so of course, I just had to stalk it.  🙂  Kate lives in a very cute three story brick walk-up with a red door in a very trendy part of SoHo.  And it just so happens that her pad is currently for sale for $5,625,000, which isn’t half bad for New York prices.  The townhouse, which was built in the 1830’s and was once home to John Jacob Astor, is 4,105 square feet, has four bedrooms, a basement apartment with a separate entrance, four fireplaces, 3.5 bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, an outdoor deck, and a private garden.  You can see interior pics of Kate’s home on its real estate website here.  Her house is absolutely adorable inside.  Kate has some good taste.  🙂


While stalking Kate’s place, I happened to notice a large, red “No Standing” sign (pictured above) posted just outside of her front door.  I asked my boyfriend if he thought the city installed the sign to ward off paparazzi.  Instead of answering, he just stood there and laughed at me.   Apparently, in New York terminology, “standing” means a driver who is sitting in a parked car with their engine idling while waiting for a passenger.  LOL  After that explanation, I started noticing “No Standing” signs posted all over the city – not just in front of celeb houses.  🙂  I guess I’ll just chalk that one up to another blonde moment.  🙂  LOL 


 Got this photo of Kate leaving her NY home off the LMFAMOUSAO Celebrity Gossip & Entertainment News Website.  You can see more pics of Kate in front of her house here.


Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Kate’s New York digs are located at 43 King Street in SoHo.

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Audrina’s New Pad!


I have to admit that I shed a little tear during Monday night’s episode of The Hills  as Audrina’s moving truck pulled away from the home she formerly shared with Lauren and Lo.   With both Whitney and Audrina seemingly moving on from The Hills, I really hope this doesn’t signal the end of the my favorite reality series.  I’d be absolutely devastated!!!  I mean I get sad enough on Monday nights at 10:30 when The Hills’  ending credits start rolling, as I know I have to wait a full week before I can watch another episode.  It’s sick, really.  🙂  Anyway, after watching Monday’s show, I decided I just had to stalk Audrina’s new pad.  Thankfully, finding the location wasn’t too hard.   I just called on the usual suspects – fave websites the Real Estalker and Big Time Listings – which both stated that the house was located on Bryn Mawr Drive in the Dell neighborhood of Hollywood.  From that point it was just a matter of looking at recently sold homes on that street (there were only two) until I found Audrina’s.  🙂

But when I went to stalk Audrina’s pad in person yesterday there were cops swarming the place!  I’m really not sure what the story was, and I didn’t stick around long enough to find out, but my best guess is that some Hills  filming was taking place and a neighbor had called the police to complain – about what I am not sure.  According to reports it seems that Audrina’s neighbors aren’t too happy that she moved into their normally quiet town.  LOL  The neighbors are upset about the noise and crowding of their small streets, but honestly had the cops not been there, I never would have had any idea that any filming was taking place.  The street was quite and there wasn’t a film truck in site, or any other cars for that matter.  Personally I’d love it if The Hills  filmed in my neighborhood!  I’d be out there watching everyday!  🙂    


Audrina’s new house is a very cute, Spanish style home located on a very windy street high up in the Hollywood Hills.  The house was just recently built and sits on a minuscule lot – according to Big Time Listings the lot only measures 0.09 of an acre – that’s 3,999 square feet!!!  I mean most celebrity homes  are bigger than Audrina’s whole property!  LOL  Ms. Patridge purchased the three bedroom, two and a half bath, 2,100 square foot home for $1,150,000 – which seems to be pretty low budget for a celeb, even for a reality star.  🙂 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Audrina’s new house is located at 6393 Bryn Mawr Drive in Los Angeles.  How I Met Your Mother’s  Josh Radnor is next door at 6387 Bryn Mawr.


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Matthew Perry’s House

A few weeks ago, while doing some stalking with my boyfriend, I set out to stalk Matthew Perry’s former home.  I got the address of “Ms. Chanadaler Bong’s” former residence thanks to E.J. over at The Movieland Directory.  I must admit I was pretty disappointed upon arriving at the house, as there is just not all that much to see from the street other than Matthew’s ugly mailbox, which appears to be broken and unable to close. 

I still don’t get what is up with the stars and their hiddy mailboxes!!  LOL  Anyway, while Matthew’s former house is pretty anti-climatic to stalk, what is significant about this home is that it was while living there that Matty crashed his Porsche into a neighbor’s front porch.  

Back in June of 2000, on the very same day the troubled star was released from Cedar Sinai Medical Center after a stint with pancreatitus, Matthew crashed his car into the stairs leading up to the front door of a neighboring house (pictured above).  According to reports, the house was unoccupied at the time.  Apparently Matthew swerved to avoid an oncoming car and in doing so lost control of his Porsche and crashed.  No drugs or alcohol were found in his system at the time.  Driving along his street, though, it was not hard for me to see why Matthew lost control of his car.  The roads surrounding his house are extremely narrow, with countless twists and turns, and I was actually worried I was going to get into a car accident while stalking. 

The home Matty crashed into is a really cute little place.  I am not sure if it looked like this before the crash, or if a hefty settlement from the Friends  star is responsible for the house’s curb appeal  Apparently the front stairs of the home were completely destroyed during the crash and had to be rebuilt entirely.

While I wouldn’t really recommend stalking Matthew’s former home, as there is just not much to see, you can catch a good Zillow view of the home here.  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  Matthew Perry’s former house is located at 7204 Chelan Way.  The neighboring home he drove his porche into can be found just down the road at 2233 Chelan Drive.

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The Other Corey’s House

Took a little stalking trip to Encino last week to stalk Corey Feldman’s house from the reality show The Two Coreys.  I had found Corey’s address on fave website Virtual Globetrotting  and even though I am so not a fan of the guy, I had to stalk it because like climber George Mallory said about Mt. Everest – “It’s there.”  🙂

Sadly, there’s not a whole lot of Corey’s house to see from the street as the home is located behind a gate, down a long, curving driveway and his property is lined with huge view-blocking trees.   Even with the minimal view, though, the house is definitely recognizable from the Corey’s reality show.  According to Zillow (which also has a good bird’s eye view of the home), Corey’s McMansion measures 4,400 square feet, is nestled on a 27,000 square foot lot, and has the following amenities: BBQ area, gated entrance, fireplace, garden, pool, spa and jetted tubs. 

Also according to Zillow, the home was last purchased in 2005, which leads me to believe that it truly is owned by Corey Feldman and was not just rented for the filming of the show.  While I was there, two guys were working on Corey’s front gate and I asked them if Corey did in fact live there.  They told me they “weren’t allowed to talk about it” which pretty much answered my question.  🙂  LOL

One thing that you actually can see from the street is Corey’s mailbox.  I honestly don’t know what it is with celebrities and their mailboxes, but it seems like every movie star house I stalk has a seriously hideous mailbox.  LOL  Maybe it’s a celeb thing and someday when I am rich and famous I’ll understand, but for now I just don’t get it.  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Corey Feldman’s house is located at 16221 Elisa Place in Encino.  As always, excercise caution when “stalking” and do not disturb the residents in any way.


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Vacation Homes of the Stars

Since the early 1930’s, Palm Springs has been a favorite desert oasis for the Hollywood elite.  With its perfect winter and springtime weather, fabulous shopping, and beautiful desert ambiance, it’s not very hard to see why.  While visiting the desert this weekend, I dragged my boyfriend on my very own little stalking tour of Downtown Palm Springs.  Much to my boyfriend’s delight, the Palm Springs Visitors’ Center was kind enough to provide a free Map of the Stars’ Homes to act as our guide.  🙂

Sidney Sheldon’s HouseOur first stop was the home of Oscar winner, best-selling author, and Hollywood producer Sidney Sheldon.  Sheldon was a top television and movie producer back in the 1960’s, creating such hits as I Dream of Jeannie, The Patty Duke Show and The Bachelor and The Bobby-Soxer.  His home looks like it is straight out of the 60’s and is very reminiscent of the Brady Bunch home in Studio City.  Unfortunately, the house appears to be in serious disrepair and needs a little TLC. 

img_2091.jpgThe next home we hit up was Kirk Douglas’ 1960’s style beauty just down the road from Sidney Sheldon’s house.  Before selling this house in 1999, Kirk spent many a weekend here with his wife.  My boyfriend absolutely fell in love with this house and all of its mid-century splendor.  The house definitely has a Palm Springs/Old Hollywood feel to it and has been perfectly maintained.  I am actually surprised the house hasn’t been used as a filming location, as it has a definite “Rat Pack” vibe to it.

img_2096.jpgDown the road from Kirk and Sidney, is the home Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn used to vacation at.  I was shocked at the normalcy of this house – especially the lack of a gate or foliage to hide the property from stalkers and prying eyes.  I am guessing they owned this home long before Kate Hudson became a household name and paparazzi favorite. 

img_2098.jpgJust a few blocks away is Marilyn Monroe’s former desert home.  I absolutely love this house!  It looks as if it hasn’t been touched since Marilyn lived there in the 1950’s.  The home, like most on the Palm Springs movie star tour, is very stalker-friendly, with no gate or wall hiding it from view. 

img_2101.jpgLast, but not least, we stalked two former Elvis Presley homes.  The first is the honeymoon home of Elvis and Priscilla – they lived here from May of 1967 to early 1968.  It was while living in this house that the two fell in love with Palm Springs and decided to purchase another home located in the Little Tuscany section of Palm Springs.  While I am not a huge fan of 1960’s architecture, I must admit that this house is definitely not short on charm.  It is just so “Elvis”!  🙂  I think it is extremely cool that the owners have chosen not to remodel or change the exterior of the home and have left it looking almost exactly as it did in Elvis’ day.

img_2105.jpgThe last home we stalked was the Little Tuscany abode Elvis and Priscilla purchased in the late 1960’s.  At the time of his death, this home, along with Graceland, were the only two properties owned by The King.  While Elvis’ honeymoon home is charmingly reminiscent of Old Palm Springs, this Little Tuscany house is absolutely hiddy and a total eyesore!  The perimeter of the home is actually surrounded by large rocks painted white, resembling snow.  It’s pretty atrocious!!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  The city of Palm Springs is located 110 miles east of Los Angeles.  You can stop by the Palm Springs Visitors’ Center, located at 2901 N. Palm Canyon Drive, for your very own free Map of the Stars’ Vacation Homes.  Via Lola Street is chock full of stars’ homes, including the former homes of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell at 550 Via Lola, Kirk Douglas at 515, and Sidney Sheldon at 425.  Marilyn Monroe’s former house is located just a few blocks away at 1326 Rose Avenue.  Nat King Cole lived for a time at number 1258.  1350 Ladera Circle is the home Elvis and Priscilla Presley lived in when they first got married.  845 Chino Canyon is the Little Tuscany home Elvis owned at the time of his death.

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