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The 90210 Halloween Party House



Mike, from MovieShotsLA, has done it yet again!  I really think I need to name my first born after him or something.  🙂  One of my very favorite episodes in 90210  history was the Season 2 episode entitled “Halloween”, in which the whole gang dresses up and attends a Halloween bash in a humongous, spooky mansion.  I’m not sure why I loved that particular episode so much – most likely because Halloween is my favorite holiday and also because I absolutely LOVED Brenda and Dylan’s Bonnie and Clyde costumes.  Ever since October of 1991, when the “Halloween” episode aired I have wanted to dress just like Brenda and Dylan did for Halloween!  🙂  Anyway, ever since moving to L.A. eight years ago I have been on the lookout for that Halloween party house, but was always unable to locate it.  Then, during October’s Haunted Halloween theme, I got Mike in on the hunt, but even with our two heads put together we just could not find the house!!    Until yesterday!!!   


Ironically enough, Mike was looking for another movie location in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles when he ran across this article  and immediately recognized the home in the picture!  Mike called me and I just happened to be IN Hancock Park at that time, so I immediately drove myself right over to the house.   And sure enough it was the “Halloween” house!!!!!!!!  YAY!  I could not have been more excited to see this home in person.  It was a stalking adventure eight years in the making! 






 90210  featured both the interior and the exterior of the house during the filming of the “Halloween” episode.  The front porch area was also featured quite prominently.  It is on the front porch that Steve tells Kelly that he still loves her, right after she is rescued by both Dylan and Steve after almost being raped by a fellow party guest.  Besides 90210, the home also appeared in Willard, Ben, Witchboard, The Addams Family Halloween Special, Mae West, Inner Sanctum II, Night Walker, Secret Games 3, Life Without Dick, Out on a Limb, and Masked and Anonymous.  Sadly, according to the article Mike found, the owners have since “retired” the home from filming.  😦


The house, which is known as the Higgins-Verbeck-Hirsch Mansion, has an interesting real life history, as well.  The 9,918 square foot, 32 room home was built by renowned L.A. area architect John Austin in 1902 for a wealthy grain merchant named Hirman Higgins and his family.  The mansion was originally located on three lots on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Rampart Boulevard.  In 1919, the Higgins family sold the home to the Verbecks, who were forced to actually relocate the mansion a few years later.  As strange as that sounds, apparently it was quite commonplace at the time.  Due to the commercialization of Wilshire Boulevard and the widening of many Los Angeles streets, homeowners were forced to either move their homes or lose them to the wrecking ball.  The Verbecks chose the former and bought a parcel of land 2.5 miles away, on Lucerne Boulevard in Hancock Park.  On June 28, 1924 at 1 O’clock in the morning, house-mover George Kress split the Queen Anne mansion into two pieces, and using TWELVE trucks, moved it to its current location.  Apparently the Verbecks decided to mark the occasion with a party and invited the mayor and over 100 of their closest friends to hang out in the house during its 2.5 mile, four hour drive down Wilshire Boulevard.  From the 30s to the mid 80s, after many subsequent owners, the mansion suffered from severe neglect, until it was purchased by current residents Peggy and Perry Hirsch in 1986.  The couple spent the next few years painstakingly restoring the home to its original beauty and grandeur.  In 1988, it was designated a Los Angeles cultural historical monument.  

The house is absolutely HUMONGOUS in person – much larger than I had expected it to be – and absolutely beautiful.  I highly recommend stalking it, even for the rare few of you out there who aren’t 90210  fans.  🙂 

Big thank you to Mike, as always, for finding the location and for providing the screen caps!


Stalk It: The 90210  Halloween party house is located at 637 S. Lucerne Boulevard in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles.

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The Liar Liar House




One of the movie houses I have long been obsessed with finding is the home from the Jim Carrey movie Liar Liar.   The house in the movie is absolutely adorable, very picturesque and I so badly wanted to see it in person.  I happened to mention the Liar Liar  house to Mike, from MovieShotsLA,a few weeks ago and of course, he already knew exactly where it was.  Duh!  I should have asked him for the location right from the beginning.  🙂  LOL!  Anyway, once I had the address, I dragged my dad right out to stalk it. 



When I first saw Liar Liar, over ten years ago, I actually turned to my mom in the theatre and said “That house has to be in Pasadena.”  The home just looked like a Pasadena house to me.  And it turns out I was right!  🙂   In person, though, the house actually looks very different than it appeared in the movie.  The entire color scheme of the house has been changed and the front door is now painted a bright red.  But even though much of the house has been modified in the 11 years since filming took place, it is still very recognizable from the movie.  And while the house is absolutely adorable in person, I actually much prefer how it appeared in the movie, with its soft green and taupe coloring.  Ugh, why do people keep changing the exteriors of movie houses??  LOL!    

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂


Stalk It: The Liar Liar house is located at 1004 Highland Avenue in South Pasadena, just around the corner from Lady Heather’s house from CSI


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“I Don’t Need the BMW Anymore, I Already Have A Mercedes!”

This past weekend while out stalking Les Anderson’s house  from my fave 80s movie License to Drive, I randomly found the house of his girlfriend Mercedes from the movie.  This was another location that Mike, from MovieShotsLA, and I were obsessed with finding.  We had been doing some cyber-stalking of Mercedes’ house for a few weeks with no luck.  We both had an inkling, though, that the house was somewhere right around Les’ house.  And then, this weekend, fate stepped in.  As my boyfriend pulled the car away from Les Anderson’s house, he took a turn onto Loring Drive and I literally started screaming “STOP THE CAR!”  Out of the corner of my eye, I had spotted the house!

Truth be told, I didn’t so much spot the house, as I did the street in front of the house.  While watching License to Drive  trying to find Mercedes’ house, I noticed that three streets joined and became one right at her front door (shown in the above screen capture).  I had been cyberstalking all week, trying to find three streets that came together in front of a large brick house, but to no avail.  Until my boyfriend took a turn onto Loring on Sunday, and I noticed the exact same street set-up that I had seen so many times in the movie.  When my boyfriend backed the car up, I looked at the house located where the three streets meet and sure enough, there was Mercedes’ house!  YAY! 

I must say it was very exciting to be standing there in my teenage idol’s footsteps, even all these years later.  🙂  Especially since the house looks exactly like it did back when License to Drive  was filmed.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Mercedes house is located at 485 Loring Drive in Los Angeles, just a few blocks from Corey Haim’s house in the movie.

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LA Not So Confidential


For years my mom has been begging me to do some stalking of one of her favorite movies, LA Confidential.  Ever since the movie came out back in 1997 she has been obsessed with finding the various houses used during filming, but none more so than David Strathiarn’s character’s beautiful, ultra modern hillside abode.  Luckily, the house was a snap for me to find as the address was given right on imdb’s LA Confidential filming locations page.  🙂

In the movie David Strathiarn plays Pierce Patchett, a very wealthy businessman who runs a high class prostitution ring, where all of the prostitutes are made up to look like famous actresses.  Supposedly, the ring was based on a real brothel that truly did exist back in the hey dey of Tinseltown. In the movie, Pierce lives in an amazing modern looking manse built right into the side of a hill.  In real life that house is called the Lovell Health House and it is just as breathtaking in person as it appears onscreen.

The Lovell Health House, or Lovell House, was commissioned by doctor Philip Lovell and built by architect Richard Neutra.  Construction began in 1927 and was completed in 1929.  Health-nut Lovell was completely obsessed with diet and exercise and he wanted the house to be built in such a way as to benefit the health of its occupants, which is how the house came to be called the “Lovell Health House”.  Included in the home was a swimming pool, an exercise room, an eight foot tall food cooler, a water purification system, juicing equipment and plenty of windows to allow the occupants to be close to nature.  The unique home was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.  Amazingly the Lowell family only lived in the house for one year before selling it to a different family.

Both the interior and the exterior of the house show up several times in LA Confidential and the home looks much the same in person as it did on the big screen.  Unfortunately you can’t see a whole lot of the home from the street.  If you want a more in depth view, I recommend renting the movie for your very own up close and personal private tour of the home.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Pierce Patchett’s house can be found at 4616 Dundee Drive in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.  To see the garage area, where filming also took place, just drive a bit south of the house to the large concrete driveway and you’ll see the garage.


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