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The He’s Just Not That Into You Movie Premiere


I am currently waiting on pins and needles for the movie He’s Just Not That Into You to hit theatres this upcoming Friday.  The New Line Cinema film has all the makings of a hit – it stars my girl Jen and is based on an episode of fave television show Sex and the City. Come on – what more could a girl ask for??  🙂  The “Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little” episode of Sex and the City  that featured that now infamous line “He’s just not that into you!” is one of my all-time-favorite episodes.  And I absolutely loved the book by SATC creative consultant Greg Behrendt and SATC executive story editor Liz Tuccillo that came out of that episode.  I find it absolutely mind boggling that Greg and Liz took one line – one line – from a hit television show and not only turned it into a best-selling self-help book, but also a major motion picture starring numerous A-List celebs.  How inspiring!  Who knows, maybe one day a hit movie will be created out of a line from one of my blog posts!  Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? 🙂 


According to fave book Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell, the idea behind the line “He’s just not that into you!” came about one morning while a group of SATC writers were sitting around their offices getting ready to start their day.  One of the writers was asking for advice about a man she was dating who had been sending her “mixed signals”. Someone happened to ask Greg Behrendt, the only straight male in the room, for his perspective on the matter.  And that is when Greg uttered the now ubiquitous line: “He’s just not that into you.”  The SATC  writers were absolutely intrigued by this line of reasoning and an idea was born.  And the rest, as they say, is history!  So yesterday when some friends and I stumbled onto the world premiere of He’s Just Not That Into You while grabbing a coffee before our acting class I just about keeled over with excitement!  🙂   


The premiere was being held at Mann’s Chinese Theatre – the movie house where almost all Hollywood premieres are held – and the red carpet had been set up right in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard.  To watch the event fans had to stand on the opposite side of the street behind some steel barriers where the view, unfortunately, was not the best.  As you can see in the above photograph, several large screens were placed every few feet along the length of the red carpet for the actors to pose in front of.  Much to my dismay, the screens also majorly blocked our view of all the hoopla.  LOL  


For some incredibly odd reason I have never watched a premiere before – I know, unbelievable, huh? – so I was extremely excited that my first red carpet event would be starring my girl Jen.  🙂  My friends and I parked ourselves just across the street from the red carpet  and it wasn’t long before the celebs started arriving. 🙂   The first star we spotted was Ginnifer Goodwin (pictured above), who I absolutely LOVED in fave movie Win A Date With Tad Hamilton.  The bright lights on the red carpet made it really hard for me to take photographs, though, so unfortunately the pics didn’t come out very well.



Next up was Drew Barrymore who is absolutely adorable in person.  🙂  She kept turning around to wave to the crowd and would pop her head in between the red carpet screens to smile at us.  She was super, super cute in person and seemed very friendly!  And it was right around that time – are you sitting down for this – that my camera died!  I am not kidding!  I managed to snap some pics of Drew using my camera phone, but of course they didn’t turn out very well.  Let that be a lesson to me – ALWAYS have my camera charged!  LOL  After my camera died one of my friends said it was a sign that we should leave the premiere and head to our acting class – which we were already almost a half an hour late for.  LOL  While talking about the fact that we were so late for class the girl standing next to us said that she, too, was missing a class to watch the premiere.  LOL   So like the dutiful student that I am, I left the premiere and headed to class – WITHOUT seeing Jen!  😦  Yes, you read that right.  Now that’s dedication if I’ve ever seen it!  LOL 

For those of you who have never been, I HIGHLY recommend stalking a red carpet premiere.  It was SO MUCH FUN!   Even though we had to stand pretty far away, I still felt like we were right in the middle of everything that was happening.  Besides Drew and Ginnifer, we also got to see Justin Long and Kevin Connolly.  🙂  You can see some high quality red carpet pics on this website where it looks like quite a few celebs – including Jennifer Aniston – walked across the street to sign autographs after making their way through the press line.  So bummed I missed it!  😦

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Mann’s Chinese Theatre is located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard smack dab in the middle of Hollywood.  You can visit the Mann’s Chinese website to find out about upcoming premieres being held at the famous theatre.  The premiere for the new Friday the 13th  movie will be taking place there next Monday, February 9th, at 7pm, with the celeb arrivals most likely starting at 6pm.

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All Marilyn, All the Time!

I dragged my mom to Hollywood last Friday to do a little Marilyn stalking.  She wasn’t too keen on the idea, but I was absolutely dying to do something I had yet to do in all the years I have lived in LA – I wanted to put my hands in Marilyn Monroe’s handprints outside of the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have been to Grauman’s Theatre, but never once had I put my hands in her handprints or even made it a point to go look at them.  I was so excited to be there on Friday, that I actually walked right past Michael Caine’s freshly made handprints on prominent display in front of the theatre without so much as even taking a picture for the blog.  LOL  I am kicking myself now for not taking a picture as it was very cool to see how the handprints looked in an unfinished state.  But what can I say, I was just too excited to see Marilyn.  🙂

Grauman’s Theatre has long been an iconic Hollywood symbol – almost a celebrity in and of itself.  Grauman’s Chinese Theatre opened its doors on May 18, 1927.  The Theatre was the brainchild of movie theatre owner Sid Grauman, who in 1922 built Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre, and his partners Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.  Grauman, who passed away in 1950, now has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (near 6379 Hollywood Boulevard), and he was also one of the original founding members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  The Chinese theatre was purchased by the Mann’s Movie Theatre chain in 1973 and the name was changed to Mann’s Chinese Theatre.  But in 2001 the original name was reinstated and the theatre is once again officially known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. 

The handprint tradition began one day in 1927 while the Chinese Theatre was still being built. Sid accidentally stepped into some fresh cement in front of the theatre, leaving his footprints behind which sparked a magical idea.  He says he immediately ran to get his two partners, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, who did the same with their feet.  The rest as they say is history.  There are currently over 200 stars’ handprints and footprints immortalized in cement at the entrance to Grauman’s, including Tom Cruise, Betty Grable, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford and even R2D2 and Donald Duck. 

It is interesting to note that Marilyn’s handprints are absolutely black with dirt, one hundred times dirtier than any of the other handprints at the Theatre.  (You can see the dirt in the picture to the left.)  Seeing that, it becomes quite apparent just how many fans come on a daily basis to place their hands in Marilyn’s famous handprints.  Marilyn’s handprint ceremony took place along with Jane Russell on June 26, 1953 during the promotion of their movie Gentleman Prefer Blondes.  You can watch their handprint ceremony here.  If you look closely at the dot in the “i” of Marilyn’s name, you can see that it looks a bit odd.  Marilyn had wanted to put a real diamond in the cement to mark the dot of the “i” in her name in honor of the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” which she sings in the movie.  The studio refused out of fear of it being stolen, but Marilyn was allowed to use a rhinestone instead.  Apparently less than three days after the handprint ceremony that rhinestone was indeed stolen, so the theatre replaced it with a glass bead which has remained embedded in the cement ever since.

Several movies and TV shows have also been filmed outside the theatre, including Hollywood Homicide, I Love Lucy, The Beverly Hillbillies, Forest Gump, Blazing Saddles, Mighty Joe Young, Rush Hour, Borat, Goldmember, Earthquake, and A Star is Born.  Although the theatre is a complete tourist trap and is always crowded with hordes of people, I highly recommend stalking it if you have not yet had the chance to do so.  Grauman’s is a true Hollywood icon and a place everyone should see in person at least once in their lives.  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Marilyn’s handprints can be found in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, which is located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard, right in the heart of Hollywood.  Her handprints are close to the doors of the Theatre, on the left hand side as you face the front of it.  If you can’t find them, there are many theatre ushers standing around who can direct you to the right spot.  You can still catch a movie at Grauman’s and I highly recommend doing so, as the theatre has recently been restored to its original grandeur and the interior is quite a sight to see.

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