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Audrina’s New Pad!


I have to admit that I shed a little tear during Monday night’s episode of The Hills  as Audrina’s moving truck pulled away from the home she formerly shared with Lauren and Lo.   With both Whitney and Audrina seemingly moving on from The Hills, I really hope this doesn’t signal the end of the my favorite reality series.  I’d be absolutely devastated!!!  I mean I get sad enough on Monday nights at 10:30 when The Hills’  ending credits start rolling, as I know I have to wait a full week before I can watch another episode.  It’s sick, really.  🙂  Anyway, after watching Monday’s show, I decided I just had to stalk Audrina’s new pad.  Thankfully, finding the location wasn’t too hard.   I just called on the usual suspects – fave websites the Real Estalker and Big Time Listings – which both stated that the house was located on Bryn Mawr Drive in the Dell neighborhood of Hollywood.  From that point it was just a matter of looking at recently sold homes on that street (there were only two) until I found Audrina’s.  🙂

But when I went to stalk Audrina’s pad in person yesterday there were cops swarming the place!  I’m really not sure what the story was, and I didn’t stick around long enough to find out, but my best guess is that some Hills  filming was taking place and a neighbor had called the police to complain – about what I am not sure.  According to reports it seems that Audrina’s neighbors aren’t too happy that she moved into their normally quiet town.  LOL  The neighbors are upset about the noise and crowding of their small streets, but honestly had the cops not been there, I never would have had any idea that any filming was taking place.  The street was quite and there wasn’t a film truck in site, or any other cars for that matter.  Personally I’d love it if The Hills  filmed in my neighborhood!  I’d be out there watching everyday!  🙂    


Audrina’s new house is a very cute, Spanish style home located on a very windy street high up in the Hollywood Hills.  The house was just recently built and sits on a minuscule lot – according to Big Time Listings the lot only measures 0.09 of an acre – that’s 3,999 square feet!!!  I mean most celebrity homes  are bigger than Audrina’s whole property!  LOL  Ms. Patridge purchased the three bedroom, two and a half bath, 2,100 square foot home for $1,150,000 – which seems to be pretty low budget for a celeb, even for a reality star.  🙂 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Audrina’s new house is located at 6393 Bryn Mawr Drive in Los Angeles.  How I Met Your Mother’s  Josh Radnor is next door at 6387 Bryn Mawr.


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Marilyn’s Former Home

For some reason lately I have been obsessing on Miss Marilyn Monroe.  I never really had any interest in her until recently, had never even seen any of her movies all the way through, and generally never really had an opinion about her one way or another.  But that all changed about two weeks ago when my acting teacher recommended that I study some of Marilyn’s films.  I rented The Seven Year Itch  and ever since  have become completely obsessed. I had no idea how absolutely adorable Marilyn was!  She completely lit up the screen anytime she was on it.  For those of you who have yet to see any of her movies, I highly recommend renting The Seven Year Itch.  My favorite scene is when she leans out of her second story window and announces to her neighbor “I just washed my hair!” with the same excitment as if she had just booked a movie role.  It’s hilarious!  🙂

So last week, when I found the address of one of Marilyn’s first residences, a small studio apartment, in my fave stalking book, I dragged my boyfriend right out to stalk it.  Marilyn lived in the property during the year 1942.  At the time, Marilyn, who was then known as Norma Jean Baker, was 16 years old and had just married her first husband Jim Dougherty.  Some refer to the studio as her “first honeymoon home”.  But when we arrived at the address, we discovered that Marilyn’s former home is no longer there.  😦 

When my boyfriend and I pulled up to the address, we saw a sign announcing an apartment for rent in what I assumed was Marilyn’s former building.  In what definitely constitutes a stalker maneuver, we called the phone number and asked for a tour of the available apartment.  🙂  I was hoping the vacant apartment was the one Marilyn had actually lived in back in 1942.  But the super nice property manager explained to me that long ago there used to be a single family home and a small studio sized guest house located on the property.  The guest house is where Marilyn lived in 1942.  Both homes were torn down many years back to make room for the apartment building that is standing there today.  Today stalkers can only visit the land where Marilyn’s former home once stood.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The apartment building where Marilyn’s former home used to be located can be found at 4524 Vista Del Monte in Sherman Oaks.  The property manager said tourists flock to the building constantly to take pictures.  He said he’s even seen news-people holding newscasts in front of the building on occasion.  🙂

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