Kansas City Barbeque – Back and Better Than Ever!



I thought I’d take a little break today from my NYC blogging – and yes, I do have many more Manhattan filming locations to write about 🙂 – to do a little post about an old favorite of mine – Kansas City Barbeque in San Diego, or as it is more commonly known, the Top Gun Bar.  The restaurant, which suffered from a devastating fire on June 26th of last year, recently reopened this past November – just in time to serve up it’s annual free Thanksgiving dinner for active duty military.  And I had yet to stalk the place since it’s grand reopening.  So a few weeks ago, while in San Diego celebrating my best friend’s college graduation, I dragged my boyfriend out for a little post-fire stalking. 




I am happy to report that despite the interior of the restaurant needing to be almost entirely redone due to smoke and fire damage, Kansas City Barbeque still looks pretty much the same as it did in Top Gun.  Some of the changes that were made – the bar area was remodeled and altered slightly, skylights were added to the dining room, the kitchen was entirely rebuilt, and new exterior awnings were installed.  But other than looking a bit shinier and newer, it’s still the same old Kansas City Barbeque we all knew and loved.  🙂  And I am very, very happy to report that much of the Top Gun memorabilia actually survived the fire, including Goose’s piano, which was actually owner Martin Blair’s childhood piano.


Some items that were sadly ruined in June’s fire?  The many autographed headshots of celebs who had frequented KCBBQ in the past.   A few stars were kind enough to send in replacement pics, though, after being contacted by Martin after the fire.  How cool is that??  Brooke Shields, Andre Agassi, Richard Dean Anderson, a few Padres players, and Jerry Lewis all sent in new headshots to be placed on KCBBQ’s new walls.  Ostensibly missing from the headshot wall, though, is Tom Cruise, who was apparently contacted for a new pic, but has yet to send one in.  Personally I think that’s pretty darn crappy, especially since Maverick was the role that made him a star.  But, hey, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because, despite his couch-jumping antics and Pro-Scientology rants, I still believe that deep down Tommy is a really nice guy.  I just can’t help it.  🙂  I am guessing that Tom C. Ruz  is a pretty hard guy to get ahold of and maybe his publicist just isn’t giving him KCBBQ’s message.  So Tommy, if you’re out there, do the right thing and send your headshot to Kansas City Barbeque.  While you’re at it, thrown in one of Katie and Suri, as well.  🙂  Other stars who have frequented the legendary restaurant include Lorenzo Llamas, Dennis Rodman, and Dallas’  Charlene Tilton. 


I highly recommend stalking KCBBQ, even if you are not a Top Gun  fan.  The bar has a great atmosphere and serves us some fabulous food – especially the French fries.  I ate an entire plate of them!  Not kidding.  🙂   

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂


Stalk It:Kansas City Barbeque is located at 610 W. Market Street in Downtown San Diego.


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  1. Kylee

    So, did you happen to find out if my bra survived the fire! 😉

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