Happy 2009!


Last night, while watching the annual New Year’s Eve Ball Drop on television, my best friend mentioned that she wished she could see a photograph of a person standing next to the famous ball so that she could get an idea of how big it is in real life.  Well, I just so happened to have such a picture and, even though it’s not technically a filming location, I thought it might make an interesting blog post.  So here goes.  A few weeks ago while in New York, my boyfriend and I had the chance to see last year’s Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball up close and personal while it was on display at the Herald Square Macy’s.    🙂 


 The New Year’s Eve Ball was rebuilt and redesigned for this year’s ceremony by a lighting design company named Focus Lighting, Inc. and it measures 12 feet in diameter and weighs 11,875 pounds.  Last year’s ball is much smaller in comparison – 6 feet in diameter and 1,212 pounds.   The ball is actually much, much smaller in person that I had imagined it would be.  I had expected it to be huge!!  I must say, though, that it was very cool to see the ball up close and personal and it is definitely very beautiful and very sparkly in person.  And I am happy to report that for the first time ever, the 2009 ball will remain on display in Times Square, above the One Times Square Building, for the entire year.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: You can view last year’s ball on display at the Herald Square Macy’s during the Christmas season.  You can view the 2009 ball year round on its perch, 475 feet above Times Square, on top of the One Times Square Building.



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3 responses to “Happy 2009!

  1. shipwrecked

    Dear Iamnotastalker,
    The ball in your pictures is actually the ball from last year’s new years eve (jan. 1, 2008). You can tell by the quanity of triangles, the white stripes between the triangles (which don’t exist in the 2009 ball) and the size, as you pointed out. You’re correct that this old ball was aboout 6′ in diameter. The new 12′ ball is the one that will be on display all year at Times Square.
    You can see more pictures of the new ball at Focus Lighting’s website.

  2. Hi Shipwrecked,
    Thanks so much for the correction! I knew there was no way the ball I was standing in front of was 12 feet in diameter! Thought I was going crazy there for a second. 🙂
    Happy Stalking! 🙂
    – Lindsay

  3. Hi Blake!
    SO awesome meeting you and the fam last night at Sally’s in the downtown San Diego Hyatt! I love your blog! SO COOL!
    Now I actually have something to look forward to reading on the internet!

    You’re gorgeous! Hope your dad is feeling better!
    Hi to Dodie and Bret!


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