Via Quadronno


One of my favorite places in all of Manhattan is a teeny, tiny Upper East Side cafe named Via Quadronno.  I stumbled upon the cafe three years ago, but had yet to blog about it because up until my recent New York vacation I had no idea what a major celebrity stomping ground it was.    Two weeks ago, while sipping cappuccino in the cafe’s cozy dining room, I happened to ask our server if any celebs had ever frequented the restaurant.  I was shocked at her response!  It seems Via Quadronno has its very own celebrity fanclub, with members including Madonna, Sean Connery, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Scarlett Johansson, ARod, Tom Hanks, Matt Dillon, and, my fave, SJP and her husband, Matthew Broderick.  



But not only is Via Quadronno somewhat of a celeb hot spot,  it’s also a filming location!  Well, sort of.  🙂  While watching SATC  reruns the other day (which is the only known cure for New York homesickness), I was bowled over when I noticed Carrie and her friend Skipper walking past Via Quadronno’s exterior in the Season One episode entitled “Models and Mortals”.  At the time the episode was filmed, though, way back in 1998, the space was actually occupied by a different cafe altogether – a chocolatier named La Maison Du Chocolat.   But the exterior still looks very much the same – it’s just a lot cuter now. 


To be honest, I actually didn’t recognize the restaurant at first.  What I recognized was the large green sign located behind Carrie in the above pic.  I knew I had seen the sign in person before, but I just couldn’t place where.   Thankfully my boyfriend was standing nearby and exclaimed “Hey, that’s the gold dealer that’s next door to Via Quadronno.”  🙂  Eureka!  We had walked by that sign everyday on our way to have morning cappuccinos.   Maybe my boyfriend’s a better stalker than I give him credit for.  🙂



I HIGHLY recommend staking Via Quadronno – it’s definitely worth the trip even if you don’t encounter any celebs during your meal.  The tiny cafe (seating capacity is 40!) is absolutely ADORABLE!  Their croissants are out of this world and normally I don’t even like croissants!  LOL  My family and I ate breakfast there every single morning while in New York and we never, ever got tired of it.  It is the best!!!!  In fact, it’s been voted the “Best in New York” several years in a row.  No wonder celebs love it!  🙂  I’ve only ever visited Via Quadronno for breakfast, but I hear their dinners are amazing, as well.  I honestly can’t say enough about this place!  Go, go, go to this restaurant – for the charming atmosphere, amazing food, friendly service, and celeb clientele! 

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂


Stalk It: Via Quadronno is located at 25 East 73rd Street on New York’s Upper East Side.  The chain also has restaurants in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Coral Gables, Florida.  You can visit their website here. 


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