Katie Holmes’ Building



 After leaving Arrojo Studio, I marched my new Katie Holmes’ haircut right over to Katie Holmes’ apartment building to do some stalking.  I have long been obsessed with Katie, ever since the Dawson’s Creek  days, so I just had to stalk her New York City apartment while in town.  My boyfriend actually wanted to surprise me by locating Katie’s New York address all on his own, but after a few hours of searching he couldn’t come up with anything.  LOL  He’s just not that good of a stalker, I guess.  Isn’t that so cute, though!  Anyway, I had an easier time in locating her address – I just googled images of Katie Holmes in New York and this paparazzi video came up with her building’s name in clear view.  Katie is currently living in a loft in the upscale American Felt Building during her “All My Sons” Broadway run.  The American Felt Building is a former office building that was built in 1906 and is located in the East Village, one of my favorite parts of New York.  In 1984 the offices were converted into upscale lofts.  Tommy purchased the loft where Katie now resides back in 1985 and, interestingly enough, even lived there with ex-wife Nicole Kidman for a short time.  Apparently the building is no stranger to celebrity inhabitants.  According to this article, author Bret Easton Ellis (he wrote the novel American Psycho), some Stokes band-members, and former child actor and 80s popstar Martika (I used to LOVE the song “More Than You Know”!) have all lived in the building at one time or another.   


There weren’t nearly as many paparazzi camped out in front of Katie’s building as I had imagined there would be.  I had seriously envisioned mass pandemonium outside of her place, but there were really only about 8 men with cameras on Katie patrol.  So of course I just had to talk to them.  🙂  I must say I was very impressed with the New York paps.  They were sooo incredibly nice!   All of the L.A. paparazzi I have encountered have been total jerks, but Katie’s paps were super friendly and talked to my boyfriend and me for a good twenty minutes.  When I first walked up to them, I asked if the building was in fact Katie Holmes’ place and one of them laughed and said “Are you a stalker or something?”  LOL  He couldn’t have called it better!  🙂  I asked the paps if Katie is pretty in person and they said that she definitely is and that both she and Tom are also very nice.  I was shocked to hear, though, that the real star of the family is Suri.  Apparently, it is the photos of Suri that bring in the most cash.  I was surprised hearing that as I really could care less about Suri!  LOL  I’d much rather see pictures of Katie to check out her clothes and view her latest haircut.  But I guess I am in the minority on that one.  LOL  🙂 


On of the paps was especially nice to me, so I just had to take a picture with him.  He even let me hold his camera during the pic!  I’ve never, ever seen a camera quite so large or so heavy!  It was amazing!  You might be asking yourself why there is a large pink circle covering the pap’s face in the above pic.  LOL  He had asked that I not show his face on my blog, but not for reasons you might think.  He said he wasn’t really looking his best that day and if he had known I was going to take his picture he would have fixed his hair.  LOL  My boyfriend thought it was incredibly ironic that a paparazzi would be camera shy.  But he didn’t choose a career in the public eye, so he is allowed to be camera shy.  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂


Stalk It: Katie lives in the American Felt Building which is located at 114 East 13th Street in New York City.

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  1. Virginie

    Great stalking! I love to see Katie …and Suri (because she’s about the same age as my son).

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