New York, New Look!


Last year, for my mom’s birthday, my dad, boyfriend, grandma, and I all chipped in to purchase her a haircut with Nick Arrojo, the celebrity hair stylist from TLC reality show What Not To Wear.  My mom absolutely loves Nick, so her haircut was the present to end all presents.  And, as my dad likes to say, we opened up a whole can of worms with that gift because now my mom expects an appointment with Nick every year during our annual New York vacation.  🙂  LOL  So this year, on our first night in the Big Apple, we headed over to Arrojo Studio once again for a little extreme makeover, New York edition.   🙂


I was SUPER excited to visit Nick’s studio this year as I was dying to talk to Shear Genius  star and Arrojo Studio stylist Nicole Obert.  Nicole had assisted Nick during my mom’s haircut last year and we both absolutely loved her.  So when she competed on Shear Genius  this past season my mom and I watched religiously and were absolutely floored when she came in second runner up!  Even though I seriously doubted Nicole would remember me at all from last year’s appointment, when we arrived at the studio I asked the receptionist if he would have her come out so that I could say hi.  Imagine my surprise when Nicole said she knew who I was AND that she had read the blog I wrote about her while she was competing on Shear Genius!!!!!  How cool is that?????  


Nicole ended up assisting Nick during my mom’s haircut this year, too.  (Nicole is currently an Arrojo Studio Stylist -cutting hair three days a week and assisting once a week.)  We all had a blast chatting with her during my mom’s haircut . . . AND  while chatting she happened to mention that she needed a hair model for her class the following morning and asked me if I wanted to do it!


IF I wanted to do it????  Get my hair cut by Nicole from Shear Genius???  LOL  Of course I did!!!!  At first I felt kind of bad as I couldn’t let Nicole change my hair very drastically – I have to stick pretty close to how I appear in my acting headshots.  So, unfortunately, she wasn’t given a lot of freedom to experiement with my hair.  But I was SUPER EXCITED to get my hair cut by her, anyway!  So, bright and early the next morning, I showed up at Arrojo Studio for a little Shear Genius!  And I was literally pinching myself the whole time!  🙂 


Nicole was SO MUCH FUN to talk to and hang out with during my haircut.  She is absolutely hilarious in person and had me cracking up the whole time.   We discussed everything from styling hair to what it was like to be on reality TV to celebrity gossip.  I was floored to find out that Jo De La Rosa (of The Real Housewives of Orange County and Date My Ex: Jo & Slade  fame) comes to Nicole for a haircut whenever she is in New York.  🙂  So cool!  p1000181

My hair turned out INCREDIBLE!!!!  Even though Nicole couldn’t really change my hair very much, I feel like she gave me a completely new look!  She gave me a razor cut ala Katie Holmes’ bob (the one Katie had before she got all chop happy and hacked off all of her hair).  I must say that I absolutely love my new ‘do and sometimes I can’t even believe it’s me when I look in the mirror.  🙂  I literally don’t recognize myself – but in a good way.  🙂  I look so very sophisticated, so very modern, so very “New York”!  Nicole took me from “soccer mom” to “city gal” with several small swipes of her razor.  I cannot wait to go back next year!!!  Now if only I could style it as well as she did!!!  🙂  OH and I forgot to mention the cost of my haircut.  Because Nicole was cutting my hair for an Arrojo Studio class, it only cost me $20!!!  Yes, you read that right – $20!


Before . . .


. . . and after.


Oh, and, of course, my mom’s hair turned out great, too!  🙂

I HIGHLY recommend stalking Nick and Nicole at Arrojo Studio.  While Nick’s haircuts are pricey ($500), they are worth every penny.  Last year my mom got stopped constantly by random strangers complimenting her on her hair.  🙂  A haircut with Nicole is considerably less –  only $68.  BUT on weekday mornings, if you volunteer to be a hair model, you can get a “shear genius” haircut for only $20!!!!!   That’s less than Supercuts!!!!   

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Arrojo Studio is located at 180 Varick Street in New York City.  You can make an appointment with either Nick or Nicole by calling (212)242-7786 or by visiting the Arrojo Studio website.  You can also check out Nicole’s website here.  To inquire about being a hair model, and getting a cut for only $20 by one of Arrojo’s many talented stylists, you can call the studio directly. 



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2 responses to “New York, New Look!

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  2. Kerry


    Your hair looks AWESOME……and I agree, she did an amazing job making you look different…..yet the same!

    Im enjoying reading about your NY adventures.


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