“Welcome Home, Baby”

Got home from New York on Tuesday afternoon and was already so homesick for my favorite city in the world that I had to immediately sit down and watch the Sex and the City  movie in its two and a half hour entirety to make myself feel better.   So today I thought I’d blog about one of the SATC  locations I visited while in the Big Apple.




While in New York I just had to make a pilgrimage to the Fifth Avenue building where Carrie and Big purchase their dream apartment in the SATC  movie.    The building shows up at the very beginning of the movie, in the scene when Carrie and Big go apartment hunting and discover “real estate heaven” in the building’s stunning penthouse apartment.  While Carrie walks around the space, musing about what it would be like to live in such an incredible apartment, Big says “Welcome home, baby.”   Oh how I wish I was being welcomed home at New York apartment, too!  🙂



The apartment building looks exactly the same as it did in the movie and while I was standing there I could almost picture Carrie running across the street to meet Big under the front awning.  🙂  I found the location of this building in the Sex and the City: The Movie  book, which features an entire chapter devoted to locations featured in the movie.  LOVE IT!  🙂  According to the book only the exterior of the Fifth Avenue building was used in the filming of Sex and the City.  The interiors were shot at a Spanish Style four story walk-up located on 62nd street.  You can actually tell in the above screenshots that the front doors of the interior shots do not match up with the real apartment’s front doors.  (The Fifth avenue building has a single exterior door, while the building used for the interior shots has a double door.  The iron work on both sets of doors does not match up, either.  LOL!)  Looks like I am going to have to stalk the building used for the interiors the next time I am in New York.  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂



Stalk It: Carrie and Big’s dream apartment is located at 1010 Fifth Avenue, on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street.


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  1. Allie

    Hi there!

    I’m sure you know this/ were able to figure it out, but the interiors were filmed at The Ziegler House at 2 E63rd Street, at Fifth Ave.

    It is a private home, but this holiday season it was used as the location for the Susan G. Komen Holiday House, a charity showhouse open to the public. Ironically, that JUST ended on the 14th 😦

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