I Heart New York!

Tonight I am taking the red eye to New York City, leaving behind the land of tank tops and cutoff shorts for the land of down parkas and thermal underwear.  My family and I are taking our annual winter vacation to my favorite city in the world – the Big Apple!  So today, before my flight, I thought I’d blog about a location I stalked on my last trip to NYC.


I have long been a fan of a series of mystery novels that take place in and around the island of Manhattan.  The series is written by former New York District Attorney Linda Fairstein, who worked in the Manhattan D.A.’s office for over thirty years before retiring in 2002.  Linda first served as assistant district attorney for four years before being promoted to the head of the Manhattan Sex Crimes Unit where she spent twenty-six years prosecuting perpetrators of sexual assault and trying numerous high profile cases.  In 1996 Linda began writing mystery novels based on her experiences in the D.A.’s office.     Her first novel was entitled Final Jeopardy  and it centers around heroine Alexandra Cooper, who, like Linda herself, is head of the Manhattan Sex Crimes Unit.  Mark Twain did say to “Write what you know.”  🙂  Since her writing debut, Linda has gone on to publish nine other mysteries in the series, each one better than the last.  I absolutely love Linda’s novels, not only because they are great reads, but also because Alexandra visits real life New York locations in the course of her travels.  Not wanting to restrict my stalking solely to movie locations, on my last trip to NYC, I set out to stalk some of the sites featured in Linda’s books.


The first location I set out to stalk was PJ Bernstein’s Delicatessen and Restaurant, a favorite stomping ground of Alex Cooper’s.  In the series, Alex lives just upstairs from the deli and visits it in each and every novel.  Apparently they make fabulous matzo ball soup.  So, last December, I just had to drag my boyfriend there.  I was absolutely floored to see that the Upper East Side deli was exactly as Linda had described it in her books.  The owner was extremely nice, although somewhat baffled at the fact that I was taking photographs out front.  When I explained to him why I was doing so, a lightbulb went off in his head and he started laughing.  He couldn’t believe I was actually stalking a location from a fictional book.  LOL  He told me that he knew Linda very well and that she visits his deli almost daily, but sadly we did not see her during our visit.


The next location I dragged my boyfriend to was Alex Cooper’s swanky Upper East Side apartment building.  I was happy to see that the building was also exactly as described in the books – long curving driveway with a drop-off area, two doormen out front, and a little gated garden.  I didn’t get very good pics of the building, though, as the doormen looked a bit unhappy at the fact that I was posing for pictures out front.  LOL

I must say that it was very cool stalking these locations from Linda’s mysteries; almost as much fun as stalking movie locations.  If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend checking out the Alex Cooper mystery series, you won’t be disappointed!

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It: PJ Bernstein is located at 1215 3rd Avenue in Manhattan.  Alexandra Cooper’s apartment building is located just around the corner at 211 East 70th Street.


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