The Rubio House



One of my new favorite shows of the television season is the CBS series The Mentalist.  Simon Baker’s acting on the show is truly incredible and I absolutely love watching his character!  Anyway, while watching last week’s episode, I recognized not one, but two filming locations!  The first location I recognized is a home that is used fairly often in movie and television productions and is known to us stalkers as “the Rubio house”.  While watching the episode on Tuesday night, I turned to my boyfriend and screamed “Oh my god, that’s the Rubio house!” to which he replied “What’s the Rubio house?” and I realized I had yet to blog about it.  So here goes.  🙂




The Rubio house is a large colonial style home located on Rubio Street in Altadena, just a few miles north of Pasadena.  On Tuesday night’s Mentalist  episode, which was entitled “Seeing Red”, the home belonged to millionaire murder victim Rosemary Tennant.  The interior and exterior of the home, especially the front porch area, were featured several times in the episode.   According to the Movieland Directory, the Rubio house has also been featured in the pilot episode of 7th Heaven (as the Camden family home), How Stella Got Her Groove Back, The Babysitter’s Club, Can’t Hardly Wait  (as the party location), Bye Bye Love, V: The Final Battle, and The Great Mom Swap.  According to Seeing Stars  the first two American Pie  movies also used the interior of the Rubio house –  Stiffler’s parties at the beginning of both flicks were filmed there.  There are some conflicting reports and ongoing debates among stalkers that the home was also used as Tom Cruise’s house in the movie Risky Business.  But according to one of my fave tour books, it has been confirmed through several location scouts who worked on the 1983 movie that the entirety of Risky Business  was shot on location in Chicago, Illinois and that the Rubio house was not, in fact, used.  I am sure it is something stalkers will continue to debate about for years to come, though.  🙂

Note – Just got a comment from Timothy over at Altadenablog that the Rubio house was also used as Lindsay Lohan’s residence in the movie I Know Who Killed Me.  Thanks for the info and the shout out Altadenablog! 



The Rubio house is HUGE in person – much, much larger than it appears onscreen.  It is easy to see why producers choose to use this home again and again in productions, as it looks like a very typical American home that could be found anywhere in the Midwest.




The next location I recognized from The Mentalist  was the swamp area from the Warner Brothers Lot, which Mike, from MovieShotsLA, and I had just visited a few weeks beforehand.  In The Mentalist, the car that killed murder victim Rosemary Tennant is found in the WB swamp and a short scene takes place there as Simon Baker and his crew watch as the car is being removed from the water.  As I mentioned in last week’s post about our WB tour, the swamp has been used in numerous productions over the years including ER, Million Dollar Baby, and Gilligan’s Island.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The Mentalist  house is located at 1090 Rubio Street in Altadena.  The swamp is located on the Warner Brothers backlot and can only viewed while on a WB tour.  Warner Brothers Studios is located at 3400 Riverside Drive in Burbank.  Tours run every 30 minutes Monday through Friday from 8:20am to 4:00pm.  Advance reservations are recommended.  Tickets cost $45 per person.  You can learn more about the tour here.


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  1. Hey, Lindsay —

    I was watching late-night cable several weeks ago, and saw the Rubio House as Lindsay Lohan’s house in “I Know Who Killed Me.” I hope the house and everything and everyone involved with that movie was thoroughly fumigated and sterilized, ’cause boy, was it awful.

    Apropos of nothing, parts of this week’s “Dexter” took place at Mountain View Cemetery here in Altadena, as well.

    Keep up the stalkin’!

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