The Liar Liar House




One of the movie houses I have long been obsessed with finding is the home from the Jim Carrey movie Liar Liar.   The house in the movie is absolutely adorable, very picturesque and I so badly wanted to see it in person.  I happened to mention the Liar Liar  house to Mike, from MovieShotsLA,a few weeks ago and of course, he already knew exactly where it was.  Duh!  I should have asked him for the location right from the beginning.  🙂  LOL!  Anyway, once I had the address, I dragged my dad right out to stalk it. 



When I first saw Liar Liar, over ten years ago, I actually turned to my mom in the theatre and said “That house has to be in Pasadena.”  The home just looked like a Pasadena house to me.  And it turns out I was right!  🙂   In person, though, the house actually looks very different than it appeared in the movie.  The entire color scheme of the house has been changed and the front door is now painted a bright red.  But even though much of the house has been modified in the 11 years since filming took place, it is still very recognizable from the movie.  And while the house is absolutely adorable in person, I actually much prefer how it appeared in the movie, with its soft green and taupe coloring.  Ugh, why do people keep changing the exteriors of movie houses??  LOL!    

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂


Stalk It: The Liar Liar house is located at 1004 Highland Avenue in South Pasadena, just around the corner from Lady Heather’s house from CSI


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3 responses to “The Liar Liar House

  1. Kerry

    Sort of reminds me of the ‘Failure to Launch’ house. You or Mike have any idea where that one is? Looked like Passadena too.

  2. Hi,

    You probably won’t believe this story…I used to live in the Liar Liar House at 1004 Highland St. from 1964-1966. I am a native of L.A., but now reside in North Idaho. I just began seeking out friends that I last went to elementary school with in So Pas. I was age 10-12 when living there (we rented), and I could layout the floorplan in a heartbeat! My bedroom was at the right front, upstairs (Southeast corner, I believe). The closet had an opeining window! Of course, my research shows the house was built in 1918, and that’s how they aired out their clothes! Next time you are there, go to the alley behind the house. The detached garage opened through to the alley, and I used to race my mini-bike back there. Also, the fireplace on the left (West) side of the house had firewood storage that could be loaded from the outside! It also had a small basement, with a walk down stairway. I think the greatest of all the antiquated features was the butlers pantry between the dining room (Lower level, southeast corner) and the kitchen, just to the North, along the driveway. It had an automated call box with numbers that corresponded to the rooms. There were buttons in the rooms to summon the help…awesome. I’d love to hear anything else you know, AND if you have more photos, I’d love to see them! Oh yeah, I’m not hitting on you, but you are CUTE! But in L.A., I bet all the men tell you that. Find a nice one…or two.

    This was a rush finding your site…thanks!!


    George Whitney

  3. Hi,

    Me again! How long ago did you take these photos?
    My Mom remarried in 1964, and this was the first home we all lived in. They even had their reception here. i’m going to send them the house photos and was going to give them the info. As I said before, if you have other photos, I’d love to see them. Personal use only for this family gift, no commercial BS!



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