“I Don’t Need the BMW Anymore, I Already Have A Mercedes!”

This past weekend while out stalking Les Anderson’s house  from my fave 80s movie License to Drive, I randomly found the house of his girlfriend Mercedes from the movie.  This was another location that Mike, from MovieShotsLA, and I were obsessed with finding.  We had been doing some cyber-stalking of Mercedes’ house for a few weeks with no luck.  We both had an inkling, though, that the house was somewhere right around Les’ house.  And then, this weekend, fate stepped in.  As my boyfriend pulled the car away from Les Anderson’s house, he took a turn onto Loring Drive and I literally started screaming “STOP THE CAR!”  Out of the corner of my eye, I had spotted the house!

Truth be told, I didn’t so much spot the house, as I did the street in front of the house.  While watching License to Drive  trying to find Mercedes’ house, I noticed that three streets joined and became one right at her front door (shown in the above screen capture).  I had been cyberstalking all week, trying to find three streets that came together in front of a large brick house, but to no avail.  Until my boyfriend took a turn onto Loring on Sunday, and I noticed the exact same street set-up that I had seen so many times in the movie.  When my boyfriend backed the car up, I looked at the house located where the three streets meet and sure enough, there was Mercedes’ house!  YAY! 

I must say it was very exciting to be standing there in my teenage idol’s footsteps, even all these years later.  🙂  Especially since the house looks exactly like it did back when License to Drive  was filmed.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Mercedes house is located at 485 Loring Drive in Los Angeles, just a few blocks from Corey Haim’s house in the movie.


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One response to ““I Don’t Need the BMW Anymore, I Already Have A Mercedes!”

  1. christina

    FYI, that’s a young Heather Graham playing Mercedes.

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