Ray Pruit’s House


Thanks to Geoff over at 90210Locations, I was able to stalk Ray Pruit’s house this past weekend while out in Van Nuys.  The home was featured in numerous Season 5 episodes of the series as the abode of Donna’s abusive, pumpkin-patch-owning boyfriend, Ray.  At that time, the house was painted a light beige color, but has since been repainted a darker blue.  Other than the exterior color, though, the house looks exactly as it did back in the 90210  days.   Big THANK YOU to Mike from MovieShotsLA  for the above screen capture.  🙂

Ironically enough, while taking pictures in front of Ray’s house, a neighbor walked outside and I asked him if he lived in the neighborhood at the time 90210  filmed.  He said that not only was he around during that time, but he was, in fact, the location manager of the show for Seasons 4 through 10!!!  I absolutely could not believe my luck and ended up talking his ear off for about fifteen minutes.  He really could not have been nicer and he even gave me his email address in case I ran up against any elusive 90210  filming spots that I might need help in locating.  🙂  YAY!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Ray Pruit’s house is located at 6628 Canteloupe Drive in Van Nuys.  Not far away are both the former 90210 production studios, located at 15001 Calvert Street, and the liquor store from the “U4EA” episode, located at 6020 Kester Boulevard.



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5 responses to “Ray Pruit’s House

  1. Kerry


    Wow…..youve had some really great 90210 luck recently! Location manager???? JACKPOT!!! Something tells me, we havent seen the last of your 90201 locations! Keep’em coming girl!


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  3. Ian

    It’s Jeff, not Goeff, that’s my dad. He wanted to use our house, but the director for the first episode to feature it saw the neighbor’s house through our kitchen windows and wanted that house instead… it was never beige though. It was greenish.

  4. Ian

    Oh and it’s Cantaloupe Ave, not Drive.

  5. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for the heads up on Cantaloupe being an Ave. I know your dad is Jeff – Geoff is someone else who has a 90210 locations site which is where I originally found the address of Ray Pruit’s house. 🙂 Sorry for the confusion.
    Happy Stalking :),

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