“I Choose Me”


Yesterday, fellow stalker Mike, from MovieShotsLA,  and I took a little stalking adventure to the studio where the original 90210  series was filmed.  Mike has been there several times and he was dying to show me the studio in person.  I must say that being there and seeing the studio with my own two eyes brought out the high school girl in me – standing there looking at that familiar set, I truly felt like I had stepped back in time to my teenage years.  🙂  From the street outside of the studio, you can actually see the exterior of the former Peach Pit After Dark and it is still completely recognizable all these years later.  While Mike and I were standing outside freaking out over seeing the Peach Pit in person, a security guard came over to us and asked if he could help us.  We told him we were HUGE fans of 90210  and he said “Oh, the new series isn’t actually being filmed here.”  LOL  We had to explain that we were fans of the OLD 90210


After getting the OK from his boss, the security guard was nice enough to LET US ON THE PROPERTY and take us on a mini-tour of the studio!!!!!  I just about DIED!  Although nothing really remains from the old days of 90210, it was still very exciting for me to be there.  Just thinking that I was standing in the exact spot where Shannen, Luke, Jennie and Jason reported to work everyday was enough for this stalker!  I think the security guards were quite amused at our excitement over being there because they kept saying “That show was filmed soooo long ago.”  And yes, while 90210  went off the air almost a decade ago and while most people today could probably care less – LOL – for me the show is so embedded in my memories that it is like a piece of my childhood.  So being there yesterday was like stepping back in time, returning to some familiar place, and I was just as excited to be there as I would have been if the show was still filming today.  🙂

Anyway, the security guards walked us through one of the soundstages where the sets for West Beverly High, the Peach Pit, and the Peach Pit After Dark used to be located.  Right now the studio is being used for the TV show Swingtown, so those sets are currently set up on the former 90210  stages.  BUT they still had some of the old lockers in the prop room left over from the 90210 days and the security guard took us to see those.  They have been painted over and used for other productions, but I was still freaking out all the same.  🙂


A full-on back lot is now set up in what was formerly the parking lot for the stars of 90210.   This exterior set was built for the TV series Jericho and is now being used in Swingtown.  I have never seen either show, but it was still pretty fun to walk through the backlot.


The most exciting thing for both Mike and me to see was the exterior door to the Peach Pit After Dark, which is still standing at the studio today.  It is currently covered up by the exterior of a church set that was used in Jericho, so you can no longer see the door from the street.  But the security guards took us behind the church set to show us the door up close and personal.  🙂

I really wanted to get some screen captures of 90210  to put with today’s post, but would you believe that Target was completely sold out of Season 2 of the series???  Looks like I am going to have to order the DVDs on Amazon and post the screen captures later.  😦  For those who remember the series well, the brick wall pictured in many of the above pictures was used throughout the ten year run of the series.  It was used as the back of the Peach Pit in the Season 2 episode when Brenda is robbed while studying for finals at the Pit.  In that episode, Brandon and Dylan go outside to take out the trash and it is that scene which features the brick wall.  During the Emily Valentine Era, the brick wall was used as the both the location of the rave that the gang attends and also the location of the warehouse where Dylan takes Brandon to pick up his totaled Mustang the following morning.  The brick wall was also the location of one of my favorite 90210 scenes ever –  the scene when Kelly Taylor tells both Brandon and Dylan “I choose me.”  LOL  If you keep your eyes peeled during re-runs, you will notice the brick wall popping up repeatedly in Seasons 1 through 10. 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The former 90210  studios is located at 15001 Calvert Street in Van Nuys.  As always, exercise caution and use common sense.  I would not recommend asking for a tour of the studio unless you are with a group of people, as you can just never be too careful.


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11 responses to ““I Choose Me”

  1. Your work is amazing,(thanks) for sharing your experience with us, we will see your website every day.,I ‘m a #1 fan of 90210 in Mexico.,and have the first five seasons in dvd., I have photos of the locations of the 90210, send me your mail ,and i can send a pictures , Thanks again, I would like to see pictures of Karate Kid

  2. Lindsay,

    You were actually just down the street from Andrea and Jesse’s apartment when you were at the studio. It is located on Kester Ave, between Burbank and Hatteras on the east side of the street. I have a link to google maps of it here, as well as numerous other 90210 locations if you want to stalk them:


    I don’t live in LA anymore, so I have no way of getting pics of the locations aside from the ones I already have.

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  4. James


    Thanks for putting this stuff up this is really cool. Do you know if they have a website to go see more info on this studio if you do could you email me this.

  5. Amanda

    Wow, thank you so much for posting! I am a huge 90210 fan and I love seeing all of the filming locations. Please keep posting more!! 🙂

  6. Tracey (New Zealand)

    DAMN this is awesome work. I’m a 34 year old NZ girl who never missed an episode of this show. LOVE all the locations you show us and share your excitment – you lucky girl.
    I came to the US last Xmas and visited the Beach Apartment, the Highschool and Donna’s Now Wear This Boutique on Melrose and took pics of them all.
    Curious to see the new show – but it wont be the same of course…
    PS – Did you see the footage on CBS earlier this week of Candy Spelling taking you through the Spelling Mansion that Tori grew up in? Let me know if you missed it and I can foward you the link.

  7. Tracey (New Zealand)

    awesome work – damn id love to visit the set of BH90210..lucky girl!! Im 34….and was OBSESSED with this show too..

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  11. Johanne


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