Lindsay, The Celebrity Hunter

Yesterday, our first full day in Kona, I did a little Dog, the Bounty Hunter  stalking.  My mom gets a bit obsessed with celebs, just like me – at least I know where I get it from 🙂 – and one of her biggest obsessions right now is Mr. Duane Chapman, aka Dog, the Bounty Hunter.  She is so obsessed with that show, in fact, that she even convinced my boyfriend and I to dress up like Dog and Beth last Halloween.  🙂

Anyway, while Dog’s main Da Kine Bail Bonds office is located on the island of Oahu, his son Leiland, who also stars on the hit reality show, has an office on the Big Island of Hawaii and it is that office that I set out to stalk yesterday.  I had attempted a bit of cyber-stalking before I left on my vacation but did not have much luck in locating Leiland’s office.  The address is not listed anywhere online, not even on Da Kine’s official website.  I tried calling Da Kine’s phone number to ask for the address, but it was just an answering machine and did not give a location.  Thank goodness my mom has a few stalker tricks up her sleeve, because she was able to find the bail bonds office pretty much right after we arrived in Hawaii.  🙂 

My mom had a pretty good hunch from watching the Dog episode when Dog and Beth got married, which was filmed entirely on the Big Island, that Leiland’s office was located in a town about 15 minutes north of Kona called Kealakekua (Yes, it’s the same Kealakekua from the song My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii).  My mom came to this conclusion because every time they showed Leiland’s office on that episode, the weather was overcast and rainy.  The town of Kealakekua is always on the rainy side, so she was convinced Leiland’s office was located there.  My mom may be a better stalker than I am, as I have yet to use weather as a stalking clue.  🙂

So sure enough, yesterday my parents and I headed out to Kealakekua and stopped in at our favorite restaurant there, the Aloha Cafe.  We asked our waitress if she happened to know where Da Kine Bail Bonds was located and she told us it was only two blocks away from where we were sitting!  So I immediately dragged my parents down the street to stalk it.  Sadly, the office was closed and Leiland was not there.  I had figured as much, though, as the show is being filmed in Colorado this season.  It was still very cool to be there, though and my dad even managed to snap a good pic of his office through the front window.  🙂 

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  DaKine Bail Bonds’ Big Island office is located in the Kainaliu Center which can be found at 79-7430 Mamalahoa Highway #2C in Kealakekua, Hawaii.  If you stalk Leiland’s office be sure to stop into the Aloha Cafe, at 79-7382 Mamalahoa Highway, for some GREAT food.  Dog’s main office in Hawaii, where most of the filming of Dog, the Bounty Hunter  takes place, can be found at 1381 Queen Emma Street in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu.



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4 responses to “Lindsay, The Celebrity Hunter

  1. Kerry

    OMG…..youre in Dog-land! How cool is that??? Go dog go…..



  2. kattz2112

    I am actually going to Hawaii in Jan…I can’t go there without trying to find the clan..

    Thanks for your information.. I was going to rent a car in Kona just to see the office.. but the one where they film is only 4 miles from our hotel in Honolulu. I can’ t thank you enough..

    It would be a total thrill just to see them in the flesh..

  3. kattz2112

    I have another address in Hilo for Da Kine…Do you have that one ??

    Do they film at different offices ?

    Im watching old episodes to find address…

    Love to chat about it…

  4. Louise

    Wow, you are lucky to get right outside Leilands office. I live in England and one day probably in the way distant future when they are old men, because thats how long it will take me to save up to go there i will try and stalk them down too. Ha I am not crazy though just incase anyone was worried.

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