The New Peach Pit

Over the years there have been several locations used around LA for the filming of the Peach Pit on my fave TV show, Beverly Hills, 90210.   And now there is one more location to add to the already long list.  My buddy Mike over at MovieShotsLA  gave me the scoop on last week’s filming of the new 90210, which is scheduled to premiere on the CW this fall. Apparently filming of the new Peach Pit took place at the Kokomo Cafe (formerly the Eat Well Cafe) on Beverly Boulevard.  So, of course, I dragged my boyfriend right out to stalk it!

As we pulled up to the address I was literally shaking with excitement.  I had heard that the Peach Pit signs were still up from last week’s filming and the 14 year old in me was absolutely ecstatic at the thought of seeing them in real life!  But alas it was not to be. The Peach Pit signs had already been removed and the Kokomo Cafe signs put back up by the time we arrived.  It was still very cool to be there, though!  The Kokomo Cafe looks NOTHING like the Peach Pit of the old days – this one is much more modern, with a sleek purple and black interior.  The exterior is completely different, as well.  The new Peach Pit is located in the corner space of a Spanish style building with large potted plants and wrought iron balconies.  Supposedly producers are building an exact replica of the new Pit on a soundstage for future filming.  One thing that hasn’t changed at the 90210 gang’s old hangout, though?  Nat!  Apparently Peach Pit founder Nat (played by actor Joe E. Tata) has signed on to be a part of the new 90210.  YAY!  Now if they can only get Luke Perry on board!!!  🙂  

You can see a picture of the Kokomo Cafe all decked out with Peach Pit signs here.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The new Peach Pit can be found at the Kokomo Cafe located at 7385 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles.  Both the interior and the exterior of the cafe were used for the filming of the new 90210.  The restaurant looks like a pretty cool place to grab a bite to eat.  Apparently many stars were fans of the Kokomo Cafe’s former Farmer’s Market location and such celebs as Drew Barrymore and Denzel Washington were spotted dining there.



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2 responses to “The New Peach Pit

  1. Hey Lindsay.

    Bit of a random request – I found your site when I was googling Peach Pit.

    I’m a reporter with BBC. I’m over in LA to do another story, but wanted to pick up some 90210 related audio I can use around launch time.

    I’m looking for someone to do a quick interview, just about how great it was (the original) and how it was kind of genre defining (Dawson’s Creek, the OC etc).

    Don’t want to post my cell number on a public page, but drop me an e-mail on and I’ll get straight back to you.

    It’s a bit short notice, but if you were free today (Sunday) that would be great.



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