The Cravens Estate

Just purchased Scott’s LA Audio Tour of Pasadena, a CD driving tour which is absolutely chock full of filming locations!!  Loved it!!  I was especially excited because one of the locations visited on the audio tour was a mansion named the Cravens Estate which was used in one of my favorite TV shows.  Besides currently housing the Pasadena headquarters for the American Red Cross, the estate is practically a Hollywood backlot.  Countless productions have filmed there over the years, but most significantly Cravens Estate was featured each week as JAG Headquarters on the television series of the same name.  I do love me some Commander Harm Rabb!  🙂

The Cravens Estate was built in the 1920s by John and Mildred Cravens.  It is one of the last remaining mansions on what used to be known as Millionaires Row (Orange Grove Avenue) in Pasadena.  The 25,000 square foot French Chateau style mansion was donated to the American Red Cross in the 1960s.  The red brick exterior of the estate is absolutely gorgeous and the mansion really looks like it could be found in Washington D.C.  Apparently, fans always used to write to JAG  creator Donald P. Bellasario telling him that they stalked the town of Falls Church. Virginia (where JAG  supposedly takes place) looking for JAG Headquarters only to find out that the builiding was actually located in Cailfornia. 🙂 

Both the interior and the exterior of the Cravens Estate have been used as filming locations over the years.  On the TV show Commander in Chief,  starring Geena Davis, the kitchen of the estate was used as the White House kitchen.  Other productions filmed at the estate include Enemy of the State, Traffic, Murder She Wrote, Rush Hour 3, The Practice, Swordfish, Judging Amy, The Lyon’s Den, 24, and Beverly Hills, 90210.  (I wish I knew what it was portrayed as in 90210!!!!  Does anyone know???)  The estate is also often used for weddings and special events.

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It: The Cravens Estate is located at 430 Madeline Drive in Pasadena, just off of Orange Grove Avenue.  You can purchase Scott’s Driving CD’s here.  Although the CD’s do move a bit too fast on occasion, they are lots of fun to take a tour with.  Currently Scott has audio tours of Pasadena, Hollywood and Los Angeles available.


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