More Charmed Locations!

My friend Chelsea is just about as obsessed with the TV series Charmed  as I am with Beverly Hills, 90210.  So while hanging out the other day she asked me to stalk a few Charmed  filming locations for her.  She was just dying to find Finn’s creepy looking house from the Season Four episode entitled “Size Matters”.  In the episode Finn lives in a run-down, haunted-looking, Victorian-style home.  The picture to the left is a screen capture of Finn’s house from the show.  (I just learned how to do screen captures!!! YAY!)   

As soon as I popped in Chelsea’s DVD of the “Size Matters” episode, I immediately recognized the house as what is quite possibly the most famous haunted house in the world.  Turns out Finn’s house is the exact same house used in Michael Jackson’s Thriller  video and I have visited it several times.  In the Charmed  episode the house looks a lot more run down than it actually appears in real life.  I am not sure if the house was actually in a state of disarray back when the Charmed  episode was filmed or if producers added a facade to make it appear more spooky.  In any event, today the house is not quite as creepy as it was when it played Finn’s home.  Ironically, the Thriller  house is just a few doors down from the Victorian that is used as the Halliway Sisters’ home  on the series. 

The next location Chelsea wanted me to stalk was the tunnel used in the Season Six episode entitled “Forget-Me-Not.”  In the episode, Piper’s toddler son Wyatt conjures up a dragon who ends up running wild all over San Francisco.  In one scene, the dragon flies out of what Piper identifies as the “Presidio Tunnel”.  The screen capture to the left shows the tunnel in the episode.  I am so loving this screen capture thing! 🙂  Anyway, after doing a bit of Internet research I found this link on fave website Seeing Stars which led me to a tunnel in Griffith Park called the Mount Hollywood Tunnel.

I was very excited to learn that the Mount Hollywood Tunnel has quite a distinguished filming history.  It was used in Back to the Future 2  as the “River Road Tunnel” where Marty tries to get his almanac back from Biff, in Who Framed Roger Rabbit  it served as the entrance to Toon Town, in War Games  it was the entrance to NORAD, Emma Roberts ran through it in the Nancy Drew  movie, and it was also the location of the accident that killed Marissa Cooper in Mischa Barton’s final episode of The O.C.  And after looking at the Seeing Stars page, I could immediately tell it was the same tunnel used in Charmed.

So yesterday I set out to stalk the Mount Hollywood Tunnel.  I was excited to see that it looks pretty much exactly as it did in the Charmed  episode.  The only difference is that in Charmed  signs were hung on the tunnel entrance saying “Presidio Tunnel”.  Those, of course, were not there in real life.  Also, for some reason, in real life cones have been put up running down the entire center of the tunnel.  If you decide to stalk the tunnel for yourself, please exercise extreme caution!  Cars barrel through it at about 40 mph, and I almost got hit while I was there.  The tunnel is very dark and I don’t think drivers realize that there might be pedestrians inside – so be careful!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Finn’s house, aka the Thriller  house, is located at 1345 Carroll Avenue in Echo Park, just down the street from the Charmed  House, which can be found at 1329.  Carroll Avenue is a historic neighborhood with a huge collection of beautiful Victorian homes.  Walking tours of the neighborhood are conducted monthly and you can even take a tour of the interior of the Charmed house.  The Mount Hollywood Tunnel is located in Griffith Park, just off Vermont Drive.  Follow Vermont through the park, past the Greek Theatre.  Once you pass the Observatory keep going straight on Vermont to where it turns into Mount Hollywood Drive and it will lead you right through the tunnel.  Once you drive through the tunnel, there is small dirt parking lot where you can park your car and walk back to the tunnel entrance.  The entrance near the parking lot is the side of the tunnel that was used in Charmed.



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3 responses to “More Charmed Locations!

  1. I enjoy watching TV show Charmed, it is quite entertaining

  2. Andrew

    Your the best Lindsay! Everyday you are somewhere different……keep up the great stalking. 🙂

  3. Angelice

    fantastic work hope to se emore

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