Westin Bonaventure Hotel

Chances are, if you’ve ever taken the 110 Freeway through Downtown Los Angeles, you’ve noticed the futuristic, space-age style structure located on the west side of the freeway.  That building is the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, and it has been featured in countless movie and TV productions.  The hotel, which is just as futuristic and space-age looking on the inside as it is on the outside, was most prominently featured in the Johnny Depp movie Nick of Time

The ultra-modern cement and glass hotel was built in 1974 by architect John Portman and is the largest hotel in Los Angeles.  The hotel stands 367 feet tall and has 35 floors.  The top floor of one of the hotel’s towers is actually a revolving cocktail lounge and observation tower with INCREDIBLE views of Los Angeles.   Step inside the Bonaventure and you’ll have no doubt as to why producers have returned to the hotel over the years for filming.  The building is one hundred percent unique with tall glass towers and elevators, large cement pillars, beams and floors, and countless fountains and ponds located throughout the lobby area.

Besides Nick of Time, the hotel has also starred in countless other movie and  TV productions including Forget Paris, Mission Impossible III, Hard to Kill, Escape From LA, Epicenter, This is Spinal Tap, CSI  and In the Line of Fire.  Arnold Schwarzenegger rode a horse into one of the glass elevators in the movieTrue Lies and the waitresses from the 80s TV show It’s A Living  worked in the hotel’s revolving BonaVista Lounge located on the 34th floor.  If you walk through the hallway leading from the parking garage to the hotel lobby, you will see the movie posters from each of the productions filmed at the Bonaventure.  Each elevator also has a plaque notating which feature film was filmed there.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:The Westin Bonaventure Hotel is located at 6th Street in Downtown Los Angeles.  Be sure to hit up the BonaVista Lounge while you are there – the views alone are worth the trip!  🙂


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