Ago Restaurant

For my birthday this year, my parents and my boyfriend were planning to take me to famous celebrity haunt the Ivy restaurant in Beverly Hills.  But plans changed when my boyfriend heard that a better bet for celeb stalking was Ago Restaurant, which just happens to be owned by Robert DeNiro, Ridley Scott, and Harvery and Bob Weinstein.  Apparently the Italian restaurant is celeb central with countless stars showing up to dine nightly.  Sadly, the stalking gods were not shining on me when we dined at Ago, because we didn’t spot one single celeb during my birthday dinner.  😦  But I would definitely recommend stalking the restaurant anyway.

Ago, pronounced Ah-Go, is named after Italian chef Agostina Sciandri.  The food there is INCREDIBLE – my dad, who was recently released from the hospital and hasn’t really had an appetite since, practically licked his plate clean.  It was the first time I had seen him eat an entire meal in a good two months!  So, for me, that speaks volumes!  My boyfriend chose the gnocci, which our waiter proclaimed was the best in America, and it truly did live up that promise.  Service at Ago was great, too, although somewhat rushed.  We were out of the restaurant in 45 minutes flat  – which seemed strange for such an expensive place.  I have heard, though, that if you ask them not to rush you, they will slow their service down. 

I would definitely recommend making a stalking trip to Ago – but it will cost you.  Dinner will run you about $100 for two people at the bare minimum.  If you don’t want to pay that much for a meal, Ago does have a bar with a great view of the front door for prime celeb stalking.  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  Ago is located at 8478 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood.  You can visit their website here.  I would suggest dining there later in the evening, as you’ll have a better chance of seeing celebs.  🙂


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