My Birthday Plans Go Up In Flames

For my birthday, which is coming up in two weeks, I was planning on dragging my boyfriend on the ultimate stalking adventure – a day at Universal Studios Hollywood!  The last time I was at Universal was about 20 years ago and I am just dying to go on the tram ride to see the Studio’s famous back-lot, especially the Wisteria Lane set from Desperate Housewives.   But Mother Nature had other plans, I guess.

This morning, while driving in Burbank to go see Sex and the City: The Movie, my boyfriend and I were shocked to see a huge fire blazing right off the 5 Freeway.  I was even more shocked – and completely and totally bummed out – when I checked the local news on my blackberry and found out that Universal Studios was on fire!  How incredibly sad!!! 😦   We pulled over to take some pictures of the fire as I had truly never seen anything like it in my life.

According to news reports, sets from Back to the Future  including the Courthouse Square and the Clock Tower were damaged in the blaze.  Sets from Monk, Bruce Almighty, The Changeling, and House were completely destroyed.  Such a bummer!!  I was happy to hear, though, that after a 1990 fire destroyed many back-lot sets (including the Back to the Future  sets) Universal was able to rebuild them for future stalkers to view. 

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It: Universal Studios is located at 100 Universal City Plaza in Universal City.  Universal Studios is set to reopen tomorrow, June 1st, and according to Universal’s website the back-lot tram tour will be operational, as well.  But several locations will be, of course, left out of the tour until they can be rebuilt or repaired.  😦



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2 responses to “My Birthday Plans Go Up In Flames

  1. Mia

    Good luck seeing Wisteria Lane set from Desperate Housewives. They’re always either filming or setting up for filming or taking down from filming or something. You pass by it but rarely actually get to go down the stree and see anything. Maybe you’ll be lucky but I wouldn’t want you to be disapointed in case you don’t end up seeing it.

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