Think Pink!

I must bow down right now to Mike over at MovieShotsLA  as yesterday he found a house that I have spent many unsuccessful hours over the past two years looking for – Jenna’s pink dream house from the last scene of my fave movie 13 Going On 30.  Mike said he had a hunch about the area the home was in and found it by looking at aerial shots of streets in that neighborhood.  I am forever grateful!  Literally, as SOON as he gave me the address yesterday, I rushed out of my house and headed over to South Pasadena to stalk the home.  For this particular stalking trip I had to drag my dad along as my boyfriend was at work. 

Jenna’s pink house is, of course, no longer pink – it was only painted pink for the movie.  It is A LOT bigger in person than it seemed on screen, but otherwise is completely recognizable from the movie.  Jenna and Matt move into this house at the very end of 13 Going On 30, and the final scene is them sitting on their couch in the front yard of the home with a moving van in the driveway.  I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally be there as this was one location I honestly thought I’d never find.  Thank you, Mike!!

While my dad and I were stalking the house, a super nice neighbor came home and filled us in on all sorts of filming information about his street.  He told us that Jennifer Garner wasn’t as friendly as one would expect and that she had a big bodyguard who kept fans away the entire time they were filming.  He also told us that the Kelly Clarkson video for Because Of You  was filmed just across the street from the 13 Going On 30  house.  That home is pictured on the left.  He said that Kelly Clarkson could not have been nicer and that even after a really long day of filming, she stuck around for about 40 minutes to sign autographs for all of the neighborhood kids.  He said she literally stayed until every last autograph was signed.  You can watch the Because Of You  video here.

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It:  The 13 Going On 30  house is located at 1965 Fletcher Avenue in South Pasadena.  The Because Of You house is across the street at 2006 Fletcher.  These houses are very close to the other houses  used in 13 Going On 30.



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3 responses to “Think Pink!

  1. Jackie

    I wouldn’t believe the Jennifer Garner thing. It sucks when you hear someone is a total jerk but sometimes you’re impressed when you find out they’re not. I defintiely have been in the past.

  2. Kerry

    I am SO happy you finally made it to this house….I know how much you wanted to find it! I dont even know Mike but Mike….many thanks! Lindsay can get some rest now and dream up another must see lo-cal!

    I had the opposite experience with Kelly Clarkson. We went to a concert at a small venue and waited around after the show. The crowd dwindled down until there were 7 younger girls waiting and 2 adults, myself included. We were all very quiet, waiting patiently and her people snuck her onto the tour bus. Then one of her people came over and told us to go home…..Kelly already played a concert and she didnt owe us anything more! He was really quite rude about the whole thing too, and next thing I know, the bus started up and it drove away. There was one young girl there, about 9, who was in tears. It was all very sad and left me with a bad feeling. My daughter was a BIG Kelly fan and I must admit, after the incident, it changed her feelings alot. Eventually, she quit following Clarksons career and now she hardly remembers who she is.

    I should add that we have seen several show at this venue and the talent….no matter how big, always comes out after the show to sign autographs and pose for pics. I know things happen but really, how much time would it have taken to see 7 girls???????

  3. Mimi

    I live in the house that was painted pink for 13 Going on 30. It’s bizarre to find pictures of our house on your site! When the production company repainted our house, we asked them to leave one brick pink. Although I doubt you could find it if you don’t know where to look. As I recall, Jennifer Garner briefly came over to sign autographs for some kids, so she wasn’t as unfriendly as described by our neighbor. But Kelly Clarkson was definitely the friendliest!! Our house has also been filmed for an episode of Cold Case and a Brinks commercial.

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