Flying the Psychic Skies

This past weekend I traveled to New Mexico to attend a good friend’s college graduation.  I flew out there very early Friday morning and when I got on the plane I was shocked to see Shirley MacLaine sitting there – in a coach seat no less!  She didn’t even have a bulk head or emergency exit row seat!  She did, however, have a seat for her dog.  Anyway, I am absolutely petrified to fly, but once I saw Shirley I was immediately put at ease – Miss MacLaine fancies herself a psychic, so I am fairly certain she wouldn’t have gotten on board that plane if she sensed it was going down.  LOL  I snapped a couple pics of Shirley on my blackberry after the plane landed, but they didn’t come out very well.  My mom actually went up to her in the terminal to tell her what an amazing actress she is, but Shirl totally spazzed out and walked away.  It was pretty funny.

While in New Mexico I got to visit the New Mexico facility of the Delancey Street Foundation, an absolutely amazing drug rehabilitation organization which was founded by an even more amazing woman named Mimi Silbert.  The New Mexico facility consists of a huge, authentic adobe structure located on a sprawling 17 acre former dude ranch, surrounded by lakes, sweeping lawns, beautiful courtyards and rose gardens.  And it is also a filming location!  Delancey Street New Mexico was used in the 1998 movie John Carpenter’s Vampires  for one brief scene.  While I have never seen the movie, our tour guide told us Delancey’s center coutryard and library were used in the movie. 

In Vampires, two male characters (our tourguide wasn’t sure which characters) walk through Delancey’s center courtyard, over to the door pictured on the left, and into the library.  The door is absolutely incredible and even before I knew it was used in Vampires, I wanted to snap a picture of it.  It is set in a wall that is about three feet deep and looks like it came straight out of a horror movie set – but in a good way.  🙂

The library also looks straight out of a scary movie set with its dark paneled ceilings, huge fireplace, and arched windows.  It was actually re-decorated in the movie to look like an office and a large desk was placed in front of the fireplace.  But I honestly don’t think the filmmakers had to do much prior to filming as it looks perfect as is.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if more movies were filmed on the property, but our tour guide was unaware of any others.  You can view more pictures of the amazing property and grounds here.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  Delancey Street New Mexico is located on the San Juan Pueblo Indian Reservation.  Unfortunately the facility is not open to the public.  But you can learn more about the location on the Delancey Street website




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  2. A former resident of delancey.As i walk through the gate in san francisco.It was llike all the weight of my troubles were lifted off of me.Mimi asures us all while there you don’t have to worry about unpaid drug depts or the police,because when you walked through that gate tat is left behind you.And here you start a new life.But she also tells us you have to take responsability for your action,and theres the bench so you can think about your actions.You can spend days on the wooden bench a pray that the time comes to where i will own up to my mistakes and move on.And the amazing thing is that mimi forgives us all with one huge hug,and a loud voice.OK know i love you and i hope you learned your lesson.With a smile.

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