“I am a Spring Princess!”

One of my favorite lines of all time from Beverly Hills, 90210  was said during the Spring Dance episode from the show’s first season.  In the episode, Kelly gets nominated for Spring Queen making her a “Spring Princess” in the interim until the awards are announced.  When Kelly arrives at the Walsh’s house on the night of the dance, she finds that she and Brenda are wearing the exact same dress.  A fight ensues and Brenda tells Kelly to go change her dress to which Kelly responds “Brenda, I  am a Spring Princess!”  Love it!  Now whenever my boyfriend asks me to do something I don’t want to do, like clean the dishes, I always say “I  am a Spring Princess!”  LOL

Anyway, the store where Kelly and Brenda first find their matching dress is located in a small section of Rodeo Drive called Rodeo Collection.  The Rodeo Collection is a specialized outdoor mall of sorts, although it doesn’t much look like any of the malls I frequent.  Rodeo Collection is a five story, 66,000 square foot conglomerate of high end stores and it is set up in the style of a European Piazza.  There are meandering walkways, gardens, and terraces mixed in with some very ritzy boutiques.  Rodeo Collection was actually only used for the exterior of Brenda and Kelly’s prom dress shop; the interior looks like it was most likely just a set built on a studio sound stage.  Rodeo Collection was also featured each week during the opening credits of 90210.  It was also used quite a bit in the movie Body Double

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Rodeo Collection is located at 421 North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  If you get a chance, after stalking the Rodeo Collection, go visit Crumbs bakery at 9465 Santa Monica Boulevard for some yummy cupcakes!  🙂 


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