Andrea Zuckerman’s “Valley” House

I must be on a 90210 kick this week or something, because here I am again blogging about my fave 90’s show.  🙂  My buddy Mike over at MovieShotsLA  just gave me the address of Andrea Zuckerman’s house from 90210, so I had to run right out and stalk it!  On the first season of 90210, Andrea Zuckerman lived out of district, in the “Valley” and used her grandmother’s Beverly Hills address so that she could attend West Beverly High.  In reality, Andrea’s house is actually a lot closer to Beverly Hills than the Walsh home is.  Ah, the magic of TV.

Andrea’s house looks almost exactly the same as it did in the 90210 days.  The house is a really cute Craftsman style home and I am actually really surprised the producers didn’t choose a more dumpy house to use as they always seemed to emphasize the fact that Andrea was poor and how she lived in the “highly undesirable” Valley.  The neighborhood is actually not that great, though, and I wouldn’t recommend stalking this location at night.   You can see this house in the 90210  pilot episode when Brandon follows Andrea home after getting into a fight with her at school.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Andrea’s Valley house is located at 540 North Gramercy Place in Hollywood.


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