The Peach Pit

Got a comment Tuesday night from Kevin who asked if I had a picture of the Peach Pit location from 90210.  I briefly blogged about the Peach Pit on my first 90210  post a few months ago, but at the time I didn’t have a picture of the filming site.  In reality,  there were actually three different locations used as the Peach Pit during 90210’s  ten year run.  During the first season, two different storefronts were used.  For the very first few episodes the exterior of an Apple Pan restaurant was shown as the Peach Pit.  I found this location thanks to fellow stalker Mike over at MovieShotsLA.  After only a few episodes, though, producers moved to a new exterior to film the Peach Pit.  Unfortunately I have yet to find that location.  😦

During the second season and throughout the rest of 90210 ‘s run, a Ruby’s Diner in Pasadena was used as the Peach Pit.  Ruby’s is a 50’s style restaurant chain that can be found all over the Los Angeles area.  The one in Pasadena was a favorite of mine when I first moved to LA.  It wasn’t until my third or fourth time eating there that one of the waitresses told me it was the location of the Peach Pit.  I about died!  There I was eating at Brenda and Dylan’s favorite hang out and I didn’t even know it!  🙂 

Sadly, Ruby’s closed its doors back in 2005 when it lost its lease.  An Italian Restaurant took over after Ruby’s closed and painted the exterior of the building yellow.  That restaurant also shut down and the space is currently vacant.  The location is not very recognizable anymore as the 90210  gang’s hangout.  The only thing that remains from the 90210  days are the Peach Pit’s exterior double doors.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  The Apple Pan Restaurant which was used as the Peach Pit in Season 1 is located at 10801 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles.  The Peach Pit from Seasons 2 through 10 can be found at 45 South Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena.



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2 responses to “The Peach Pit

  1. Erika

    Hello! I’m a big fan of BH90210, too! I just would like to let you know that I went to Pasadena to see Peach Pitt (45 South Fair Oaks Ave.) last weekend but I couldn’t find a restaurant. The place was public parking… so sad. I wondered if I went to wrong place. You can check the street view from satellite map on Google.

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