Crossroads School

Last night my boyfriend gave me an article entitled “The Speidi Chronicles” that he had saved for me from Sunday’s LA Times and it was all about Spencer and Heidi.  I swear I really need to marry this guy!  🙂  Anyway, Spencer and Heidi sat down at Don Antonio’s for the interview and over some quesadillas and fajitas they opened up about life on The Hills.  Ever notice how every time Spencer and Heidi sit down for an interview, it’s always at Don Antonio’s?!?  Anyway, besides revealing juicy little tidbits like the fact that Heidi didn’t get paid a dime for being a part of the first season and that while she had to pay rent for their Park La Brea Apartment Lauren did not, the article also dilvulged that Spencer attended Crossroads School in Santa Monica.  Since I happened to be in Santa Monica today, I just had to go stalk it!

Besides being Spencer Pratt’s alma mater, the school has educated a slew of other famous celebs and their children, including Kate Hudson, Cash Warren, Baron Davis, Michael Bay, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Black, Jake Busey, Sean Astin, and (total coincidence) Whitney Port.  I wonder if she knew Spencer in high school!  Although Crossroads is a highly prestigious school, it has also attracted its fair share of scruitiny.  A book written in 2004 called Hollywood Interrupted  did not paint a very flattering picture of the school or its students and neither did a 2005Vanity Fair  article. 

The school is very modern looking and has some highly unique architecture.  I definitely recommend doing a drive by if you get the chance.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  Crossroads School is located at 1714 21st Street, just off Olympic Boulevard, in Santa Monica.  The school is very close to the Epic Records  office building where Audrina works.

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    Is there a place to read this article it sounds quite interesting?

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