Brenda and Dylan’s First Date

Ever since I saw the Season One episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 entitled “Isn’t it Romantic” waaaaay back in 1991, I have been absolutely obsessed with finding the movie theatre where Brenda and Dylan went on their first date. While stalking in Studio City a few weeks ago, I happened upon a Barnes and Noble bookstore located in a former movie theatre that looked like it might be the very same theatre from 90210. When I went inside to talk to the staff I discovered that sure enough, the former Fox Studio City Theatre was indeed the location of Brenda and Dylan’s first date. In the episode, Brenda, Dylan and Brandon attend a Marx Brothers film festival at the theatre. Later in the episode, Brenda gets stood up by Dylan at this same theatre.

The Fox Studio City Theatre has been used as a filming location on several occasions, most often in commercials. The theatre was a Studio City staple for over 50 years, until it closed its doors in 1991 and was purchased by a bookstore named Bookstar. A few years later, Bookstar, too, closed its doors and became a Barnes and Noble. Thankfully, the exterior of the theatre remain unchanged and looks just as it did back in the 90210 days. Even the old time ticket booth is still standing. You can see a vintage photograph of the old theatre here.

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It: The former Fox Studio City Theatre, now Barnes and Noble, can be found at 12136 Ventura Boulevard.  The Barnes and Noble is a very cool place to walk around as it still has the feel of an old Hollywood theatre.  It is located in an adorable part of town, with lots of cute boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops.


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