Guess Who . . . Got Stalked!

Guess Who HouseThanks to fellow stalker Mike over at MovieShotsLA I was able to stalk the house from the Ashton Kutcher movie Guess Who today. I was extremely excited to stalk this house because I just found out that the back of it was used as the back of Steve Martin’s residence in the movie Father of the Bride. The front of the Father of the Bride house can be found in Pasadena, about 5 miles away from the Guess Who house location. I guess the backyard of the Pasadena house wasn’t exactly what the filmmakers were looking for, so they ventured to Alhambra and used this location instead.

This puts to rest a long-standing argument between me and one of my mom’s good friends. She insisted that the Father of the Bride house was located in Alhambra, while I believed it was in Pasadena. Apparently her friend lives near the Alhambra house and saw Father of the Bride being filmed there. Well, it turns out we were both right! 🙂 All of the backyard scenes were indeed filmed at the Guess Who house, including the basketball scenes and the BBQ scene. Annie’s basketball hoop from the movie is still standing and you can see it in the picture to the left.

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It: The Guess Who house is located at 500 N. Almansor Road in Alhambra. It is just a few blocks South of Huntington Drive and not too far from the 13 Going on 30 houses.



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3 responses to “Guess Who . . . Got Stalked!

  1. Kerry

    That is so great that you made it to the FOTB house-backyard. I had read that the backyard was at a different house but didnt know where, until now. Thanks for the cool pics….VERY cool to see the basketball hoop.

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