San Francisco Stalking!

This weekend while visiting San Francisco, my friend Nat put together a custom made stalking tour of The City by the Bay for me.  She said she had a new found respect for me, as she hadn’t realized how much time and energy finding locations took until she put together the tour for me.  I make it look so easy!  LOL  🙂

One of the first stops on our tour was the park where the Tanner Family had their famous picnic in the opening credits of Seasons 1-4 of Full House, one of my fave sitcoms of the 80s.  The Tanner’s picnic was held in Alamo Square Park, right in front of the famous Seven Sisters homes.  The Seven Sisters, or Painted Ladies, as they are more commonly referred to, are a group of seven very famous, very beautiful Victorian homes that were built in the 1890s.  The homes are such a huge tourist trap and frequent filming location that they are also known as “Postcard Row.”  You can see the picnic location and the Seven Sisters in the opening credits of Full House  here.

Our next stop was the Tanner Family home from Full House.  Their red-doored house is not one of the Seven Sisters as is commonly believed, but is actually a different VIctorian home located a few blocks away on Broderick Street.  The front door is no longer painted red and there is now a large tree blocking most of the front of the home, but it is still very recognizable!  You can see the home in the Full House  opening credits here.

Until next time, Happy Stalking! 🙂

Stalk It:The Full House  house is located at 1709 Broderick Street, just off Divisadero Street, in San Francisco.  Alamo Square Park is located in the Western Division area of San Francisco.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers  also featured a scene filmed in Alamo Square Park.  The Painted Ladies can be found just across the street from the park at 712-720 Steiner Street.  The man who built the homes, Matthew Kavanaugh, lived in number 722 during the 1890’s. 


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  1. Kerry

    SO, so cool that you went to the Seven Sisters homes……Ive always wanted to go there. LOVE your pics……as always, thanks for sharing!

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