Leaping Off Into The Great Unknown

TrapezeLast week, I made a pretty big life changing decision and quit my job.  I have decided to pursue acting (and, of course, stalking) full time – no more having a day job and fitting my acting pursuits around it.  From now on I am going to pursue acting 100 percent.  🙂  I am extremely excited, but at the same time absolutely terrified!  I told a co-worker the other day that I felt like I was jumping off a cliff into the vast unknown.  So it was pretty apropos that I spent this weekend doing just that – leaping off a board 30 feet in the air while learning the flying trapeze!

My good friend Nat had a birthday party this past Saturday at the Circus Center in San Francisco and we spent the entire afternoon trapezing and learning various other circus skills.  I was extremely excited about the party, because ever since I saw the Sex and the City  episode where Carrie learns to trapeze, I was dying to try it myself.  In the SATC episode, Carrie repeatedly attempts to try a “catch” move, but she just can’t seem to let go of the bar to reach for her partner.

I really didn’t think I’d be afraid to trapeze, being that I am not afraid of heights.  But, let me tell you, when I started climbing up that 30 foot ladder, my knees started shaking and I became completely freaked out!!  I so did NOT want to jump.  But even though it was completely scary, I took the plunge and sailed through the air – three times!  I never got to put my feet up on the bar and hang backwards like Carrie eventually did on SATC, but I was pretty proud of myself nonetheless.  And even though I was petrified, I absolutely loved every minute of it!  Which gives me a lot of hope for this new chapter in my life. 

 At the end of the SATC  episode, when Carrie finally tries the “catch”, she misses and falls, but realizes that she has a great safety net – her friends – who will always be there to catch her.  I, too, have a great safety net – my friends and family – which makes this huge leap into the unknown just a little less scary.  🙂


Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: TSNY (Trapeze School New York), where Carrie learned to trapeze, is located in the Lower West Side of Manhattan, in the Hudson River Park, on West Street at Houston Street, on top of Pier 40.  You can visit their website here.  Circus Center San Francisco is located at 755 Frederick Street.  While not a filming location, if you are in the area, I HIGHLY recommend going!  The staff could not have been nicer or more patient with all of us amateurs.  Circus Center is an awesome place for a party! You can visit their website here.


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  1. Kerry

    You look like you had a real good time Lindsay! And what a fun idea!!!

    I wish you all the best with your new direction in life and the decision youve made.

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