Santa Monica Cop

This weekend I dragged my boyfriend to stalk the mansion that Eddie Murphy and his new cop buddies storm at the end of the movie Beverly Hills Cop.  The house is not actually located in Beverly Hills, but a good 20 minutes in Santa Monica.  The home is absolutely ginormous – I mean the guard shack at the front of the property is easily bigger than my whole house!! 🙂 

While stalking the house, we met the man who lives in the home across the street and he told us some really good gossip.  During the filming of Beverly Hills Cop, the man came home to find his car had been towed and his mailbox had been torn out and replaced with a new one – apparently neither his car nor his mailbox fit in with the image the producers were trying to portray in the movie!  LOL  According to the neighbor, the mansion is an oft used filming location and has appeared in several commercials, TV shows and movies.  He told us the home is currently owned by director Herny Jaglom, but his ex wife lives there while Henry lives in a home up the street.

Sadly, you can’t see very much of the home from the street.  But you will immediately recognize the gates and the guard shack from the scenes in Beverly Hills Cop  when Eddie Murphy stakes the place out.  You can see better views of the house by cyber-stalking it on Zillow.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: The Beverly Hills Cop  mansion is located at 609 E. Channel Road in Santa Monica.  After stalking the mansion, head over to the nearby Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica – one of my favorite shopping destinations.  The Promenade is a large outdoor retail area with tons of cute shops, kiosks and restaurants.  It’s also where Pee Wee Herman’s bike was stolen in the movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.


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  1. Kerry

    Great pics…..and look at that blue sky!!! I love hearing the behind the scenes stories you find out about!!! I swear I can hear the theme song from the movie running thru my head right now.

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