How I Became Prince of a Town Called Bel Air

Fresh Prince House?Got a challenge from Byron a couple of weeks ago to find the house from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  According to several Hollywood tour books, including my fave, the location on the left was the home used in the filming of the TV sitcom.  However, after watching a few clips of Fresh Prince  on YouTube, I am not convinced that it is truly the house.  It doesn’t match up perfectly.  There are a few reasons why this might be.  It is quite possible that the owners of the home changed the exterior after the filming took place and it is also possible that the producers actually changed or added elements to the facade of the real house during filming which changed its appearance.  It is also entirely possible that the tour books might have just gotten the location wrong – which does happen on occasion. 

You can see clips of the Fresh Prince  here and here and judge for yourself.  But it looks like I have to do a bit more research on this stalking location.  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It:  The supposed Fresh Prince  house is located at 417 Amapola Lane in Bel Air.  Amapola Lane is a very small street just off Copa De Oro Road.  The house located at 363 Copa De Oro Road has been owned by several celebrities including Nicolas Cage, Tom Jones and Dean Martin.  The Bel Air Hotel  is not too far from this location.  I highly recommend stalking the hotel – it is one of the most beautiful locations in Los Angeles. 



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7 responses to “How I Became Prince of a Town Called Bel Air

  1. nitramnaed

    I doubt that anyone with plastic deer and lawn jockey’s in their yard would have the wherewithall to be able to remodel…………………Just sayin’

  2. Bryan

    I am borderline obsessed with Fresh Prince and I couldn’t agree more. I visited a friend last year and I saw the house on St Cloud Street. I just cant imagine the house had a face lift that significant. Not only is the facade different, but the entire roof is different. And every shot that was takin during the serious did not show any sign of a hill in the front lawn – in which the St Cloud location has a huge one. Please please please find out where the real house is and let me know

  3. John

    This is not the “Fresh Prince” house, but used as Joan Crawford’s house in “Mommy Dearest.” It is also Bob Newhart’s house and has been for years.

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  5. Brian

    I am from Philadelphia, I was wondering if anyone knew the exact location where they filmed they opening song?

  6. Joe

    not to put a damper on your findings, but when i went to LA this was the house that they said was the Fresh Prince House (minus the garage shot) since the house stills never featured them! hope this helps, i cant remember where it was in LA but i do remember it was on the same street as Antonio Banderas’ house.

  7. JoRdAn

    WOW!!! If that really is the house… We’re talkin MAJOR REMODELING! Thats amazing how different it is… Kinda makes me WONDER… Is that it???

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