More Desert Stalking!

Barry Manilow\'s HouseThanks to my good friend EJ over at the Movieland Directory I was able to do some more Palm Springs stalking this weekend while visiting the desert for a wedding.  EJ was so kind as to give me the address of Barry Manilow’s desert home which I was just dying to stalk!!  I do love me some Barry!  Unfortunately, aside from the massive “No Trespassing” signs and security cameras you can’t see much of Mr. Manilow’s house from the road. 

When I got home I did some Zillow stalking of Barry’s place- and WOW!!! – the house is ginormous!  I guess writing the songs that make the whole world sing pays really, really well!   🙂 


Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Barry’s house can be found at 2196 S. Camino Barranca in Palm Springs.  The home’s address is unmarked, but you can see it by driving to where Camino Barranca ends and looking uphill to the left.  You can’t miss the “No Trespasing” signs.  🙂 



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5 responses to “More Desert Stalking!

  1. kaye jonas

    glad you sent the new address..I had an address of 3425 Wind gate in Palm Springs…next time I am in the area, I will check out the new hope of seeing him unless you are just danged lucky when he is leaving or coming in….best best is to go to Las Vegas and see the most fabulous show….well worth the trip…thanks again,KT

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  3. Hi there: Just so you know, you do have the correct address for Barry, but he receives mail on the other side of the house at 200 W. Camino Encanto in Palm Springs, 92264-8981. Try it…put in the address on S. Camino Barranca in the site, and it will come up with the 200 W. Camino Encanto address.

    You can see the house a lot better from that side.

  4. Barb Wilt

    I’d luv to stalk Barry Manilow with you. He’s my passion!!!

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