As If!

Circus Liquors - CluelessLast weekend, while doing some stalking in the Valley, I about had a heart attack when we drove by a small liquor store in North Hollywood because I immediately recognized it as the liquor store where Alicia Silverstone gets robbed in one of my fave movies of all time – Clueless.  I made my boyfriend swerve through several lanes of traffic to pull into the liquor store parking lot where I promtly ran inside to ask the cashier if Clueless  was filmed there.  He told me that indeed it was!

In the movie, Cher’s friend Elton ditches her in the parking lot of the liquor store and she is immediately robbed at gunpoint for her purse and cell phone.  After she is forced to lay down in her Alaia dress, the thief takes off and Cher uses a payphone to call her stepbrother Josh to come rescue her.  Sadly, the payphone Cher uses was torn down long ago.    😦   But the exterior of the liquor store looks almost exactly as it did during the filming of Clueless  and the large neon clown sign is still standing at the entrance to the parking lot.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Circus Liquors is located at 5600 Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood.  Similar to how it was portrayed in Clueless, the liquor store is not in the greatest of neighborhoods, so exercise caution.  It is perfectly safe to visit the store in the daytime, but I wouldn’t recommend stalking it at night.


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