Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle HouseThis weekend while I was in Studio City, I did a little stalking of the Malcolm in the Middle  house.  I must admit that I have never watched a single episode of Malcolm in the Middle – I know, I know, I must have been living under a rock for the past eight years or something – but since it is the favorite show of my good friend back in Switzerland, I just had to stalk it for him.

The house is a very tiny, little California bungalow, with two bedrooms and two baths.  According to my fave stalking book, the owners of the home were paid between $3000 and $4000 a day to film at the house and earned more than $100,000 overall while Malcolm  was on the air!  When the home was up for sale a few years back, the real estate agent told Entertainment Weekly  that the “house has its own income!”  Only in LA!  🙂

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  🙂

Stalk It: Malcolm’s house is located at 12334 Cantura Street in Studio City.  The Brady Bunch home is fairly close by at 11222 Dilling Street.



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5 responses to “Malcolm in the Middle

  1. viany

    woow es maravilooso poder viisitar la casa k tanta alegria nos dio jajaja cuidate bye

  2. Flores777

    You should watch Malcolm is so funny, most amazing yet is that you have been at the house of that wonderful program and you have never watched that program, well Lindsay, see you later.

  3. mario

    Dónde puedo conseguir unos planos de este tipo de casa? De verdad me gusta mucho.
    Gracias y saludos.

  4. neville

    cool it’s in google earth

  5. Elisa.'87

    La casa di Malcolm In The Middle!!! O mio dio, è bellissima… io adoro quella sitcom con tutto il cuore!! Un giorno spero davvero di poterla visitare, sarebbe un sogno per me…..!!
    With love, by Elisa from Italy!

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